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From the Burpple community

Still good, not as oily as the previous time but I realise now that their custard is quite sweet that's why it's so good

The bread texture doesn't dissipate fast enough, it's not as fluffy as I rmbed, but maybe I just rmbed wrong


I never noticed this but the brown bread is actl abit hard. Still decent

Orange Kaya is abit sweeter now, maybe they want to put less of it

Their best bread the hainanese white bread sells out fast, it was gone by midday when I came. Come in the morning for that

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Apparently this is called 花包? Not v sure but it's also called Hainanese bread and it was my favourite from here

After reopening this lacks the airy sandiness that's characteristic of this bread last time, but it's still wobbly and soft so that's nice. And the filling is good as ever

Lousy. No crisp, difficult to get out of the aluminium, mush inside

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Unfortunately not as good as I rmbed the TOA payoh branch's being.

Exterior was still shatteringly crisp, the bottom wasn't crisp at all tho. Somehow it feels a tad too oily from the butter this time in terms of flavour, not that it was actually dripping w oil or anything. Custard was pretty good

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