A shop with a wide variety of drinks and a casual setting with (limited) seats to dine in and chill over a cup of bubble tea. The aiyu jelly lemon tea was refreshing and perfect for a hot day while the oolong tea latte comes with a nice and distinct taste of tea, well complemented with creamy fresh milk.

Aiyu Jelly Lemon Tea 》$4.90 / Large
Oolong Tea Latte 》$4.60 / Large

Spicy and fragrant chicken pot with thick and savoury broth, filled with endless chunks of chicken tender to the bite. The broth tastes quite similar to the mala hotpot sans the numbing effect. Additional side dishes are available (chargeable) for add-ons.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 30% Off Total Bill ✌ (U.P. $32.80 / Medium)

Fresh and huge prawns in a flavourful broth packed with umami goodness. The broth is rich and robust with a tinge of natural sweetness from the seafood. The dry version came with noodles doused in chilli sauce, topped with braised pig skin and shallots 》$12

A sinful messy plate of greasy black gooey noodles loaded with beansprouts, cockles, fishcake, lup cheong and lard. The noodles were moist and leaned more on the sweeter side with a tinge of wok hei 》$6

Korean short-grain rice fried with JIN cabbage kimchi, topped with a fried egg and roasted seaweed. The fried rice is moist and chewy with depths of flavour. The default comes plain with options cheese (+$1), chicken sausage (+$1.50) and prawn (+$2) available for add-on.

They were running a promo for their signature kimchi stew at just $2 for a small bowl. The soup was appetising and had lots of kimchi in it. At such a price, I wasn't expecting anything more but the soup even came with slices of pork belly. It's on the saltier side hence I recommend pairing it with rice.

Kimchi Fried Rice 》$6 (Plain)

Savoury and tangy pancake made with JIN kimchi, served with a flavourful soy dipping sauce. The pancake is generously filled with kimchi, fried evenly and crispy on the edges 》$6

Sweet and savoury grilled Galbi pork belly served with JIN 'original' kimchi, seasoned banchan and rice. The kimchi and banchan are well fermented. The pork belly comes in thick slices, nicely charred and flavourful. There is also an option to add a fried egg for $0.90.

Galbi Pork Belly Grilled Meat Set 》$7.60

Crunchy, juicy and goes with beer. The crispy pork knuckle is marinated over 24 hours with a spice mix to achieve a juicy and crispy crackling skin. Large enough for two to three pax, comes with salad and special sauce 》$49.80

Back to Mr and Mrs Mohgan's for their crispy prata. Although missing Mr Mohgan now, their prata is still as crispy as before. Everything else feels the same. Pratas are crispy on the outside, stretchy and fluffy on the inside. I always go for the fish curry but I noticed they don't serve homemade sambal anymore.

Plain Prata 》$1.50
Plaster Prata 》$2

A refreshing drink that combines the fragrances of Jasmine green tea with tantalizing goodness of sea salt balanced perfectly with perilla plum.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 2 Beverage for the price of 1 ✌ (U.P. $5.90)

Their Johor bi tai mak that comes only in the soup version was already sold out before 10am on a weekday hence I settled for mushroom minced pork fishball and pork leg noodles.

Each bowl of noodles is tossed in black vinegar chilli mixture, topped with flavourful well-seasoned minced meat with mushroom and pork lard. The minced meat and mushroom were well braised till soft and fragrant, making every mouthful slurp-worthy.

Mushroom Minced Pork Fishball Mee Tai Bak 》$4
Pig Trotter Mee Tai Bak 》$5.80

Tasty and authentic Thai food at affordable prices. I’m glad that the food quality and taste remained consistently good over the years.

The fresh steamed grouper was drenched in an appetizing and tangy broth made with fresh lime juice, garlic and chillies. I like how it is sour, spicy and garlicky yet remains well-balanced in taste.

The prawns served in the green curry were fresh, accompanied by sting beans, pea eggplant and chillies. It was fragrant, thick and flavourful with subtle spiciness and richness from the coconut milk.

The deep-fried chicken was fried till golden brown, crispy on the outside and juicy inside then topped with crispy bits of garlic on top.

Steam Grouper with Lemon Sauce 》$26
Prawn Green Curry 》$8
Deep-Fried Chicken with Garlic 》$6