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🍴This new coffee place originating from Marrakech channels TWG vibes and made for a chill afternoon. It offered over 200 coffee choices, and after much scrutiny and deliberation over their intriguing and whimsical-sounding options, we settled on a light flavoured coffee.

𝐒𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐟 𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐫 - “Reminiscent of an afternoon of berry picking, this delightful melange is ripe with wild strawberries balanced by Chantilly cream and hints of chocolate.” We enjoyed the complexity of this coffee that smelled and tasted almost dessert-like. True to description, we could discern the floral, berry, and chocolate notes. However, once the coffee cooled down, the berry notes were more subdued and we found it tasting more like a hazelnut-flavoured coffee. We most enjoyed the coffee in pure form, and found that whilst adding the accompanying cream provided depth, it muted the unique notes. We were admittedly fascinated by the ability to freshly grind vanilla beans into our drink, albeit this was more smoke and mirrors - it did not enhance the flavour and the coarse and dry grounds made for a somewhat odd texture 😅

Insta: cafehoppingkids

Croissants ($4) ⭐️ 3.5/5 ⭐️

𝐂𝐫𝐨𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐭 - with almost every table peppered with these, we joined in trying Bacha’s flavoured mini croissants ($4 each for dine-in; $3 for takeaway). We liked that they weren’t overly oily or buttery, and generously filled with unique flavours. However, this was also their shortfall - it became a deliciously filled bread rather than a croissant (not that we are complaining ‘cause they were still yum). We preferred the Kaya croissant that evoked yakun kaya toast vibes with the sweet kaya paired with crispy buttery pastry; the pistachio one was more sweet than nutty. Overall, they made for an enjoyable sweet accompaniment to the coffee; just don’t expect a flaky layered croissant.
⚠️ Expect a 1/2 to 1hr wait for seats at this popular cafe. Beyond the great ambience, we can see how the wide array of coffees makes for a unique experience.
📍@bachacoffeeoffical, 01-15/16, @ion_orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore

Insta: cafehoppingkids

Udang Nanas ($12) ⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️
Chap chye ($6) ⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
Beef Smore ($8) ⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
Ayam Buah Keluak ($8) ⭐️ 3.5/5 ⭐️

🍴As far as we’re aware, Popo and Nana is the only Peranakan and Eurasian food hawker stall in Singapore born out of Grace’s love for these homecooked cuisines. We’ve patronised them a couple of times at their Maxwell stall, but decided to try delivery this time around.

Of the 4 dishes we ordered, our family had 2 favourites. The first was the udang nanas (prawn and pineapple curry) which had fresh prawns and juicy pineapple slices in an insanely aromatic and spicy curry. The sauce was so addictive! The second was the beef smore (braised beef stew) with fork tender beef chunks swimming in a dark, herbal-like sauce that was a scrumptious marriage between sweet and savoury. We doused our rice in both sauces and it was truly glorious~

We also enjoyed the classic chap chye which delivered what you would expect - nothing more or less. Our least favourite was the ayam buah keluak. We usually love buah keluak, but we found the chicken breast meat a tad too dry. The sauce also leaned too much on the sour side, and the buah keluak itself still carried slightly bitter notes.

Overall, this was hearty, homely food. At $34 (+$5 for delivery) for 4 dishes which fed 5 of us with leftovers, it was a highly enjoyable meal. Fully expecting my family to order from them again!
📍Popo and Nana’s Delights, 01-70, Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore

Insta: cafehoppingkids

Bak chor mee ($6/8)
⭐️ 5/5 ⭐️
🍴On their good days, tai hwa is undoubtedly our favourite BCM across the island. The dry version has a moreish vinegar-chili-lard combination that startles your tastebuds and leaves you with a relentless craving for always another bite. Whereas, their soup is packed full of umami flavours. They also serve perfectly cooked ingredients - we especially liked the tender liver slices, soft and tender lean pork, and ultra soft minced pork bits with the right fat:pork ratio. The pork balls and wantons were aggressively mediocre, but not everything can (or should) be stellar anyway.

The heavens were particularly resplendent this morning, because the mee pok itself was great - sprightly, springy; prancing around and lapping up the moreish sauce base (this is not always the case; during our last 2 visits the noodles were overly soft and lifeless). To top it off - there was barely a wait today! Arrived at 8.45am, walked around the neighbourhood, and volia - noodles at my table by 9.35am ☺️. Can there be a better start to a day? ☀️

📍Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle, 01-12, 466 Crawford Ln, Singapore

Insta: cafehoppingkids

Otak otak ($10)
Bakwan Kepiting ($10/ portion)
Ayam buah keluak ($26)
Rendang Sapi ($18)
Itek sio ($20)
Overall ⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
This was Peranakan food at the highest standard! All the dishes we ordered were extremely flavourful yet distinct in their own ways. Our family’s favourites were the ayam buah keluak which had tender chicken thighs and huge buah keluaks swimming in a luscious, complex sauce that went perfectly with rice; the itek sio (duck braised in sweet coriander sauce) that was thick with a medley of umami, sweet, and spicy notes; and the otak otak (spicy fish paste wrapped in banana leaf) which went beyond the usual rendition of otahs with strong notes of lemongrass as well as a distinct, pleasant sweetness. We enjoyed the beef rendang as well - the gravy was again amazing - though the meat could be slightly more fork tender and the sauce was on the oilier side. Our least favourite dish was the bakwan kepiting - a soup served with two crab and chicken meatball that we found a tad too chewy and bouncy. The soup was light and flavourful, but nothing to shout about.

There’s also something to be said about the ambience - set in an old shophouse, the restaurant was adorned with trinkets and items reflecting peranakan culture. We can imagine how this would be excellent for business lunches or for an atas high tea experience 😁

Overall, while we found the food here to be some of the best peranakan food we’ve had in a restaurant (even better than places in Malaysia, according to our parents!), the portions were quite meagre and therefore pricey. If not for the price, we could see ourselves returning regularly😌

📍@truebluecuisine, 47/49 Armenian St, Singapore

Insta: cafehoppingkids

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Mini Trio ($5)
⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️
🍴With COVID making samples not possible, loved this idea of three mini cones that allowed us to try more of their unique flavours. Was sad that I missed the previous NDP local inspired flavours based on hawker fares so I’m glad to have caught their Halloween specials. Slime was mascarpone with lime curd and best described as a leveled up solero (which is one of my fav childhood ice cream 😂), with the sour and refreshing lime curd balancing well with the creamy but not overpowering cheese. Pumpkin spice comprised pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, and pie crust, and we loved the mix of spices with the sweet pumpkin. Also tried their classic Sea Salt Gula Melaka that was also delicious with its balance of saltiness and sweetness. Really enjoyed all 3 flavours and are excited to return to try more!
📍#02-02 FunanSG, 107 North Bridge Road, Singapore

Falafel burger ($13)
Abu Kebab ($24)
Baby cauliflower ($16)
Hraime Plate ($26)
🍴As fans of Miznon in Tel Aviv and Melbourne, we were so excited that Miznon opened in Singapore that we brought the whole family along! Our favourite was definitely the free-flow pita and tahini (5 ⭐️). The pita was chewy, just like how we had it in Israel, and the tahini was smooth, creamy, and decadent. The falafel burger (4.5⭐️) had a herbaceous falafel patty that were crunchy on the outside whilst still retaining moisture within. It came with charred tomatoes, chile, crunchy pickles that added a great tang, and a sour cream sauce that tied the components together. The abu kebab (4⭐️) was similar, albeit stuffed with juicy, pink-in-the-centre lamb meatballs. The staff were also so kind to send over a complimentary fried falafel patty that was almost better than the burger version 🌝

On the other hand, we were disappointed by the baby cauliflower (3.5⭐️) that whilst tasty, was not as soft and not as charred as how we expected and remembered it to be. We also found the hraime plate (3⭐️) to be forgettable - the barramundi was a bit tough, and the tomato sauce one-dimensional.

⚠️We have also solicited feedback from friends who have had vastly different experiences from us (e.g some said the cauliflower was too mushy, others said service was messy), so there seems to be consistency issues given how new it is. But we agree that the potential is there 😉

All in all, based on our one trip, we absolutely loved the fun lively atmosphere and extremely friendly and chatty staff, especially when sitting the bar. P.s. thanks to Nadav, Shawal, Yi Feng and the rest of the lovely team for such a fun afternoon. Our parents are already planning to return with their friends! 😂
📍@miznonsg, 01-01, 6 Stanley Street, Singapore

Insta: cafehoppingkids