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Great Burpple Beyond Deal One of my fav deals on Burpple Beyond is with Creamier $10 for two waffles set?! And the waffles are as good as always
Our third visit to creamier at gillman barracks! It was also the first time I have had such a MESSY experience eating ice cream. Firstly, the queue at gillman barracks was soooo long on a sat aftn, so we didn't dare to take too long trying the flavours. I went with my top favourites pistachio and summer berry (I tried the white rabbit and sea salt Gula melaka too but didn't quite like it coz too milky for the first one and too strong for the second), while he went with his rum&raisin and acai banana sorbet. The moment the ice cream were served, the ice cream already gave its first sign of melting (while still in the airconditioned room), the moment we stepped out into the hot sun, the ice cream started melting EVERYWHERE within like 30 secs (this photo was snapped in less than 5 secs)! And I mean everywhere - all over the cone to the paper holder, to the paper towels, to my fingers (all 10 of them), to the table, and to my leg and the floor (through the gaps in the table). I felt as though we were having a speed-eating ice crram competition 😂 and we couldn't help each other because both of our cones were melting at an equally fast speed. Plus... My 2 ice cream scoops toppled!!! 😅 (I always had the fear that ice cream will topple for double scoops.. and yes, it does happen!) Thank goodness my other palm caught them in time - lol and that explains why 10 of my fingers were all dirtied. The next time we eat, we shall get the waffle! An observation of ppl around us, everyone was either having cup or waffle. Only us two funny ppl were eating and having trouble with our cones 🙈 yay to one for one with burpplebeyond (pay $6.80+ $1 for each premium flavour! Pay 2 premium flavours and get 2 premium flavours free! The most worth it one, because other places u will need to pay for 4 premium flavours even with the one for one) #burpple #burpplesg #burpplebeyondsg #burpplebeyond #creamier
Waffles with Double Scoop ($12.30) Read enough food bloggers’ articles and Instagram foodies’ feeds and one might come to familiarise themselves with the recent announcement that Creamier is about to shut down their Toa Payoh outlet. While the news spread like wildfire, so did the customers both loyal and first-timers, flocking to the rather memorable ice cream parlour for a scoop or two. I decided to head down to their second most popular joint at Gillman Barracks to hopefully catch a glimpse of what the popular ice cream flavours might taste like, and true enough, there is reason to believe that Creamier may just serve the best homemade ice cream on the island. A scenic walk down the rustic compound that housed refurbished army barracks topped off with Creamier’s delicious ice cream and waffles is an experience that I may only come to describe as tranquil divinity. With a kaleidoscopic array of flavours ranging from the childhood favourite that is Cookies & Cream to limited edition seasonal flavours such as their Blue Pea Vanilla crème, Creamier’s iconic ice cream can be thoroughly enjoyed with their freshly made waffles, which were one of the best damn waffles that I’ve ever had, if I may be so bold. I decided to order their Waffles with Double Scoop ($12.30), opting to try their crowd-favourite Earl Grey Lavender flavour with a modern classic that is Sea Salt Gula Melaka flavour. One word: perfection. Their Earl Grey Lavender was subtly light, evoking images of Earl Grey tea leaves with lavender petals, all while being effervescently refreshing despite being a creamy product. The Sea Salt Gula Melaka ice cream (which has to be my personal favourite) boasts a toothsome balance of sweet and savoury, excellently complimenting the warm fluffy waffles that were crisp on the outside while maintaining a delightful pillowy chew on the inside. Try their Cold Brew Coffee ($7), made using Papa Palheta’s Ethiopian Suke Quto coffee, which was bright and palatable with notes of peach, earl grey tea on the palette and a zesty citrus on the finish.
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Crab Tsukemen ($13.90++) Decided to change things up and try their dipping noodles! If you thought the rich broth was thick, the tsukemen broth is twice the viscosity and thickness 🤯🤯 And it works so well when dipping the firm noodles in and slurping all that goodness up 🤤🤤 Appreciated that they seasoned the bamboo shoots too! Plus the usual Keisuke free flow hard boiled eggs (dip them in the kewpie mayo!!), cabbage kelp salad and spicy beansprouts 💕💕
Crab Broth Ramen Rich Soup ($13.90++) Reliable place to get my ramen fix as usual! Broth is thick and very crabby and not crappy at all 😋😋 Other than the 2 thin slabs of char siew (1 fatty and 1 lean) that needs to be improved in quantity and effort, the noodles and broth were done just right! Plus the usual Keisuke free flow hard boiled eggs (dip them in the kewpie mayo!!), cabbage kelp salad and spicy beansprouts 💕💕
Rich Crab Broth Ramen | From $13.90++ Perfect for the colder, rainy weather we’re currently having. It was colder than usual and I wanted something to warm the body and the soul. So I dived right into Ramen Keisuke Kani King which specialises in ramen with crab broth. I opted for the rich soup with the flavoured egg ($15.90++) and the broth was love at first slurp. The pork was tender and the ramen had a good texture as what you can normally expect from all Keisuke concepts. Which is better, crab broth or lobster broth? It’s subjective. Some can only take lobster broth for so long before the richness overwhelms them while crab is easier to manage but lobster does still taste lavish and hearty which I do love once in a while.
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