Best sweet potato I’ve ever had! So sweet, so soft! Love the caramelized part on the outer sides.

Generous amount of fillings, though the pastry skin can be flakier. This is one of the better siew baos I’ve had in SG. The only complaint I’ve had is, it’s slightly more on the salty side.

Unlike the usual lor mee’s stock, this one is not too thick or starchy like glue. This is the first time I can still drink the soup from a bowl of lor mee. I like the slight hint of herbal taste and sweetness from the soup.

By the time I’ve reached home, the noodles have already soaked up the richness of the stock. It’s not the best Hokkien mee I’ve tried but it’s not bad. It does contain a very subtle hint of wok hei with generous egg bits. The prawns are a bit overcooked though. And unlike the usual Hokkien mee, this one doesn’t have any pork meat. Overall, it’s still a decent plate of noodles.

Rich chocolate shell on the outside and 4 types of cheese on the inside. It contains chocolate bits and tiny ice bits inside creating the crunch to every bite. Yummy! The only problem is that it melts too fast, thus creating a mess.

The rockmelon taste is strong and sweet enough on its own. Didn’t notice that it contains condensed milk sauce inside. When you bite into it, the sauce bursts out. I find it too sweet for my liking.

Cheap and good! The gula melaka is fragrant and not too sweet. If only the cone was a waffle cone, then it would be perfect.

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Always love Chateraise’s ice cream. Cheap and good! Consist of 4 types of cheese (cream cheese, gouda, parmesan and cheddar) and crushed graham cookies. This one taste exactly like eating cheesecake.

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Guilt-free ice-cream. Simple, creamy, and rich soy taste. My go-to comfort food whenever I need a pat on my back. Life’s simple pleasure indeed.

Dessert of the day that came with the lunch set when you add on $3.50. The egg pudding is rich and eggy, I love it. As for the black sesame panna cotta, it tasted sourish (spoilt taste) and I had to request for a change.

Weekdays lunch sets are quite affordable, with the option to add on $3.50 for salad, iced lemon tea, and dessert of the day. Appearance-wise, this is considered a failed omelet with so many holes. (Everyone else who came after me, got a beautiful omelet though.🤷🏻‍♂️) Taste-wise, not bad, the omelet is still creamy. The butter rice is quite tasty too. As for the chicken, it was too powdery, I didn’t like it.

This cocktail made up of dry gin, yu zu, green shiso was sweet and very refreshing. Kirin Beer was perfect to clean the palate of all the dishes we just had.