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In The Hood

Featuring Omoté, Whisk & Paddle, Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup (Kembangan), Columbus Coffee Co., Nanta BBQ, Good Bites, Shi Xiang Ge, Ah Chew Desserts (Novena), Kim San Leng (Bishan), Saybons (Junction 8)
Klion Chung
Klion Chung

This cocktail made up of dry gin, yu zu, green shiso was sweet and very refreshing. Kirin Beer was perfect to clean the palate of all the dishes we just had.

This was the best dish I had that night. The pan seared beef cuts were tender, juicy and smoky. A little salty but just nice with rice. We managed to finish the huge mountain of rice from the Mount Chirashi thanks to this dish.

Finally got to try the “Second-Gen” Mount Chirashi after all the hype. Pretty fresh sashimi but the sushi rice was disappointing. It was clumpy, sticky, and dry. The worst sushi rice I’ve ever had. Will I be back? Yes to try other dishes, but definitely won't be ordering the huge mountain of rice again.🍚

Choice of burger or tender wrap, mash potato and a drink (free-flow drinks for students). I like that their chicken is really crispy and the skin is quite lean. So I don't have to remove the fats which I usually do for another brand of fried chicken.

The pasta was good, I like the sauce. As for the meatballs, I find it too soft for my liking. It doesn’t have the meaty, bouncy bite that I’m looking for in a good meatball.

This beetroot risotto is so pretty! Risotto was good but the wagyu beef patty is a little tough and on the salty side. Oh and they forgot to give me the onsen egg.

You can never go wrong with their risottos. Salmon was nicely done, you can easily cut it with the spoon. Add $5 to make it a set (soup + drink). Made a mistake to order the broccoli & cheddar soup. Don’t get me wrong, the soup is really nice but the meal became a bit jelat towards the end as the risotto also contain feta cheese. The latte was good too!

As part of the Christmas promo, all wholegrain mixed rice bowl with classic soy milk are going at $5.50 instead of $8.80. The teriyaki chicken is tender and tasty. It would be a perfect meal if the rice wasn’t cold and slightly undercooked. The edamame was also quite hard. And the best part, they gave me tau huay instead of soy milk. 🤷🏻‍♂️ No issue if it’s edible, but the tau huay is sourish. I had to throw the whole cup away. 😤

The beef shaved noodles are springy and the broth is very tasty. The dumplings are really good with generous amount of tasty meat fillings. Don’t order the Qi Shan Noodles, it’s too salty and oily.

The organic brown rice is mixed with olive veggies that make it very tasty and fragrant. Each bowl comes with lettuce, you can choose a minimum of 3 items.

I seldom take vegetarian food but I was attracted by the brown rice porridge so I decided to give this a try. I really like the porridge, pretty healthy cos it’s light yet tasty. If you like home cooked style food, you will like it.

I thought there was no queue until I was given a number for my order. Waited more than 30min for this. It’s not bad but I’ll probably won’t eat this again if I have to wait that long.

Who says money can’t buy happiness? Money can buy good food and that’s basically the same thing.

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