Bedrock @bedrocksg unveils a new open wood-fired grill concept: @fireplacesg Fireplace by Bedrock. Situated in the vibrant urban lifestyle center, One Holland Village, expect a casual ambiance and a diverse selection of premium meats, fish, and fresh produce, all skillfully prepared and served for communal sharing.

For a refreshing start, try the Watermelon Salad ($15) featuring fresh watermelon cubes, red onions, cucumbers, pine nuts, feta cheese, and coriander. Indulge in the Oven-baked Bone Marrow Toast ($28), adorned with pickled shallots, capers, parsley, and caramelised onions. Delve into the tender Octopus Tentacles ($28), slowly simmered for 1.5 hours and finished on the applewood-fired grill. Or savour the Ox Tongue ($26), sous vide for 18 hours and then grilled over applewood fire.

Location: Fireplace by Bedrock, #03-27/28 , 7 Holland Village Way, One Holland Village, Singapore 275748

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Enjoy the Spicy Tuna in a Black Sesame Cone, adorned with garlic chips and drizzled with chili oil. Relish the Monaka Negitoro with Bafun Uni, savor the Wagyu Sando crafted with buttery, fluffy toast, and indulge in a juicy Hyogo Oyster with Ikura for a luxurious touch to the ensemble.

On the hunt for delicious nasi lemak? Explore the flavours of Spicy Wife Nasi Lemak at Amoy Food Centre! They feature a generously sized, expertly marinated chicken leg, deep-fried to perfection for an irresistibly crispy texture, yet incredibly juicy. Accompanied by ikan bilis, peanuts, and egg atop fragrant rice, complemented with sambal, all for just $6.50!

Location: Spicy Wife Nasi Lemak @ Amoy Street Food Centre,  7 Maxwell Rd, Amoy Street, Food Centre, 02-119, Singapore 069111

The fifth Tung Lok Seafood restaurant by the Tung Lok Group @tunglokgroup opened on 8 Sept2023 is conveniently situated beneath the Flower Dome within the picturesque Gardens by the Bay. Housed together with Douraku Sushi @dourakusushi, they offer an exquisite dining experience featuring premium quality Singaporean seafood dishes and authentic Japanese cuisine, all within the scenic backdrop of art, waterfront views, and lush green surroundings

Special Opening Promotion
▪️From now till 15 Oct 2023, the restaurant at Gardens by the Bay is offering a 50% off Laksa Crab with Thick Vermicelli (TungLok Seafood) and Deluxe Sashimi Platter (Douraku Sushi), valid for dine-in only.

Location: Tung Lok Seafood, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, #01-10, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore 018953

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Aromatic curry spices, accompanied by a fresh fish head. Quite shiok.

Location: Jiao Cai Seafood, Senja Hawker Centre, 2 Senja Cl, Singapore 677632

Azmaya @azmaya.robertson offers a 90-minute buffet featuring unlimited servings of Gunma and Kagoshima Wagyu and Snow Crab, prepared either as yakiniku or simmered in shabu-shabu, priced at just $68++.

Elevate your experience with free-flow alcohol for an extra $40++, transforming it into an unforgettable Wagyu feast. The all-you-can-drink alcohol menu includes sake, highball, asahi, calpis, coke beer, red, white, as well as umeshu plum wines.

On Mondays to Wednesdays, make the most of the extended Ladies Night, where you can join your girl gang for additional drinks with soju and highball available for just $3.90 per glass.

Location: Azmaya, 30 Robertson Quay, #01-12, Singapore 238251

Kura features four varieties of oysters on their menu: Hyogo Oysters, Kujukushima Oysters, Sakoshi Oysters, and Murotsu Oysters. These Oysters can be enjoyed in different preparations, including Naked Oysters (3pcs at $15++), Tosa Sherbet (3pcs at $17++) Ponzu Jelly (3pcs at $18++), or Truffle (3pcs at $20++)

A crispy, thin crust embracing molten, gooey cheese. This is so addictive!


Experience the @sensdining Yagura Ketsuga Sushi Box, a daily limited offering that showcases the freshest fish and seafood daily, elegantly displayed in a visually captivating tower design inspired by ancient Japanese fortresses. This culinary creation consists of three tiers.

The first tier, forming the tower's roof, contains crisp seaweed sheets, allowing you to fashion your own handroll masterpieces.

The second tier delicately cradles ingredients such as uni, negitoro, ikura, and avocado, providing a sumptuous array to embellish your rolls.

Finally, the last tier offers a delectable chirashi selection, featuring scallops, salmon, tuna, and Hamachi arranged on sushi rice

Location: SENS Dining, 243 Holland Ave, #2nd Floor, Singapore 278977

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"First Time at Barood Discover the Unforgettable 'Taste of Barood’ Set Menu at $89++ per Person. Elevate Your Experience with Optional Cocktail and Wine Pairing, Starting from $69++ per Person."

▪️Smoked aubergine serves atop a crispy tostada base.

Scallop Tart
▪️Brings together the delicate sweetness of scallops with the tropical allure of mango, the smoky charm of chipotle, and the aromatic richness of curry leaf oil.

Goat Biryani Arancini
▪️Rich and aromatic flavors of biryani with the savory goodness of pulled goat, served with a delightful pickle mayo.

Momo Caluctta
▪️These delectable dumplings are generously filled with succulent ginger chicken and served alongside a zesty Goan sambal.

Smoked Lobster Yakitori
▪️A sensational creation that marries the succulence of lobster with the bold flavors of smoked chillies and chipotle chutney.

Malabar Pork Taco
▪️These tacos are filled with smoky pastore, featuring pulled pork braised in a symphony of Malabar spices, including coriander, cumin, and cloves, served with a luscious dip of Amul cheese.

Bombay Crème Brulee
▪️A masterpiece that marries the warmth of saffron with the sweetness of fresh corn

Location: Barood, 56A Tras Street, Singapore 078977 

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My personal favourite is their Dry-aged Duck ($148++ for 2 pax) Culinary masterpiece that boasts a rich, concentrated duck flavor with notes of umami and a complexity that only comes from patient aging. The meat is tender, and its natural juices are both intensified and better retained, leading to a juicier and more satisfying eating experience.

Location: SKIRT Restaurant, W Singapore – Sentosa Cove, 21 Ocean Way, Singapore 098374

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Introducing the Revamped À La Carte Menu at Escape Restaurant @onefarrerhotel, featuring Executive Chef Marcus Tan's creative fusion of hearty Western cuisine and inventive reinterpretations of local flavors, available starting April 2023.

Back by popular demand is the Super Lobster Laksa, an enhanced rendition of the beloved classic. Crafted from a secret recipe, the mildly spicy broth is enhanced with a poached whole lobster. The lobster's inherent sweetness complements beautifully with the luxurious coconut milk-based broth. Meanwhile, the Wok Fried "Hor Fun" with Seared Ribeye Steak features velvety rice noodles bathed in the chef's homemade black bean sauce. On top of the noodles rests a tender, pan-seared beef ribeye steak.

For sweet treats after a good meal, The Durian Salat showcases blue pea coconut rice pudding, fresh pandan cremeux, and a scoop of durian ice cream.

Location: Escape Restaurant @ One Farrer Hotel, 1 Farrer Park Station Rd, One Farrer Hotel, 6th Floor, Singapore 217562

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