It has been a Long time since I last went somewhere far for lunch. Decided to make my way to Amoy Street Food Centre. My first impression when I went there, was that the number of people eating there was insane, I guess it was because of the office lunch hours(*Tip* come at around 1.30pm, where the crowd dies down abit). I went to Grandma Chili Ban Mee to order their popular dry chili ban mee, $5. There was quite a long queue in front of me, I had to wait quite awhile before my turn. I requested for extra Chili as I thought that it would not be spicy for me. When I had my first bite of the noodles, oh my the noodles were so chewy, it matches the Chili so well and it was so delicious. The best part of this bowl of noodles was the chilli, it was fragrant, packed a huge punch of flavour, I continued eating and enjoying the fantastic combination of the noodles and the seasonings. Unknowingly, I had finished the whole bowl. It was so good. Overall, I would come back again for this bowl of delicious goodness.

Amoy Street Food Centre, 7 Maxwell Road #01-07, Singapore 069111


Saw a Long queue at this stall and decided to give it a try. First impression was that the meat look perfectly braised and the Kway chap look smooth. I had my first bite and oh my.. the Kway chap is sooo delicious! It was sooo smooth and the soup was so flavourful. It could totally have the Kway chap alone without any meat. The meat was quite tender and the intestines were braised till it soaks up all the flavour of the sauce. Overall, I would come back for this Kway chap again!

I wasn't sure what is nice in food republic at 313, therefore I went to research. Found out that this stall has quite a number of good reviews and was very interested in giving it a try. When I first saw the dish, OMG.. the portion was extremely huge!! They were soooo generous with their beef and noodles!! The noodles were very springy and has absorbed the flavours from the broth, making it super flavourful. The broth was perfectly seasoned and has a very nice fragrance. It was a right decision to order this dish. If you have a small appetite, you may want to share it with someone as it is really huge and very filling. Overall, I strongly recommend trying this dish and I would definitely come back again.


First time coming back here in ages, last time when I was here, I made some bad decisions when ordering. This time however, I did some research on what to get! I decided to get curry rice as it has accumulated up quite some fame in the past few weeks or so. When I arrived, there was already a very long queue. It took me around 15mins till I actually got to ordering my food. I ordered their pork chop set + a piece of braised pork ($4.00). Got to say at first glance, they are quite generous with their portions and also with their curry. The pork chop was quite nice as it was crispy on the outside which gave it a very nice crunch. However, I found the prok chop to be a little dry, but still acceptable. The braised pork on the other hand was very nice, it had alot of flavours infused with the pork, and also it was cooked to perfection as the pork was very tender and it split right as I pressed it with my fork. As for the vegetables, they were just normal cabbage, nothing too special. For their curry, I felt that it was pretty normal and nothing special to it as I had better onces before. The curry was fragrant, and had a little spice in it. I felt that the curry was a little too watery but overall still fuses well with the rice and dishes. Overall do come down and try the curry rice!

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Don't be fooled by the appearance of this store, it may seem like an ordinary muslim store but OMG, they produce the best muslim food in Hougang!
Let's start off with the soup, it may seem normal but it is packed with full of flavour, it has the right amount of taste and spice to it! Now to the main star of the review, the chicken. Right off the bat, I could smell the aroma of the chicken. The chicken was very tender and flavourful, crispness surrounding the outside, and tender juicyness chicken on the inside. The sause was a bit of a let down as I felt that it was making the chicken too sweet, however if combined with the chilli, it is a very nice combo as the spice will tone down the sweetness giving it an overall nice sweet/spice ratio. The rice was mediocre, it had a nice aroma to it but i felt that the rice could have been cooked a bit longer with the spice so that more flavours could have been brought out. Overall, do come down to try this place!


This was not the first time I was coming back here, last time I came I did not know what to order and ended up ordering something bad. This time, I decided to order their Autumn Special Ramen. For the soup base, I decided to go with strong as I wanted to see how “strong” their soup can taste. As for the rest of their options I went with their normal selections. The wait for the ramen was kind of long but during this time u get to enjoy some of their free appetizers. They provide free flow bean sprout and soft boiled eggs. Their bean sprout is very nice and flavourful with just the right amount of heat. As for the eggs, it was a little disappointing as the egg was not fresh and it was extremely difficult to peel. At last my ramen came, the first thing that hit me was the smell of the broth. The broth had a very unique scent to it and all I wanted to do was to dive into the ramen. The noodle was very nicely cooked, it was neither too hard or soft. The noodle combined well with the broth. Their pork was very tender as well, too bad it was only 2 pieces, I wished there was more of it. Overall this ramen place is one of the best I have eaten in Singapore. If you are looking for some ramen when you’re at Bugis, I would totally recommend this place!


Tuck away in a corner of Hougang, the newly opened Nunsongyee located at The Midtown, serving a wide variety of Bingsu, ranging from the classics Pat Bingsu to some exotic yet interesting and unique flavours was my first stop for dessert. They have many outlets located across the island, this one was their newly opened one. When I arrived, I decided to order their Thai Milk Tea Bingsu, which was their promotional item at that time. The place was relatively small, capable of sitting around 20 people, so if you want to come and enjoy their Bingsu, do come early as it may be pack. The wait for the Bingsu was relatively okay. When my Bingsu arrived, all I wanted to do was to dive into the Bingsu, as it was covered with a generous amount of nuts and the ice cream on top was huge! The sauce was also quite unique as it was not the normal condense milk you would usually get. The ice cream was very nice as it has the right balance of sweetness with the flavour of the Thai Tea. The cake was also very nice as it was fluffy and cheesy. The cake was slightly too sweet for me, but I am sure for people with a sweet tooth, it is just nice. The nuts were also a nice mix with the crushed ice and Thai milk tea. Overall, the Bingsu was very nice as all the components in the Bingsu worked well with each other, I guess the only downside of this Bingsu is that it is on the pricy end, but I would say it is value for money. So what are you waiting for! Come down and visit NunSongYee.

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Wanted to grab some desserts before dinner, therefore I went to DessertStory. From the menu, the special chee Cheong fan looks like a big portion and looks really good, which is why I ordered it. However, when it arrived, I was very disappointed, the portion was very small, which is totally not worth the price. It was rather special, the taste of it was not bad too, but I would not recommend other people to order this. Moving on, the chendol snow ice has a small surprise. From the shaved ice, I can taste the fragrance of the coconut milk, which made me very amazed. But, it was too sweet for my liking, they were too generous with the Gula Melaka syrup, making the whole dessert very gelat, which is why I could not finish it as it was too gelat. Overall, I wouldn't go back for these two dishes as it was quite expensive and were not quite to my liking.

This is my first time coming to Dunman food centre as it is quite far from home. My first impression of this place is that it is very quiet and very hot, maybe because I came on a very humid day and this place doesn't not have enough fans. I saw quite a few people ordering fish from this particular stall, fu Xing Mei Shi, therefore I decided to try it out. When it first arrived, it doesn't look that appetising to me, there is so much sauce, I feel like the sauce would empower the taste of the fish. However, I was surprised, the fish was sooooo fresh and tender, that its flesh falls off the chopsticks easily. The fish also retained its taste despite the amount of sauce covering it. The sauce was my so good! If you like chicken rice Chili sauce, you are going to love this sauce, as it taste similar to the usual Chili rice from chicken rice stalls. Overall, I would come back, just for this fish as the freshness and price of this fish is hard to find elsewhere.

This is my second time coming here, I was super satisfied by the quality, price of the food and the ambience at this place during my first visit. As usual, the staffs here were very friendly and I was greeted as soon as I went in. As I have tried their steak before, I decided to try their ribs since I have heard a lot of good reviews about their ribs. First impression of the ribs was that it looks damn delicious, the meat looks like it will fall off the bone easily. I wasn't disappointed when I start to pull the meat off the bone, it was very very well cooked and was extremely tender, the meat totally fall off the bone easily. The meat was also very flavourful, every bite that I took, I could taste the sauce used. This place is definitely a go-to place if you want to find quality steak or ribs with affordable prices. Overall, I would come back again to try more of their dishes!

Last time i was here i ordered their 500g steak, which was actually pretty incredible for that price point. Today i am back to try their other steaks, namely their ribeye with red wine sauce. The wait was relatively acceptable, and the setting of the restaurant was very cosy and had a very farm feel to it, i guess thats why they call it meat and chill HAHA. Anyways back to the steak, first impression of the steak was that it maybe a little bit too raw as i could still see blood flowing out, requested for a med rare steak, but it was more on the rare side, but its fine the steak was still very nice. The ribeye was very tender and the red wine sauce helped with bringing out the ribeye's natural taste, which was pretty awesome. Btw if u order fries, screw the chilli and ketchup, just dive right into the red wine sauce! I swear the red wine sauce is very good, i even had it on my mashed potatoes 😂. But honestly, overall this place standards did dropped a little in terms of their food. Not saying it has gone terrible but it has dropped a little. But still do come down and have a try, its value for money, the food is decent, and place is cozy! What else can you ask for! Come down to meat n chill!


Finally got my hands on this hyped up cake. I have been waiting for this for quite a while...ever since i saw a facebook video about it, i wished it would come to singapore, and it did! Woohoo. A minor heads up for you all that are gonna get it, the wait is relatively long, it took me 1hour before i could get one. onto the review, i bought the cheese flavoured cake as it was recommended by the staff. When i first received my cake, i did what 99% of the population would do, which was to jiggle the cake HAHA, and it did jiggle around alot! However when i reached home the jiggle effect was not really there anymore, so i would suggest to take a vid of the cake immediately after receiving it, if you would want to post it online!
Let me tell you guys something, when i cut into the cake, i swear my knife never ever had an easier life, it was like cutting through air, 0 effort required haha, also when i sliced the cake open the burst of aroma just hit my face and OMG...IT SMELLS DAMM GOOD. I went on to take a bite, and oh my...the cake was very soft and light, it dissolves in your mouth, the cheese complimented the cake quite well as the cheese brough in abit of saltyness element into the cake as the cake is quite sweat! Overall experience of this cake was amazingggg, totally worth the wait! What you're waiting for! Come down and get one!