Hawker/Kopitiam, Good For Groups, Cheap & Good Local Fare Foreverz. Grew up eating local food, don't you? That's definitely a big percentage that accounts for the Singaporean in you.
Western Fries All Day Err Day Fries are unhealthy? Yea... Just eat la.
Bar, Good For Groups, Date Night Late Night Chill Spots 🍻 Getting hungry after dinner? Wanna chill with your friends/family till late night because there's no commitments the next day? Or just simply the fact you wanna eat something? This is the list you can check out!! 😎 Only do check here if the following are met: 1. You're hungry. 2. It's late at night.
Fine Dining Finer Than Fine Dining 🍴 Check this list out for some (like really some) fine eats. Too ex yknow. 🍷
Japanese Oiishi Japanese 🍣🍜🍱 I love Japanese food. One of my absolute fav cuisine. Do you too? 😋
Breakfast & Brunch, Cafe, Cake Cafes In Singapore 😎 Okay lah, in thing now is cafes here in Singapore, how can I not join in the hype? (Cool enough yet?) 😅😂
Cafe, Western, Breakfast & Brunch Cafes In Australia 🙌 Some cafes I've been to, in Sydney and Melbourne. 🙊
Breakfast & Brunch, Cafe, Western Aussie Eats Just thought I'll share share with you guys on some of my Aussie eats. Various places from Sydney & Melbourne!