The braised beef short ribs ($70) was served along curly fries and shaved cheese, a simple salad with balsamic dressing and a chilli sauce. The sauce isn't too spicy, ribs were tender but for such a simple dish, it wasn't that impressive for the price.

The pizza crust was thin and crisp and for a person like me who doesn't really like crusts, this was not too shabby. The pizza was full of (stringy) cheese and I guess for cheese-lovers: Rejoice! If not, I would think the cheese is too overpowering of the other ingredients of shrimp, sotong and small bits of scallop.

Cut of salmon greatly differed from the picture, but nonetheless it was cooked well. The green bean salad with carrot and mushrooms appeared to intend to offer variety, but was served cold and I would much rather a normal brocolli and carrot. The cream sauce broke slightly, but paired well with the fish and tiger prawns. First prawn was slightly overdone, but second one was alright. Potato wedges I suspect are from a package, instead of being handmade, which is a pity coupled with it being served only lukewarm. A promising dish, that would satisfy the crustecean craving, though lacking in certain areas (6.5/10).

The blackened dory was well marinated with the spices, and I appreciate the mashed potato being piped beautifully onto the plate for aesthetic purposes. Potato was truly creamy and smooth. The vegetables lacked seasoning and were not steamed fully. I would suggest roasting them instead.

Flaming beef bowl, whereby cognac was doused on the beef and torched to perfection of a wonderful medium ๐Ÿ’ฏ the raw egg yolk sat atop the beautifully sliced beef and mixed really well with the rice and 2 other sauces. Super good deal with the current 50% off!


I ordered the Demiglace omurice with pork cutlet ($14.80) along with the $2 top-up for the lava omlette. We were the first customers, so waiting time was reduced. Food portion was hearty, and despite reviews citing that the cutlet was hard, I felt that my cutlet had just the right amount of crisp and was alright. Presentationwise, the egg was soft, creamy, and below it was tomato fried rice, with chicken and mushroom chunks. The rice wasย  not too jelat, sauce was tasty. There are alot of components on the plate, so it may come across as too jelat/big portion for some.

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The charsu was so flavourful and tender, with almost a melt-in-your mouth texture. The broft was robust and rich; the noodles were springy, and there was a generous portion of black fungus too! Only qualm is that a layer of fat started to develop atop the soup after 3 minutes๐Ÿ˜‚ There's also free-flow hard boiled eggs and a complimentary bowl of rice for every bowl of ramen ordered! A free plate of gyoza is also available for redemption if you go to their website.

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Satisfyingly delicious and crisp waffles (though they could be more fragrant) and generous scoops of hazelnut chocolate and green tea ice-cream! (When you try to not be so sinful by having green tea๐Ÿ˜‚)

A simple bowl of prawn noodles topped with fishcake and kangkong. The broth is not bad, but definitely differs from the taste of traditional prawn mee soup.


Silky, soft tauhuay topped with gingko nuts(aka brain food) This bowl is super nourishing and satisfying and its syrup is not overly sweet as well; Instead, it makes the tau huay smoother overall.

5 handmade meatballs with fishcake, kwayteow and vegetables. For $4, the quality of food is not bad, but the soup can be slightly salty. Really admire the perseverance of the old uncle cooking it

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Such a steal as they are having 50% off all items currently! Simply like and share their picture on facebook to get a membership. We had the lava toast with speculoos sauce(inside) and ferrero rocher ice-cream. (Premium flavour so top-up 50cents) They don't allow sampling of ice-cream though. The toast was crisp and had lots of sauce and speculoos butter inside and went really well with the ice-cream. There was pink frosting on the side, with colourful sprinkles, cereals, and chocolate sauce drizzled all over the plate. There was even an ice-cream cone-super aesthetic, and very value-for-money!

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