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Very unique offering from Keisuke's line up of restaurants. Warning to those who are sensitive to meaty/gamey flavours - you might not last through the bowl. Brought my family to try this and funnily, the comment from their first spoon of the broth was "wow! this is".

But for those who love duck and ramen (and Keisuke), you gonna love this.


This dish was simple, and delicious, although there was no wow factor.
We did like the generous topping off spring onions and ginger fried together to create a heart warming dish to be eaten with rice.

But our family loves eating fish head so we enjoyed this dish!

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Yummy, yummy, yummy! Umami, umami, umami!

Very fragrant, very fresh lala, best eaten with a bowl of hot Jasmine rice. Everyone loved this dish alot, except my sister, because she just dislikes lala generally.

Bad news, I thought I could use this dish to convince my little sister to try liking lala. Failed.
Good news, I still have more lala to eat at family dinners!

I am not a fan of white pepper. If given a choice between local white peppery Bak Kut Tell, and the Malaysian herbal counterpart, I'd choose the latter anyday. But the sauce of JB Ah Meng's white pepper crab is simply magical, so much so that I forget that I'm eating a dish that has White Pepper in it and in it's name.

Whilst it can be a tad bit salty, I really enjoyed the dish alot. Its our first time here so I didn't reserve any crabs when I called to reserve the table, thinking that there might have stock. Oh boy were we wrong. Whilst we were ordering our food, we could hear staff from the kitchen shouting out the remaining stock of large and medium crabs, and the wait staff hustled us to quickly get the large ones before it was snapped out. And she was right. It snapped out before we finished our order. We settled for the small ones.

Lesson learnt. Reserve dem crabs, people!

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With an all-star show, this dish became the weakest link. I enjoyed the dish but felt that it was perhaps boring after just 2 pieces. I got confused by the name of the dish: Prawn balls, which was simply deshelled prawns, deep fried in a salted egg yolk batter. Not sure how fresh the prawns were, but they did try to peel and devein the prawns, but I picked up a two prawns which still had some veins dangling (not properly removed).

Next. Wouldn't order this next time.

The second star of the night was surprisingly the vegetable dish! My whole family agrees that this dish was executed so well. The vegetables were fried al-dente; seasoning just right with fermented black beans used. Such a simple dish but when done well, brings so much joy. Wished I could have a second large plate.

This dish is such an underdog. I would be fooled by appearances - if you put this in front of me, I might have second thoughts about eating it. But oh boy, the taste is phenomenal. So much flavor fried into the beehoon, along with what I think is cuttle fish and pork. And to top it off, it's not oily (as with other fried beehoon you get outside). This was the first dish that came out for my family dinner and it was destroyed and wiped clean before the next dish could come.

I'll be craving for this very soon.

Best comfort food, especially on a cold rainy day. The best part of the dish is the tomyum soup - it is a mildly thick, flavorful broth with a spicy kick. The flavor is reminiscent of Mama noodles from Thailand, but alot more punchy and shiok. Pair that with wavy instant noodles, that are similar also to Mama noodles and you have an awesome hearty bowl with seafood ingredients like prawns, squid and sliced fish. This costs $6.40.

The cooks run a very tight ship here. The auntie will scold you if you take too long to order or if you are distracted, so prepare before hand!

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Super love Island Penang Kitchen. Today I tried their Curry Noodles (changed it to kway teow) and I like it alot! Think of it as Singapore Laksa but more watered down but still as tasty. There was alot of ingredients inside as well - prawns, fish cake, Tau kee, long beans. This dish costs $5 nett.

Island Penang Kitchen is a heartland restaurant near West Coast Market that serves up really authentic Penang cuisine.

The first piece I had was the best! Piping hot fried salmon fin was bursting with flavor from the batter, meat and fish fat. Paired with spicy mayo or with wasabi and soy sauce and it's so delicious. In fact there was so much oily bits that I imagine all that Omega 3 goodness pulsing through my mouth, down my throat. But it became harder as we started feeling more "jelak" from all the fish oil.

So I'd recommend, eat with a nice glass of beer!

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I like the spicy kick from the spicy mayo, but I feel it needs more umami in the sauce. But, another awesome value buy from The Sushi Bar.
Especially when you have Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 offer, you get another roll for the price of 1:)

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The chirashi don that took Singapore by storm. I remember having it back when The Sushi Bar first started, and I'm still eating it till today. For the variety, thick slices, large portion, freshness of the sashimi and price, I rank this as my personal best chirashi don in Singapore (along with Manzoku's offering). At no where else can you get such value. Normal Chirashi Don is priced at $24.90++.

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