Normally I am a little skeptical in trying places that's been raved about online, but thought I should give this place a go considering it's actually a stone's throw away from my place and my family don't dine at the coffeeshop enough anyway. To my surprise, the Honey Milk Pork Belly was actually really quite good — the chunks of meat were actually pretty crisp without being particularly dry, whilst coated in a Honey Milk sauce which comes creamy yet sweet; the curry leaves were crisp, and the chili padi induces just a slight hint of spiciness when one bites on them. Really liked how the rice beneath was also drenched with a bit of that Honey Milk sauce — found it pretty effortless to finish the rice here. Guess I have finally found a place for decent tzechar in the neighbourhood; would probably make plans to try more of their offerings. Move aside, salted egg yolk — honey milk is gonna be on the top of my list now haha!

PS: interestingly, the coffeeshop now also houses another branch of Hua Zai H.K. Style Roasted Delight that also operates at Tampines — looking forward to trying it out at this Woodlands branch too!


Take a break from the western inspired eateries and drop by Wah Kee here in Esplanade. They serve pretty decent prawn noodles with succulent prawns. Available in different sizes, the smallest bowl of prawn noodles cost about $12 while the biggest costing you about 1/3 of a hundred.

Prawns: In the biggest portion, the prawns served are HUGE. The flesh is pretty succulent as well.
Broth: This is the star of the dish. The soup is well spiced and sweetened, probably using the prawns.
Noodles: pretty decent. You can choose from three types noodle but I opted for a mix of yellow noodle and rice noodle.

Cost: $30 (before GST)
Personal grade: A-

It's a pity this lunch burned a hole in my wallet.

Absolutely delish! Come over to University Town- NUS to try this now!

The rice: Okay, the rice isn't the best out there. The portion is surprisingly little for the amount you have to pay.

The egg: The menu promises the egg to be cooked perfectly at 62 degree celcius. The yolk was slightly cooked, but the white was still runny. Run of the mill kind of egg, though.

The beef: The star of the dish, the Wagyu beef was absolutely amazing! The combination of both truffle oil and their own made sauce created a slight burnt peppery taste, which was light and savoury! Every bite had a consistently fatty texture that melts straight in your mouth! Very yummy! Do do do try it!

Price: $19.90 (after NUS student discount)
Personal grade: A- (the portion was a tad too small for the price)

Located at Konditori within the Bugis area, this place features a great selection of European-inspired artisanal pastries and bread loaves! Regarded as one of their signature bread, I went for the chocolate-flavoured semla bun - a soft bun filled with chocolatey creamy goodness!

The bun: SOOO soft and moist, it paired really well with the chocolate cream.
The cream: I thought it would be too "gelat" with the amount of cream pumped into the soft bun. On the contrary the cream was sooo good. Like the staff claimed, it tasted like a bun with ice cream. The taste of both bun and cream resembled the Gardenia cream-filled bread, but only better! Best served cold!

Cost: $7.90
Personal grade: A-

Tucked away in a quiet corner on the 3rd floor of Bugis Cube, this shop serves ramen with a local twist!

Noodles: slightly springy, and goes well with the broth. Add some Japanese chili flakes to mix it up!
Broth: Slightly salty, with a bit of pork aftertaste.
The broth was not as thick as most ramen shops. However, foodies who prefer subtle flavours should love it!
Grilled meat : Usually offering both pork belly, and lean meat, they only offered lean meat when I got there. The meat was sweet, and juicy. Perhaps one of the best components in the ramen.
Fried enoki mushroom: The fried enoki mushroom was much thinner as compared to the usual enoki mushrooms you eat outside. However, the combination of both broth and enoki is fantastic:)

Price: $11.50 ( with an additional egg)
Personal grade: B

A hidden JEM located at 226H Kebun Baru Food Centre, this dish is to die for!!

Pork broth: When you first sip the soup, the subtle taste of Chinese wine (hence drunken) stewed with pork broth really overwhelms your taste buds! IT IS REALLY GOOD! The best part is, you don't feel thirsty at all even after finishing the whole bowl, which you will!

Pork slices: There are small chunks of pork slices which you find oddly satisfying especially when it is paired with the delicious broth!

Egg: It taste really good after being soaked in the broth!

Price: $5
Personal grade: A+!!

One very uniquely constructed dessert!! It's so filling I suggest sharing it with 2-3 people!
The sweetness of the cookie dough soft serve pairs really well with the savoury doughnut. I can only compare this combination with the likes of fried mars ball! However, a few mouthful of it might just leave you requesting for another cup of water!

Price: $14-15
Personal grade: B+


If you havent had affordable Kurobuta steak, head down to Vivocity's Marche now! Pick from endless proteins and greens to satisfy your tummy!

Kurobuta steak: Grilled to perfection, every bite is a slice of goodness! The pork was so tender and flavourful, and the seasoning on it was well done! For its price, one might get a second serving!

Garlic pork sausage: Well grilled and seasoned! The garlic aroma was subtle, with a peppery aftertaste. The texture of the meat was rich.

Mushrooms: well sautéed, however I felt the taste did not compliment the mushroom sauce and the proteins.

Mushroom sauce: Like most mushroom sauce, except that it had a good consistency!

Kurobuta steak: $15++ (before GST)
Garlic Pork sausage: $7+

Personal grade:
Kurobuta steak: A+
Garlic pork sausage: B+
Mushrooms: B


I popped by for dinner and they were having a promotion for this chicken rice bowl!

Not really sure what's the name, but this bowl served Japanese rice covered with a generous portion of kimchi chicken bulgogi, garlic soy midwings, and chicken Karrage! It even had a onsen egg in the middle to complete the dish!

Kimchi flavoured chicken bulgogi: slightly spicy with an average kimchi taste, but it gave the dish an extra kick!
Chicken karagge: the chicken was tender and well seasoned with pepper and salt!
Garlic soy mid wings: my absolute favourite! The wings were well seasoned with a right amount of sweetness and garlicky aftertaste! I suggest breaking the onsen egg on it to give it that extra bite!
The rice: the grain was decently sticky and goes really well with each chicken portion!

Price: $10 (on promotion)
Personal grade: A-


Super yummy egg tarts! Got recommended by a Friend. Located at Tai Cheong Bakery within Holland Village, these tarts are a steal!

Crust: Buttery and light, it was so good! (I got the freshly baked batch).

Egg custard: It was lightly sweetened, goes really well with the crust.

Durian-egg custard: A must try for durian lovers! They were generous with the durian filling!

Price: $1.90 each
Personal grade:
Egg custard: B+
Durian custard: B


Have you tried the best Ang ku kueh yet? Here it is! Having made over 20 years of kueh it's no wonder their AKK is so tasty!

The AKK skin: The texture is consistently chewy and soft across all the AKKs I bought! It has a slight mochi-ish bite to it and it goes well with almost every flavour!

The AKK (mung bean): honestly not a big fan of mung bean, but the flavour is strong and not too sweet.

The AKK (salted bean): Savoury with a slight peppery taste, it is a must have if you're feeling a bit exotic!

The AKK (coconut): Super yummy, perhaps the best out of all the AKK I sampled! The sweetness of the coconut filling is well balanced, and goes really well with the skin!

Price: 80 cents each
Personal grade:

Mung bean: B-
Salted bean: B+
Coconut: A+


So I was introduced by a Friend to this store which was still operating at 3am! It offered so much Chinese cuisine but we picked this dish which was so tasty!

Pork: As the title of the dish implies, it really is "smooth"! The texture was tender and moist. The sauce had a good balance of sour, sweet and spicy, and it tasted so good you could just eat it with rice just like that!

Price: $10 (good for 2-3 pax)
Personal grade: A-