Had the Egg Benedict ($26) & Chilli Scramble ($25).

The chilli scramble they used chilli flakes which is a first for me. Kind of spicy for me as a brunch item.

Egg Benedict the egg was flowy and I like how there is fried onion & bacon bits at the bottom of the egg. There also offered single piece of bacon but it was dried and overcooked.

I would say the breakfast offered is not just typical English style but mixed of other continental breakfast too.

However, I think more have to be improved in terms of taste.

Had this Chai Poh Hor Fun ($6.50) which is similar to carrot cake without radish but replaced with Hor Fun.

It comes with prawn and overall the dish is a unique and good experience

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Ordered a few items such as Shoestring Truffle Fries & Fish & Chips. Portion is huge and delicious.

Will not mind going again but maybe other outlets.

Had the carrot cake ($7) from Golden Shoe Hokkien Mee & Mix Organ Porridge ($7.50) from Feng Chang Bak Kut Teh. Really like it and good that it is at Lau Pa Sat for other foreigners to give it a try

Ordered their signature noodle ($4.50) and kind of disappointed. I was hoping it will be more flavourful but kind of bland and not much ingredients.

First time trying Tapas in Singapore and ordered the Spanish Omelette, Croquette & Huevos El Rotos.

Taste wise is kind of different from what I previously had in Spain but it is alright.

Total spend of $65.95 for these 3 items.

Had this Breakfast Set ($4.40) from Zheng Ming Cha Shi 正明茶室. Decent meal at a hawker centre

Had this Lao San Prawn Noodle ($4.90) and I would say it is not bad.

However, downside is the waiting time is long and their cooking time is quite slow.

Be prepared to wait for good food

First time trying Acai and had the Coco Flow Almond Butter ($10.80) and it was not bad.

Good if you still want dessert but in a healthy way

Had the spinach tortilla ($20++) & salmon pasta ($28++) and it was flavourful.

Good to go once in a while

Had this decent yong tau foo around town area of rocher/bugis with for a decent portion of $5.40 for 5 items & carbs

They have some unique item such as fried enoki mushroom & tempeh

Had their lunchbox, sausage Rice bowl and some of the sides such okonomiyaki fries & tamagoyaki platter. Price wise is reasonable and can give it a try

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