Came here again as wanted to use the $40 voucher. We ordered a total worth of $80.20 ingredients in order to be eligible for the discount. Very filling and would come back again if have the voucher discount

Used to patronise the outlet at beauty world should I pass by due to work and it was delicious especially the cornflake chicken and fries. Now that I am studying in NTU, they opened an outlet here which is much convenient for me.

Ordered the fish & chip ($6.80) with added cornflake chicken ($3). The taste is good as I remembered.

Hope they could expand the menu just like the beauty world outlet.

Came back for the 3rd time and this time, there is some improvement and some drop of standard.

Generally, all of it taste as good as ever and even the Har Gao the skin is thinner which is great.

However, first time ordering their fresh prawn rice flour roll and the prawn is indeed fresh. However, the skin is too thick for my liking.

In additional, my favourite initially, the Crispy Red Bean with Banana the skin is harder.

One good thing is they served us 2 items each for me and my friend compared to 3 to 4 as stated in the menu so that we can explore more items.

I would still come again as overall it is still nice.

Order their signature Fairfax Burger ($12) which consist of 9 eggs and 5 butter. Outcome is a dense egg and buttery burger which is delicious.

The Slut ($11) is kind of underwhelming which is just egg and mashed potato with toasted breadstick. I would spend the money on other burger instead.

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Had the craving for matcha hence headed to maccha house for dessert. Had the Soya Pudding ($5.80), Mile Crepe ($7.99) and Maccha Latte ($5.60).

Soya Pudding the brown sugar syrup is too sweet for my liking. Likewise for the Maccha Latte too. However, the Mile Crepe they nail it and it was delicious.

The Mile Crepe is new in their menu and it is a nice addition which I would go for it again.

Another steamboat meal and this time went Hai Di Lao. The tomato soup is better than beauty in the pot and able to offered quad pot which is cheaper. Ingredient wise seems more expensive but can't expect since it's Hai Di Lao.

Good thing is you can order unlimited dessert of ice cream and Beancurd

Order green curry, rice, plain omelette, phad thai & honey chicken.

All of it was delicious and cost only $33.66 for all these. Affordable and delicious

A store which need no introduction. After all the egg tart I have tried, this is the best egg tart. Tai Cheong might have the cookie skin which I like, egg is the most important so Tong Heng win one over on this point.

A different type of tart than their classic egg tart. The coconut tart ($2.20) has lots of real coconut bits in it compared to other coconut tart outside and does not have artificial flavouring.

I would say it is not bad but I still prefer the traditional one.

Came here for their Tutu Kueh after hearing about their extensive menu.

Had the classic flavour of coconut, peanut & kaya ($3) and the special flavour of Nutella, lotus biscoff, kit kat, dragonfruit and Bolognese Sausage ($3.50).

Coconut and Kaya was not bad. Peanut was quite dry. Nutella & lotus biscoff are familiar spread which hard to go wrong. Kit kat I feel that they should have crushed it so that flavour can be evenly distributed instead of leaving one whole bar. I can't taste the dragonfruit flavour at all. Bolognese Sausage is alright but weird in a tutu Kueh.

Muah Chee we bought the matcha and classic peanut. Peanut is the traditional taste and can't go wrong. Matcha I would say is a good attempt but don't really like it.

Overall, I wouldn't come all the way here just for it much less 45mins during the hype.

Had the 4 course set dinner and one of the main was Salmon. I find that the mashed potato is starchy which seems like it uses the ready made powder to make it. Salmon was hard and dry which shout out frozen. The desert was alright but I feel that the chocolate should ooze out.

Beef was flavourful which I can tell it's a good quality steak. Price wise can be expensive ($20 for striploin and $23 for ribeye) but good for occasional treat.