Dear Jon sent this over for my birthday during the circuit breaker. This combines the best of apple crumble (fragrant cooked apples, cinnamon and buttery crumble) and cheesecake (rich and creamy, and silky mouthfeel). I really should check out the other flavours - Milo Dinosaur sounds wonderful!

My lovely friend (affectionately called Moo) sent me this cute “assemble your own brownie” pack from The Dark Gallery last week. It comes with four huge chunks of fudgy brownies, 2 pints of ice-cream, a pack of chocolate soil and a little container of chocolate sauce - everything I needed to put together an indulgent, level-up brownie treat with almost no sweat on my part (“almost” because I took it upon myself to take accountability shots of the results for dear Moo and instagram). This is really good! Warm fudgy brownie aside, the ice-cream is also great. It is thick and creamy (evidenced by super slow melting atop a warm brownie, which allowed me to change 3 locations before getting this photo), and very pleasing to my Asian tastebuds because it is not cloyingly sweet at all. Not sure what else to say about this pack because we all know the joys of great chocolate and ice-cream, and I enjoyed putting together these brownie dessert plates for the fam more than I expected (also finally dusted off my ice-cream scoop). Will definitely recommend sending this to someone you love! 💗

[This was at Otto Ristorante outside Maxwell Chambers.] A superb dish that I forgot to photograph until I was almost done. The sage and truffle emulsion was amazing and packed a punch of umami. 👊🏼 The filling of minced veal was pretty tasty (a bit heavy on the salt but the buttery sauce helped to balance it) but what’s impressive was the perfectly al dente ravioli!! I don’t know how they manage with such thin sheets of pasta. The quality control here seems great as well - I was told that the chef wasn’t satisfied with his first attempt at my dish and redid it.

This was a very good and strong mocha.

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Here’s a recent addition to Atlas’s menu! A generous portion of beef balls and mushrooms is served in a light-tasting cream sauce flavoured with onions and carrots. I expected the dish to taste like Swedish meatballs, but this was lighter and sweeter.

I had high expectations of this dish that so many people were raving about... and this still blew my mind! I haven’t had seabass with flesh so tender and dripping with juices. The sauce was also amazing with a potent kick of truffle. I think this would also do well with the lighter fennel broth that comes with the French seabass dish.


This was a small dish with oversized flavours. The capers and burnt butter gave the octopus so much umami. The octopus was also expertly grilled - very tender with a slight char. We were so impressed and made sure we mopped up every bit of the sauce.

Clockwise: Panfried dumplings, Three egg spinach, Live prawns with garlic, lamb ribs with cumin and coriander seeds and braised lion's head meatball. I really enjoyed how these dishes were prepared - light on the salt and oil, but still very flavourful. The live prawns ($28) were a little small but very fresh. The lion's head meatball here ($6 per serving) was not the giant meatball I imagined - a pleasant surprise! The presentation is super cute and the meatball did not disappoint. It was tender and the braising gravy was really fragrant. I'll be back to try the Peking duck which requires 30min to prepare!

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$30++. I was half prepared to be disappointed by some low grade wagyu but NOPE look at the marbling! As you would expect, it simply melted~ in my mouth 😋 This came with a side salad and rice. What an affordable set for the quality of beef!

$18 nett. I love eating here! The don is delicious - besides the very good Japanese rice grains, the ebi is crisp and plump and I love the addition of shredded egg to the don. The teapot on the side contains bonito broth, which you can drink on its own or pour into your rice. I like pouring it into my last few spoonfuls of rice - the broth lightly flavours the rice and really helps to cleanse the palate. Service here is always cheery and the tissue packets have cute hand drawn cartoons on them.

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The best cheese bread I might ever have. The bun was served warm, with a crisp but tender crust and a soft fluffy inside. The bun itself was cheesy, but you wouldn't want to do away with the cheese mousse, which was really fragrant and velvety smooth but not overwhelming. I would have eaten 10 more if not for the other dishes which were equally enticing!