The risotto retained its bite and it was easy to polish off this huge portion because the flavours were homely and nothing was too rich or salty. So if you are craving something more decadent, you would probably be better off having the lobster mac & cheese which my friend really enjoyed. I thought I'd be getting some crispy duck though, because that's what I have come to associate with duck confit.


&SONS has an affordable lunch menu (nothing above $13.90++ if I recall correctly) with good variety. I had the seabass which was panfried to crispy-skin perfection and set atop a bed of purple cabbage. The potatoes were also really yummy. Other offerings on the lunch menu include steak (!!) and pasta.


The batter was really crisp and light and tasty! I loved the sprinkling of crushed almonds and almond flakes over the chicken. The nuts complemented the sweet and salty sauce really well. The chicken itself was also flavourful, and tender and moist, even the breast meat. The garlicky aspect of this dish was probably just the cloves of garlic strewn around - the chicken didn't taste much of garlic which was a teeny bit disappointing, but it was v tasty overall so... I was pleased nonetheless. 😁

Only $14.90++ for the lunch buffet. You have 2hours from the time you enter to eat your fill of a nice spread of meats - bulgogi, spicy chicken, pork belly, bacon and beef short rib, various cooked items and side dishes. My greatest KBBQ peeve are meats full of tendon. The meats we had here were free of tendon, fresh and the marinades were really tasty. πŸ˜‹ The restaurant was also so well-ventilated! Would recommend for a simple but satisfying KBBQ feast ☺️

Was really pleased with this yummy plate of Japanese-styled pasta! Generously peppered with clams, mussels, scallops, squid and prawns, the seafood was fresh and cooked nice and tender. The tomato-based sauce tasted different from those at Italian restaurants (I just can't put a finger to it πŸ‘†πŸΌ), but was no less flavourful and tasty. This was a giant plate of pasta and I was so stuffed after. We got the Couple Set, which comprised of any 2 pastas + 2 soups + any 2 drinks (the matcha latte is super thick and creamy) + a side of chicken karrage and wedges for $39++.


This was from a French grill stall at Alibabar the Hawker Bar. The ribs were done quite nicely - tender and meaty, and very flavourful. I liked the BBQ sauce, which wasn't too sweet. This came with 2 sides of mac & cheese and corn and peas succotash.


All burgers go for $15++ every Tuesday! I am very partial to burgers with mushrooms so it was no surprise that I enjoyed this a lot. I asked for the patty to be done medium but it came medium-well, so you might want to order something rarer than your usual. That said, the thick patty was still really juicy, and I especially liked how it was seasoned, which brought out the meaty flavours of the beef. No grisly bits in the mince either! Do note that the truffle flavour was not very pronounced as only the aioli contained truffle, so diehard fans of truffle would be better off getting their truffle mac & cheese.

An omelette in a skillet, with blobs of chewy buffalo mozzarella and feta topped with grilled zucchini and kale purΓ©e. The red sauce was similar to sriracha. I like the fluffy lightness of the omelette and the salty pungent flavour the cheese added to it. This was really tasty heaped onto the crusty sourdough on the side. The veggies were a nice healthy touch though they didn't add much in terms of flavour.


The must-have every time I visit Cicheti. This time it didn't come with grilled pear, but the star really was that tender ball of mozzarella and cream. I liked how Cicheti deviated from the usual way of serving burrata (ie with prosciutto, vine tomatoes and rocket). Though I sometimes miss the vine tomatoes, I felt that the myriad of flavours and textures from the toasted pistachios, pesto and onion marmalade in Cicheti's version tasted better. Also, there was nothing better than a magic carpet ride on the smoky grilled crostini for my fave cheese.

The classic seafood pizza done really well, as usual. This one had prawns, squid and scallops on a red base. The seafood was very fresh and its natural sweetness and brininess flavoured the pizza perfectly. I was also really impressed by the perfect doneness of the various seafood. Everything was tender and succulent. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹


Just thinking about this makes my mouth water. The simple, tomato-based sauce really shone. It was flavourful, perfectly herbed and had just the right tartness. The minced lamb was well-seasoned, still oozing meat juices, and had none of that sandy mouthfeel that some minces do. The smooth pliant sheets of papardelle were the perfect vessel for slurping up every last morsel.

The Bismark is topped simply with cheese, ham, mushrooms and an egg, but it was a party of flavours in my mouth. πŸŽ‡ I loved the abundant pools of fior de latte (buffalo mozzarella), which when swirled with the runny yolk, yielded a luxurious, creamy, fragrant, amazing mess. The mushrooms were also delish, their earthy fragrance lifting the richness of the cheese and egg. I wish I knew how Cicheti prepared these shrooms. πŸ˜‹ Not to forget, the signature pizza crust which was light and slightly chewy. So good!