These were the dishes we tried:
1. Salmon Taco ($12.5)
2. Unagi Taco ($9.5)
3. Crab Taco ($11.5)
4. Carne Taco ($8)
5. Chorizo ($7.5)
6. Tuna Nacho Platter ($18)

The most impressive dish that won me over was the tuna nacho platter. I loved the akame tartare that paired with furikake and ikura. And I’m not even a tuna fan😂 the salmon taco is the most popular among the tacos and it didn’t disappoint.

Being a huge fan of pistachio, I was stoked to try out this place. The gelato here is home made. I went for the croissant ($5.30) with double scoop Pistachio and Hazelnut, ($4.70 per scoop).
I liked the consistency and creaminess of the gelato but I felt that the pistachio was a little underwhelming. It’s worth a try if you’re around the area!

This Acai bowl was filled to the brim! I liked the variety of fruits and they also added passionfruit which gave a nice punch to the flavour profile. Super worth the 1-1 Burpple deal. Will come visit again!

Thin crusted, flavours complemented well together. Needless to say this combination cannot go wrong, I would have preferred a crispier crust as the pizza couldn’t hold together. Worth the 1-1 deal on Burpple.

The croissant is crispy and buttery, topped with a generous amount of scrambled eggs and bacon. I must say the egg was cooked to the right consistency, and it was creamy. Would recommend this place if you haven’t tried!

Thick brioche toast served with Nutella, maple syrup and berries. It’s as good as it looks. Generous portion, good for sharing as it can be quite jelat.
Taste: 3/5⭐️
Value: 3/5⭐️

This is the richest chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten (for those who love fudgy dense cakes, this is for you!). It’s so decadent that even I, a chocolate lover, can’t finish this by myself. The cake sits in a pool of chocolate syrup, and pairs well with the vanilla ice cream. It’s definitely worth bringing your date here if he/she loves their desserts, especially chocolate😋
Taste: 4.5/5⭐️
Value: 3/5⭐️

This is one of the dessert places that I would queue for. Their waffles are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Their soft serve is separated from the waffle using a biscuit. I think it’s brilliant as it doesn’t melt the waffles that quickly. The earl grey lavender is fragrant and not too sweet. I would definitely come again!
Taste: 4.5/5⭐️
Value: 4/5⭐️

Every time I come here, I would only order this. Not that the other items are not good, I just love how they nail the combination of the sesame bagel, smoked salmon, caramelized onions and cream cheese. I also ordered their signature hot chocolate which reminds me of the one I had in UK. This is one of the brunch places I find that is consistent in their quality of the food they serve. Worth a try even though it burns a hole on your pocket!
Taste: 4.5/5⭐️
Value: 3.5/5⭐️

My all time favourite Japanese restaurant. The sashimi slices are thick and fresh. This photo does not just not do justice to how good this chirashi bowl is.
Taste: 5/5⭐️
Value: 4/5⭐️

This restaurant is a gem. From the outside, it resembles a flower shop. The ambience is cozy and the staff are welcoming! The must try dishes are the Mamma’s lasagna, Burrata con prosciutto di Parma and Rigatoni al brasato di manzo.
Taste: 4.5/5⭐️
Value: 3.5/5⭐️

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I was quite excited about brunch as I enjoyed the food when I was here previously. However, this time I was disappointed. Firstly, the items on the menu were lesser than the actual menu displayed on chope. I ordered the chicken with waffles, which was soft and the chicken was dry. I ordered a mocha which was normal. I liked their honey glazed bacon🥓 though, goes well with the waffles. One thing I liked about this place was that they allow bookings.
Taste: 2.5/5⭐️
Value: 2/5⭐️