I almost forget when is my last time eating here. But glad to be back again to try something new.

They now served some vegan options with their signature plant balls.

The mala spaghetti should be the seasonal item to celebrate the lunar new year.

I do enjoy the plant balls but definitely not the mala spaghetti, as the sauce taste very normal for me.

A-One is always the familiar name when we mention about porridge. They offered a few options of porridge that worth getting.

Their Dried Scallop Porridge with Minced Meat Century Egg, Salted Egg and Egg has all the eggs you craving for, together with minced meat and dried scallop.

They have few stalls in the West, with their original location at Yew Tee. Just a few mins walk from the MRT station, you could find a local favourite lor mee stall here inside S11 Food Court.

If you want a mix of traditional and fish, go for the yuan yang fish lor mee that comes with everything you want.

For $6, the portion is quite decent for a person. Comes with lots of ingredients. I personally really love their fish fish was was very soft inside and crunchy outside.

Located at the front beside the entrance to Havelock II, you will find this small shop serving just a few food items.

They have some authentic Penang cuisine such as the laksa. But if you want some rice option, definitely go for this Nyonya curry chicken rice with blue pear steamed rice; come with a piece of curry chicken, potato and egg.

The curry was spicy and flavourful

If you travel to the North, Kampung Admiralty is a good place to grab some meals.

Ah Choon is a popular noodle stall selling hokkien mee and lor mee.

Gotten the lor mee with lots of ingredients.

Beside their signature porridge, they also served some interesting sides like this one.

The you tiao is stuffed with fish cake, creating another texture to it. Order one piece is enough for 2 person to enjoy.

The chef behind the kitchen used to work in another popular place, before venture out and open his own shop at the same neighbourhood.

You could expect a very smooth and wok hey taste of porridge.

I still remember having my first green chilli chicken rice last year at one of the hawker centre. Since then, there’s have been a few stalls opening to serve this dish as well.

Alimama is the new addition to the stalls in Maxwell Food Centre, offering Indonesian cuisine of fried chicken and local style of prawn noodle.

The green chilli chicken rice is their signature as the signboard written. Comes a big portion of fried chicken topped with lots of green chilli.

Flavourful with its crunchy bites, the red chilli is adding more taste to it as well.

If you miss getting some ice cream and enjoy the view at Esplanade Riverside from Ohara Farm, don’t worry as they have reopened with a new brand now.

The hokkaido milk feature a very smooth and soft ice cream, while remain the creamy taste. Very refreshing especially eating it during humid days. $6.50

I always find a super long queue at their original stall in Old Airport Road Hawker Centre, so it is a good news to hear that they finally opening branches at other places.

Came at night and that’s plenty of seats available here in air-conditioned space.

Sadly their signature fried fish already sold out for the day, so they replace it with pork cutlet instead.

The gravy still tasty but I think because of hygiene purpose, you couldn’t self service with the sauce.

So they actually gave quite a big portion of chili and garlic, which overwhelming the taste after mixing them.

If you can’t decide which meat to go with the ramen, they recently offered a new item on the menu.

Quattro Meat Ramen featured 4 types of meat on the ramen, including the duck, char siu, meatball and iberico wantan.

Go for the set to get a side dish and ice lemon tea.

Their braised pork trotters was chewy but the braised sauce a bit overwhelming.