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Haven’t back to Chong Pang so a long time, great to have some food from the hawker centre.

Haji Ali is one of the Malay stall here that worth your visit. Their lontong came with a few pieces of rice cake, together with vege and egg. The curry was tasty and creamy, with strong taste of coconut.

Coming here of course you need to try their prata also. I got the egg cheese prata which was crispy and you could taste the cheese in every bites.

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I miss having mamak back in Malaysia so decided to visit this place to satisfy my Maggi Goreng craving.

Wasn’t the best I can say because the taste wasn’t strong enough for me. But I do appreciate they put a lot of vegetables inside.

A hidden Japanese restaurant inside kap Mall, serving an intensive Japanese cuisine on the menu; from ramen to donburi.

I really enjoy their curry which is tasty and wasn’t spicy. Their ebi was crispy and wasn’t oily at all. $16

Burpple Beyond is available here for another selection.

Haven’t been getting any frozen yogurt during this period of time, so decided to buy a tub to enjoy at home.

I got the 1 litre tub which comes with 5 toppings.

Not really much seafood inside but you could get a few shrimps inside. The fried egg was fluffy.

A tze char place along Sembawang Road, no really crowded on Saturday dinner time and they have a much spacious and open space.

A first bite of their Mongolian pork rib was surprised me, because it was actually soft instead of the usual tender type. The spicy sauce was great to open your appetite. Definitely a perfect place to come for family gathering. $5

Tangs has its own food court at the basement serving various food cuisine including this.

Their pork chop was crunchy but felt the taste was a bit blend. Curry was okay. $5.80

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Since we entered phase 2, I realised most of the restaurants within mall still much consider empty even during peak hours.

Love Fresh is using disposable bowl even for dine in, I guess it is probably their measurements for the diners’ hygiene.

These 2 days have been a very cold weather so a warm curry rice would be good.

Their pork cutlet was definitely tender enough, together with crispy ebi and fluffy fried egg. $12.63

It seems like majority of the restaurants still having more takeaway orders than dine-in. For my dinner here, I’m the only person dine-in throughout the whole time; while seeing delivery men enter or people coming to takeaway.

Well as least it is a much comfortable to enjoy the food. The pork cutlet portion was generous topped with mozzarella and black pepper sauce (sauce get to choose), with a side dish that I got the aglio olio. $18.90

This is probably my first dine-in since early April, great that this place still wasn’t crowded as usual. I guess it is because of the location but might change when the MRT station is open here.

If you are lazy or couldn’t decide what to get, you can grab seats immediately and tell them how many people. They have a full set of preselected yong tau foo.

PGFN started as a food stall back in 1982 and now they have expanded with franchises across the island.

Their fishball was really chewy and soft, no wonder they could have so many branches.