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Sprinkled around in Korea, this place serves pastries and the likes of coffee, lattes and iced drinks. The vanilla eclair attracted me because of the specks of vanilla beans. To my surprise, the inside is filled with custard which isn’t overly sweet and adds on layers of flavor to it. The valrhona hot chocolate here is also a drink to consider.

Both flavors were unique in their own ways, smooth and creamy. Waffles itself does not taste better than average but were passable and the ice creams made up for it. They have quite some unique flavors to look out for.

Over-the-top milkshake which tastes as good as it looks. Sat atop are things like brownie, whipped cream, wafer stick, digestive biscuits and pretzels. Overall it is worth a try however the only waiter present that day was really impatient and rude and it ruined the service experience. Read for full review:

Caramel cheesecake ( right ) at $8 a slice, portion of the cakes are much larger than other cafes. Somehow the caramel is quite mild and its not as sweet or heavy flavored as what I've expected . The cheese itself is not too overpowering too thus one can finish it easily. Pair it w a cuppa comforting hot chocolate at $6 and your day is made.

Mango Passionfruit Cheesecake ( left ) $9.80 a slice. The combination of both the fruits makes it sweet yet tangy at the same time, which tingles your tastebuds! Pretty interesting and refreshing plus the fact that the fruits topped are fresh.

Listed on the Michelin Bib Gourmand for 3 consecutive years this place serves handmade Kalguksu noodles - texture so Q and smooth, topping off with its robust soup flavor makes this unassuming bowl of noodles at first sight the perfect comfort food in this sweater weather. Mandu(s) are alright, the noodles is still the star here! The best kind of food are the ones that taste so good on their own you don’t need any condiments to go with it

So dinz was at Isola restaurant which serves Italian food.
First of all, I would like to say that its my first time seeing tenderloin paired with risotto on a menu & having it (its always paired with mushrooms & more mushrooms). The combination is GENIUS! When the risotto gets a little too much, a bite of tenderloin cleanses my palate instantly & completely. Shifting me into another dimension until my next mouthful of risotto. Risotto isn’t a ‘photogenic’ kinda food & it might look plain but I promise it packs a punch when done well!
The rest of the food are above average, fresh ingredients used is evident in the taste.
Skip the Aglio Olio though, its not full of garlic & spicy like what we are used to!
I would say the prices are really reasonable given the standard.

The plan was to walk into any place that has stew and we chanced upon this shop which has chicken stew. Copious amount of tender chicken in such stew is a refreshing change. The broth was also really concentrated even after one round of plain broth was added in and its quite spicy, definitely not for the faint hearted. It doesn’t have an english shop name but its quite a distance from Cityhall Station. Multiple photos not allowed here, go on to my instagram: glassnowflakes for the post on this and look for the last photo of the shop name in Korean!

Generous chunks of crab meat & crab roe adds on texture to every bite, coupled with its natural sweetness makes it so yumz. So good I finished it all! Service here is commendable! From asking us where were we from before proceeding to give us the english menu > giving an extra set of side dishes > navigating the shop name on instagram for me & passing me the namecard > mini yakult.

Just a few shops down Myeongdong Kyoja lies this two storey hidden spot filled w locals. Serving hearty local fare like JJM & Jjamppong, not mindblowing but decently good

Stir-fried crayfish, blended w Thai red curry & runny egg. The spiciness had different dimensions to it which was definitely addictive and would make diners want for more. Crayfish itself was fresh and tender. Have it while its piping hot!

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Flame grilled chicken skewers served w spicy seafood sauce that was also slightly sour. Sauce emits such unique taste it really elevates the dish. Meat was fresh and juicy.

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Pan-seared pasta w sweet and savoury Thai green curry. Clever use of using yellow noodles w green curry because its so apt and complements each other. There could be more chicken bits to balance the proportion of noodles to chicken meat.

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