OK so, this place is just at the Sports Lifestyle Centre at Bukit Merah, opposite NTUC FairPrice and next to the bus depot. It's GREAT - prices are double hawker centre ones, but so are their portion sizes. And the quality of the food is amazing. Couple that with really speedy service and a fully Halal, super extensive menu with everything from briyani to zichar, and this becomes one of the best places for lunch in the area.

As for the salted egg chicken chop set ($8.90 with your drink of choice) - gosh, it's GOOD. The chicken chop is huge and crispy, the sauce is delicious without being too rich, and I absolutely loved it. Will absolutely be coming back for more.

The beef short ribs at Royz et Vouz are an absolute STEAL for $42++. Seriously. It's a solid 500+ grams of beef, so tender it just slides off the bone, accompanied by astonishingly shiok roast potatoes and carrots (none of that usual tasteless sides here) and a refreshing salad. This easily fed 3 people, and is incredibly worth it at the price.

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God I love this place. Halal restaurant food that's legitimately good, fairly priced and with giant portions. Don't order the fried mushrooms unless you have someone to share it with, because the portion is gigantic. But they're so amazingly good at the same time...

This was a LOT of fun. The duck was a decent portion, and I polished off the bowl ridiculously quickly because it was just that delicious, haha.

Delicious! I'm honestly surprised by how nice this was - the char on it and the seafood flavours all came through really well. Super worth it with Burpple Beyond.

I’ve been coming down here a couple more times over the last few days, and oh boy, it’s a lot of fun. This bulgogi beef + cheese + fries set is part of their special $5.30 promo menu, and honestly a really disgustingly good deal for the price. The sandwich was cheesy, savoury and had a huge helping of beef, and the fries were, I think, kimchi seasoned? Either way, very delicious and extremely worth it.

I don’t know how long more this menu will be here, since it’s for National Day, but I would highly rec trying the sandwiches at least! I did try the doenjang jjigae a couple of days back, and unfortunately that wasn’t so hot - a little less tofu than I’d like, and they actually missed out adding the rice. Luckily I was actually at the place, so could just ask for it.

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What a nice surprise! Usually quinoa bowls are pretty expensive, but this place serves up a really healthy (geddit) portion of grains, protein and veg at a pretty reasonable price ($7.90 for cajun chicken / portobello mushroom + cheese options, $9.90 for the baked salmon one). Quite often when I have veg bowls, I get pretty peckish some hours afterwards, but this left me full for a really long while.

Plus, I’ve had salad bowls that are way too light on the protein portion (i.e. I’m finished with the meat / mushrooms before even getting through half the bowls) and that’s always irritating. Really glad to say that the bowls served here aren’t like that - they really don’t skimp on any of the ingredients, or try to make it seem fuller with ‘filler’ leafy vegetables or anything like that.

The thing about this place is that there’s nowhere to sit, and that it’s also a reasonably popular lunch joint. So if you go down, expect to stand around waiting for about 5 mins or so - and you’ll have to head off after that. But still, if you’re looking to drop by and grab something quick, delicious and relatively good for you, you can’t go wrong here!


Man, this place is convenient. It’s basically open nearly all hours of the day, so whether you want a super early morning breakfast or ultra late night supper, you can get it here. Food wise, the menu is actually super extensive - it’s almost like 2 to 3 stalls in one. It’s got everything from the usual Indian food you’d expect, to fried rice / Thai-ish food / western stuff as well.

The prices are pretty much standard for a place like this; I didn’t check out everything but I’d be surprised if they had anything over $10. I ordered one cheese prata and one plain prata. Not much to say, besides that it was fine! Loved the curry as well. It’s a pretty popular lunch spot, and can get a little crowded, so you might have to be prepared to wait a little. It’s nothing too bad, though.


Well, this was a surprise! My first time trying it out (they’ve got a $8 off for first time orders promotion right now, the code is ‘CLICK8’) and I think I’m gonna be coming around here a LOT in future.

Anyway, the way this place works is that it’s kinda a central kitchen for deliveries. But if you use the Click & Collect option in your app, you can basically order something, stroll down 10 mins later, and pick up your food and eat straight away. Frankly, the wait at some restaurants or cafes nearby is over 10 mins, so even if you arrived first and ordered there it’d still be saving time.

As for the food, they’ve got a HUGE range, from Aloha poke bowls to middle eastern stuff, Wolf Burgers, Indian food, and more. The seating area inside is small and cosy, and frankly this is just a really convenient option to have around. I’m surprised I didn’t see that many people using it, because it’s a great alternative for quick, good lunches.

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Well, this was fun! And nice - if you spend above $5.80 in a meal (not hard, that’s the 2 x meat option which I’d rec) you get a free water chestnut or ice lemon tea drink, which was certainly appreciated. For the meal itself, I tried both the cha siew and sio bak options, and honestly I have to say the sio bak is definitely what this place is all about.

Not that the cha siew was bad; far from it, but it really didn’t stand out much. The sio bak, on the other hand, was that perfect mix of crunchy and flavourful, and I really could’ve gone for more. It’s also a surprisingly affordable lunch in an occasionally pricey area. If you just want something that’s both familiar and delicious, it’s worth giving a shot!

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Here is their Ohsho set! Probably the flagship set, since it has the same name as the store. Extremely worth getting - crispy karaage chicken, juicy gyoza and savoury fried rice makes it a super filling meal. Every now and then I get gyoza cravings, and I’m glad to say that the ones here are totally satisfying.

It’s $9.90 for the set, but if somehow it’s not enough for you, go ahead and get another 3 more gyoza for $2.90 (or choose from the pretty wide range of side dishes they have). The only thing here, of course, is that the food doesn’t get served quite as fast as the other hawker stalls around. Frankly, though, the wait is still reasonable enough considering what they’re serving.

Not too spicy, not too bland, not too salty, not too sour, not too wet, not too dry - basically, everything is exactly right with this! I’m pretty fussy about my Hokkien Mee, and I’m very glad this turned out to be worth the hype.

You know you’re at a good stall when they just offer one dish exclusively. That’s what this place is like; they do Hokkien Mee, one size, for $4 and nothing else. Their prep is pretty impressive too, everything is just ready to go so they can churn it out fast. If you see a long queue, don’t worry - it moves quickly.

The Hokkien Mee itself is just very solidly good! I found that they added just the right amount of seafood too, so every bite had something in it. The accompanying chili padi/sambal/lime set off the noodles well, and gave it a punch without overpowering the rest of the flavours. Overall, it’s one of the other ‘must try’ stalls at Golden Mile.

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