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It was pretty good :) ate a lot of sashimi. If you're going in a big group, ask for the private room. There's a minimum spend but you get seated faster.

The beef is super good! Cook the beef one at a time and only for a few seconds on each side. Got the $60 premium beef platter, and I think it's big enough for 3 pax. Definitely worth the trip, and will visit again.

Got the premium beef udon. The broth is great and the noodles are slightly chewy. This is the best halal udon place I know.

Always get the omelette, green curry, and tom yum soup. Sooo satisfying #burpple #thaifood #halalsg

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Got the breast meat for the quarter chicken and it wasn’t dry at all. They were really generous with the cheese on the cheese fries.

Top tip, the “hot” is really hot.. don’t action. Also use #burpplebeyond
#burpple #friedchicken #halalsg

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The food was great. The breakfast platter can be shared

Pop by this cosy dessert parlour in Bishan serving up coffee, cakes and icy scoops worth the trip. If you love deep, dark flavours, don't hesitate on the Valrhona Dark Chocolate or the Salted Caramel ($6.90 for double scoop); both are equally smooth and good in their own right.
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

This cafe is known for it’s wide range of chocolate ice cream selection. Was slightly disappointed when most of the chocolate flavours were sold out. The only chocolate available was Chocolate Banana and Chocolate ice cream. I tried chocolate banana flavour and thankfully the banana flavour didn’t cover up much of the chocolate flavour. Will probably be back again for their other chocolate flavours and maybe the waffles. Saw many people ordered the waffles :)

Love their drinks. They’re $8 each and there’s a few varieties. The grapefruit and the lychee drink were pretty good.

The gelato were all great but it was too pricey. The coffee was good too. It wasn’t too bitter and I didn’t need to add any sugar.

I like the different textures of overdone vs uncooked cheesecake.

Sucks, don’t even bother. The pancakes are too dense and the fried chicken too dry. Service was terrible; totally ruined our lunch.