Strong brew coffee, not overly milky; tad bitter but acceptable..

Mushroom soup with truffle foam; rich mushroom taste with strong truffle aroma & taste; not overly creamy but too salty for my liking; sourdough is lightly crisp outside, fluffy & soft inside..

Twist to the usual chendol; a ball of shaved ice topped with red bean mousse, popcorn, pandan jelly, drizzled with gula melaka & coconut cream; unique point from this dish is the chewy pandan jelly in noodle style which requires chopsticks & spoon for consumption; otherwise taste nothing special, not overly sweet..

Meat is tender & fell off the bones; sauce is thick & flavorful; came with soft & fluffy jasmine rice, crispy prawn crackers, pickles & belacan chilli; the chilli is good though, appetising & mild spicy; favorite dish among all..

Chilli crab sauce pasta with shredded crab meat; pasta is slightly undercooked; sauce is flavorful & rich with tomato flavor, towards sweet side; would prefer more crab chunks inside; with a deep-fry soft shell crab at the side; felt the soft shell crab was overly fried as quite hard to bite; love the onsen egg at the top..

Pasta is slightly undercooked; prawn rich taste with strong wok-hei; with glass prawn, fresh juicy clams & asparagus; portion slightly small..

Well-marinated with no pork stench; meat is tender but unable to fell off ribs; quite lean; coffee sauce is flavorful & surprisingly light; topped with crispy oil fritter slices; rojak slaw at the side is crunchy & aids in reducing the meatiness, but felt the mayo is slightly overwhelming..

Complimentary dish; chewy & soft rice paper wrapped with fresh greens, basil leaves, rice vermicelli, peanuts & tofu skin; taste similar to the usual fresh spring roll; with dipping sauce at the side which enhance flavor to the simple & light dish..

Papaya salad with fresh greens, basil leaves, crunchy roasted peanuts & soy protein; add in the fish sauce at the side to elevate the taste; good starter for sharing..

Thick vermicelli noodle soup with tofu cake & no-crab cake; both cakes are firm with a soft bite; soup is flavorful, tangy & citrusy with the addition of pineapples, tomatoes, Tamarind & no-crab paste; very appetizing & addictive with wide a medley of flavors; well-executed dish worth a try..

Rice noodle soup with soy protein, king oyster mushroom, pickles & herbs; noodles is well-cooked to soft; soup tastes light with herbal taste; soy protein tastes akin to chicken slices but with some chewy bite; comforting bowl of noodles soup..

Rice-vermicelli noodles is soft & chewy, served cold; topped with grilled soy pork, herbs, salad, pickles, crispy spring roll, peanuts & onions; taste & texture of the soy pork taste similar to the real meat; crispy spring roll is loaded with soy pork, glass noodles, mushrooms, etc., taste good in its own; love the addition of vegan fish sauce that enhance the flavor by creating a wide dimension of taste; addictive & savoury bowl of dry noodle..