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'LOCAL CATCH' BOUILLABAISSE + MINI LOBSTER SOUFFLÉ: Seafood stew; with mussels, prawn, clams, seabass; soup is flavorful but very fishy taste; felt the seafood are quite overcooked as they became dry and tough; souffle with the lobster claw on top; very mild taste of the lobster sweetness; with 3 pieces of toast at the side; toast taste better than the main course; felt the whole dish is a little disappointing..
FRAMBOISES et GLACE VANILLE: My favourite of all; baked souffle with raspberries inside; with vanilla ice cream which is very sweet..
LAKSA SOUFFLÉ: Chunks of prawn inside the souffle besides the 2 big ones on top; the laksa gravy at the side is thick & flavorful; good option for trying out western-fusion element..
BLANQUETTE de VEAU + MINI COMTÉ SOUFFLÉ: Veal stew with white wine & cream; flavorful broth that's not too creamy; appetizing with the addition of lemon; veal meat is very tender and tasted more like chicken than beef; comté souffle filled with cheese; simple and light; suitable for cheese lover..
Overall a decent meal in a cosy cafe; service is excellent; souffle is fluffy and moist; starter and dessert taste better than the main; below my expectation especially for the high end price; use the chope voucher for the meal; probably will not be back again..
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MUSHROOM CREAM SOUP: Big bowl of flavorful soup; not too creamy; mushroom rich taste; with 1 half-slice of crispy and fluffy toast..
SEAFOOD AGLIO OLIO: Linguine tossed with squid, scallop and fresh prawn; flavorful and not spicy; linguine a little hard when chewing; otherwise a well-executed dish..
6NATURE WINGS: 6 pieces of fried mid-wings tossed with soy sauce and cashew nuts; meat is tender and skin is crispy; sauce is honey-thick, sweet but not salty; love the sauce so much that the mayo + tinge of lemon sauce at the side was forgotten; good for sharing the calories..
6-LETTER BRUNCH: Rosti with sunny side up; mushroom, 2 big piece of smoked salmon; few pieces of fresh fruits with garden salad; rosti is big, thick and slight crisp outside; appetising with the fruits at the side; plus point for the lemon which add refreshing taste to the dish..
MATCHA LATTE: Finally saw a different latte art on the drink!!!! A cute totoro sat on top of the green tea latte in a matching green cup; green tea taste > milk; except that it tastes sweet..
HAZELNUT LATTE: Rose latte art at the top; coffee taste > milk; mild hazelnut taste; my coffee buddy like it..
Overall a very satisfied and super filling meal in a small cosy cafe; quality and quantity meal; affordable especially for the students around the vicinity; no GST & service charge; more affordable with the use of chope voucher or 1-for-1 on burpple beyond; service is good; will be back to try other dishes..
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ISPAHAN: Mixture of rose and lychee flavor with lychee and raspberries eclair; light and fragrant; not too sweet; eclair is fluffy and moist..
PISTACHIO: Roasted pistachio flavour with strawberries eclair; taste surprisingly light; not too sweet..
Overall a good and cosy dessert place in a quiet building; good place for a nice meet-up or chit-chat session; affordable with the use of 1-for-1 promotion on burpple beyond..
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CHEF'S SMOKED PORK RIBS: Meat is very tender; with smoked BBQ sauce; with house fries that is crispy and not oily..
GUINNESS PIE: Very big piece of crusty puff pastry on top of Guinness beer infused beef stew; beef brisket is tender and well infused with the taste of sauce; with carrots and potatoes; sauce is flavorful and not salty; really love the sauce that is "wiped" clean with the puff pastry..
CARROT SOUP: Soup of the day; carrot soup that is not too creamy; very light carrot taste; with a piece of house beer bread; the bread is fluffy and slight crisp outside..
Overall a satisfactory and filling meal in an Irish pub; 1-for-1 main course for lunch with add-on sides at an affordable price; service is average..
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EGGS COCOTTE: Sauteed baby spinach and portobello mushroom with truffle oil; well-balanced taste; with 2 half slices toast..
PESTO CHICKEN PANINI: Grilled chicken and pesto sandwich between 2 fluffy bread; chicken is tender; pesto sauce is not too overwhelming; light and balanced taste; generous portion; good for sharing..
MOCHA: Balanced chocolate and coffee taste; sweet and bitter without the need to add additional sugar..
MATCHA LATTE: My usual favourite drink; balanced matcha and milk taste..
Overall a satisfactory and filling brunch in a cosy cafe; simple and yet flavorful meal; service is good; no service charge; will be back to try their other food options..
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BABI ASSAM BAKED EGGS: Well-stewed pork belly in tamarind sauce; meat is very tender and soft; sauce is thick and flavorful; with baked eggs; sourdough is fluffy..
AYAM BUAH KELUAK BURGER: Grilled chicken thigh with sambal buah keluak sauce; meat is tender and well-marinated; with onion, tomatoes, greens and fried egg; love the bread too; with belinjo crackers served as sides instead of usual fries; a pretty good peranakan-western fusion food..
KEBAYA BLUE LEMONGRASS TEA: Very light and refreshing tea after meal; personally prefer a stronger taste..
Overall a filling and satisfactory meal; indoor seats very limited; service is good; wanted to tried their egg Benedict but it's not in the menu..
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FLAT IRON STEAK: 250g of steak; served medium rare; well marinated and well cooked; love the Cafe de Paris sauce (butter herb sauce) with tinge of lemon sour; great combination with the meat; came with 2 sides; creamed spinach is simple and light, surprisingly good; beef fat fried rice is flavorful; must try..
DUCK CONFIT: Well cooked duck leg; meat is tender; love the mushroom sauce; real mushroom pieces; came with 2 sides; my usual favourite brussel sprouts well cooked, taste good and not oily; corn & parmesan is sweet and juicy, love the sauce..
MUSHROOM SOUP: Flavorful, not too creamy; with crispy croutons..
NEW YORK CHEESECAKE: Light and suitable for non-Cheese lover; a bit hard when tried to cut the cake..
CORN CHOWDER: Light and appetizing; not too creamy; with crispy croutons..
Overall a satisfactory and filling meal in a cosy place; quality food without burning hole in pocket; will definitely be back to satisfy my steak craving; more affordable with the use of Chope vouchers; service is good..
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SIGNATURE COLD TRUFFLE PASTA: Very strong truffle smell and taste; simple and yet truffle-loaded..
CATCH OF THE DAY: Thick piece of barramundi fillet; skin is slightly crisp; meat is fresh and soft; herb cream sauce is light and flavorful; with purple sweet potato mash and veggies as sides..
BERRILLICIOUS: 2 piece of wiggly pancakes; soft, moist and fluffy; with berries jam, honey yoghurt, nuts and maple syrup; good for sharing the calories..
Overall a satisfactory and filling meal at a cosy cafe; price is reasonable; service is good; will be back to try their brunch menu..
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Random dessert cafe found after lunch..
MISS ISPAHAN: Rose infused mousse with raspberry confit and lychee gelee inside, covered with a thin layer of white chocolate; very refreshing and light taste; good combination of rose and lychee; not too sweet; must try..
JASMINE ORIENT: Jasmine mousse with green tea cake and mandarin orange confit inside; light and simple; not too sweet..
Overall a quality dessert cafe; price on the higher end, affordable with the use of 1-for-1 on burpple beyond..
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AGLIO OLIO: Al-dente pasta with 3 big fresh prawn, salmon roe; flavorful; stronger pepper taste; not spicy..
HUA TIAO VONGOLE: Well cooked vongole pasta in claypot; very flavorful and sweet gravy; smell and taste good; generous portion of clam; a good Asian-western fusion dish..
Overall a satisfactory and quality meal at a small cosy cafe; service is good; valuable with the use of 1-for-1 main course on burpple beyond; wanted to try their starter and dessert but it's sold out..
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THE BUBBA GUMP: Salad bowl; purple cabbage, cucumber, carrot, cherry tomatoes, pineapple, avocado, fresh prawn; generous portion of crunchy and flavorful bowl; with the option of wrap or bowl..
BLACK COFFEE: Strong brew coffee; love the decoration of it with few coffee beans at the side..
SOUP OF THE DAY WITH SOURDOUGH TOAST: Thick and flavorful bowl of broccoli soup; with 2 half-slice of crispy toast; not too creamy; good for sharing..
THE WIKIWIKI 2.0: Rice bowl; Red rice topped with salmon, roe, kimchi and avocado; flavorful bowl of rice, generous portion of salmon..
Overall a satisfactory and filling meal in a cosy cafe; generous portion size and ingredients are fresh; value for money with the use of Burpple Beyond..
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WHALE LALA PASTA: Mala base pasta with mushroom and juicy prawn; not too oily and spicy; taste is well-balanced..
SIGNATURE TERIYAKI SALMON RICE BOWL: A slice of salmon on brown rice with edamame, corn and cherry tomatoes; quite flavorful; salmon is well-cooked and skin is slightly crisp..
BEAUTY SMOOTHIE: Avocado milk shake with honey; thick and creamy..
PANDAN KAYA LAVA CAKE: Pandan cake with kaya lava flowing; topped with vanilla ice cream; not too sweet; portion is small: good for 2 to share the calories..
CLEANSING JUICE: Green apple and lemon juice; super sour and refreshing; aids in digestion..
Overall a satisfactory and affordable meal at a small cosy cafe; service is good; no GST and service charge; will be back to try other dishes..
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