I’ve tried a few of the Korean restaurants around this area and this is probably my favourite so far - considering price, portion and quality! Special mention goes to their seafood pancake that is really flavourful and crispy (my favourite thing about it) and the japchae - which I tried for the first time recently and was very pleased with it. Well balanced with a generous amount of veggies etc in the dish. The black bean noodle is a dish that I usually get, particularly because it’s so affordable! Only $12 (if I’m not wrong) for a very satisfying portion. Quality of the side dishes are also definitely not neglected :-) They have a BBQ menu there as well but I’ve never tried their BBQ selection. Do be mindful though, that since the area is small, it does tend to get pretty noisy during peak hours so weekday lunches are a win!

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Slightly spicy, fried rice mixed with kim Chi and seaweed .. love the koreans’ ingenious idea of heating the fried rice over a portable stove over the course of the meal to prevent it getting cold .. mix it with some gamjatang broth and it’s perfect.


Countless Korean establishments here and I still enjoy Hyang Yeon’s dishes the most. All meals come with customisable side dishes, drinks, kimchi of your choice, packet of seaweed and for my jja jang myeon, I get an additional plate of pickled radish. I’m always at a loss as to where to start 🤤

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Raise your hands if you like Crispy Korean pancakes 😊

Thanks to burrplers for recommending this hidden Korean restaurant along Tanjong Pagar .

Think loads of Kim Chi and chives within a chewy pancake with a crisp exterior.

One of the better Korean pancakes .


The DIY lunch set from Hyang Yeon is one of the most value-for-money Korean lunch options around the CBD:)! For just $12 ($13 if you opt for brown rice), you get to select 2 main dishes, as well as your choice of kimchi, rice, sides platter and drink! Trust me, it’s super filling and I always feel like bursting after lunching there, in a good way😬 The chicken bulgogi and kimchi stew are pretty good, and I love the option of brown rice:)! Definitely a good choice if you are feeling hungry!

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As usual, I can’t finish a meal here everytime I patronise them. It’s not that their food ain’t nice but the serving is hella huge. They have a main, followed by 4 side dishes, a bowl of kimchi, a packet of seaweed followed by a drink of your choice. Always ending up with a food coma after a satisfying meal. Send halp please. ⁣

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($9) (spicy mined tuna, focaccia toast)
It’s quite yummy actually and not too pricy for 5 of such toasts 👌🏻

Juicy Portobello mushroom breaded and fried, served with a generous portion of skin-on fries. Very tasty and the texture is nice, the mushroom has some bite to it and not too soft which is good. Price is reasonable but moreso because of Burpple Beyond!

Dumplings are delicious but noodles aren’t all that exciting.
Service was great! I would come back here for the Dumpling Party and probably try the dessert dumplings too.

A must-order dish for duck lover. Crispy skin with thick enough slice of duck within the pastry. A really good appetizer

😁 I'll take the latter. At least my stomach will be satisfied! 🙊🙈 Especially love this beautiful and yummy cheesecake tarts from Fancy Delight! A very delightful treat indeed. 😌👌🏻 Wish there were some of the yummy egg tarts too!😆 #greedygirl Hehe.. Wishing everyone a sweet day ahead!😌