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Impossible Burger Tried the impossible cheddar. $23++, doesn't come with sides. The burger comes with ketchup, onion puree and pickles.. would taste better with lettuce and tomato. Patty tastes very fascinating.. just like meat! Still moist and juicy and nice!
Loong Wye
Fun Boy III Nailed it with the portobello, 21 days aged beef patty, melted cheese and the crisp brioche bun. Catching the sunset here on the rooftop with its chic ambience completes the meal. Beautiful scenery ($23)
Impossible Is Possible! I couldn’t have been more excited when I heard that the Impossible Burger was coming to our shores. I’ve tried their competitor before and was looking forward to how good the impossible patty really was and it did not disappoint! Impossible Chedda ($23.00) This was such a delight to have. It still baffles me how they managed to get it looking, tasting and feeling so much like meat when it’s all plant based. The only thing is, I wished the added less ketchup. It did feel like they were trying to mask whatever non-meatiness there was but having tasted the patty on its own, I think it would have handled itself just fine. The other parts of the burger was great too. The brioche bun was beautifully toasted yet remained soft and fluffy while the onion purée & pickles gave it an extra lift. Overall a fantastic burger Burning Rice ($18.00) The burning rice was pretty interesting too. A great option for friends who need something more asian while bearding to a burger joint. The rice had a good spice added to it and it’s interesting that they serve it with a burger patty. Be warned though, it’s a pretty big bowl of carbs! Sticky Icky Wicky ($7.00) Finally! A sticky date pudding done right. Too many times I’ve ordered a sticky date pudding or sticky toffee pudding in Singapore and it was a let down. This on the other when an absolute delight to have. It’s warm, sticky, sweet, yummy. The kind of dessert that warms your heart and soul while you swallow it. Contrast that with the ice cold ice cream it’s served with and it was absolutely yummy. Overall, we loved the place. The food we tried were really good and I will definitely be back. And yes, for the Impossible Burger.
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Pork Galore Char is a cantonese restaurant known for using western and asian culinary techniques for its cooking.Pictured is the roasted pork and their signature char siew served in a platter. While the roasted pork was so-so, I highly recommend their special char siew. The char siew have the perfect layers of fat and meat that creates a softness that melts together in the mouth. Great blends of sweetness and smokiness from the char grilling.
Char Siew, Roasted Pork, Duck, Stir Fried Kailan, Sambal Fried Rice And Yang Chow Fried Rice My favourite of the lot was definitely their signature Char Siew!! The meat was so tender and sweet yet savoury at the same time! Another favourite was also the jasmine roast duck that had very crispy skin and the meat was also so tender!! The roasted pork wasn’t amazing for me though... the two fried rice (used Burpple Beyond 1 for 1) tasted similar but I liked the sambal one more! All the portions were pretty generous!! Shared the meal with three people and ended up really really full! Cost us $92 total :)
Great Char Siew We ordered 700g of this to share among a family of 8, and the char siew was really good. We first tried this at the Michelin guide festival in February this year, and it really impressed us with the well-caramelised exterior and the tenderness of the meat underneath. The chilli that comes by the side is wonderful too and really packs a punch! Do note that the char siew, along with their signature meats, is not valid for Burpple Beyond 1 for 1, so be careful to check which dishes are valid before ordering, as they have many exclusions.
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