Brioche French toast with brûléed bananas, bacon and honeycomb butter! $18! Heavenly on the first bite, then gets a little gelat after awhile. Perfect for sweet tooths though! :)

A wonderfully balanced dish with just the right amount of spice and creaminess in the sauce. Prawns were succulent and cooked perfectly as well!


As good a burger can get!

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The patty made of crab meat was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Paired with fresh vegetables and a fresh cut chilli for a bit of a kick, and sandwiched between two toasted buns. Would definitely go back for this again!

One of their best sellers and perfect to have after walking around in Singapore's sweltering heat. Quite a reasonable portion for two!

Perfect for someone with a sweet tooth! Pillowy soft French toast doused in smooth salted caramel sauce and topped with fresh bananas and crunchy granola.

Just.. You have to try it!

Perfect eggs Benny that hit the spot, along with two drinks (cold refreshing juice + a warm drink) and a nice cosy atmosphere. $25++

Already known for their great brunch items, such as their Flan (which you should get before these waffles), Symmetry also nails the waffle. At $14, bananas, strawberries, peanut butter, hazelnut chocolate, maple syrup and vanilla ice cream sit atop crispy, fluffy waffles. Get an extra scoop of blueberry ice cream for a near-perfect dish! Photo by Rachelle Ling.

Joined the @coffeeandcravings tasting at Pies & Coffee two nights ago (thanks @geekyelephant for the invite!) and was stunned at the number of items they prepared for us – SEVENTEEN pies, quiches, bakes and cakes!!! This one isn't a pie, but it's my top pick of the night. Mussels, sliced fish and rice soak in smoky lobster bisque under a golden-brown blanket of gooey cheese, so delicious that we couldn't resist wiping the dish clean even though we were already bursting.

best pastries I've ever had! A little inaccessible and we had to drive but it's all worth it! On a side note, they don't serve food. Strictly pastries and coffee.

Served with seared Hokkaido scallops, Broccolini & Truffle oil! It's pretty well done for a risotto for someone who don't fancy a dish like this! To all risotto fans out there, this is one of the place you should consider for your brunch on your weekends!

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