Ordered the ragout tagliatelle ($25++), which turned out to be a fancy beef bolognese that still isn’t the best out there :’( The pasta was perfectly al dente, and the sauce rich. However, dish felt cheap with the use of ground beef that didn’t have much bite to it. It also turned out to be jelak / fairly overwhelming about halfway through the dish. Perplexing as they are generous with the ingredients for the seafood risotto (also heavy tasting, but very much worth its price point). But worth a mention that service was good :)

TL;DR you really have to love beef bolognese to enjoy this dish (which I did), but likely leave feeling cheated.

Had a Hot Shot Set (pork katsu curry, white rice, broccoli, potato salad) + DIY salmon mentai with furikake rice, cabbage salad, and kinoko mushroom + add-on miso soup and mentaiko egg. It was about $28 with GST and a 0.1% service charge.

Quick thoughts - The mentaiko salmon was great, it was a large slice and had a generous heaping of mentaiko. Loved the mushrooms too. The pork katsu curry, potato salad, and add-on miso soup+egg were average, so I wouldn't recommend it. It was also hard to eat with the small bowl and large spoon, which requires some skill or a second bowl.

It was less crowded than the other eateries up till about 6pm on a Sunday, then quickly became packed. The crowd does move quickly though, and food was served in eight minutes. Would return if I need a quick meal, especially once I figure out which dishes are the better ones.

Still love the double boiled soup, and was surprised to find out that they use white tofu for their hot plate tofu rather than the more common egg tofu. Though it didn’t have that sour edge I love and had a sweet sauce hur hur.

Second time I’m here in a month and went for the tiger prawn aglio e olio ($14.90). Five! Prawns! and a generous serving of pasta with garlic. May be too spicy if you’re a xiao la kind of person, but otherwise manageable.

Much better than the raved about truffle tortellini, which had delicious mushrooms but tragically hard tortellini.

Fortunately skipped the Valentine’s Day crowd/menu ($168++ for three courses?!) to have a quiet dinner the day before. Opted for the double boiled soup ($6 for a serving) and the tom yum seafood rice ($10 for a serving). The double boiled soup was comforting old cucumber pork rib soup, which was tasty and soft to bite. The rice was average, with three pieces of prawn. I think the curry fish head ($30) would be a better option if you have interested dining companions! It smelled delicious, and I spotted multiple tables sharing it. Service staff were also really good!

Looks like you can’t go wrong with the Winestone Signature Burger ($27++). The portion was large, the wagyu patty tender, and there was a generous serving of portobello mushroom. That might be a minus if you do not enjoy mushrooms, as the taste often overshadowed the other components of the burger.

Maybe it was an off-day for the kitchen, but the crabmeat pasta was a plate of soft, watery, bland mush ): It felt like I was eating baby food, with the exception of the generous chunks of crabmeat. I think the crabmeat was the only saving grace, but this definitely wasn’t the best out there. It was a deeply dissatisfying experience after an entire day of anticipation.

My friend’s kurobuta pork on the other hand - delicious, savoury, melt-in-your-mouth fats that I would happily shell out full price for.

Went back again at noon, and it was crazy packed with office workers this time round. Staff had some difficulty coping with the crowd, but still had good service ☺️ The burger is filling, and the chicken was moist and tender :’) The sriracha aioli is strong, so if you don’t like sriracha like me..... skip it. I also couldn’t taste the spicy salsa and avo. Much prefer the steak burger or the dry vermicelli to this. But! Still very much worth it with Burpple.

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I come to Northpoint often but never noticed Nuodle until I searched Burpple haha. It’s in the new wing, opposite hotwind. Hubs and I ordered the signature beef la mian with flat noodles and the bean paste la mian (zhajiangmian) with normal noodles + two drinks for $13.80 total. The zhajiangmian is more like a light stew with cubes of chicken, potato, carrots, and tofu. Healthier, but not thick paste with minced meat that you’d expect or crave. The beef la mian was tastier, though fairly salty. Portions are filling, and it’s a decent stop for food in Northpoint. Only wish that my zhajiangmian came piping hot instead of lukewarm!


Been patronising Bread Yard since they first began at SUTD’s one-north campus, and I wish they’d bring back the rendang and bread pudding! Went for the shakshuka ($14), and added mushrooms ($2.50), which was 10% off at lunch time with a reservation via eatigo. It was a fairly filling with two large slices of bread, two eggs and substantial amount of sausage. However, the shakshuka itself is more watery than hearty tomato/pepper sauce that I was expecting. The bread looked crisp on the outside and appeared to be soft and fluffy inside, but it’s actually quite dense and chewy - great for dipping into the shakshuka, but not so much on its own with butter (happy they provide butter tho!). Skip the mushrooms cos they were fairly wet and tasteless.

Shared the Burpple premium set with a friend ($30.90, no extra charges), which came with two dons, salads, soup, drinks, and four pieces of chicken drumsticks (not pictured). The soup had radish and salmon pieces, besides the usual seaweed! Was quite surprised by the generous spread, plus the free flow eggs. I found my mentaiko salmon unevenly cooked - one half was moist and tender, another half was slightly chewy and on the dry side (I just had to start on the nicer side first T_T). Otherwise filling and delicious!

Service was fast and good, especially cos we dropped an gooey egg haha. Downside is that it’s a small eatery, so you’re seated elbow-to-elbow with other diners.

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As you can tell from the picture, trying to eat the frozen s’mores is a messy affair! The chocolate icecream beneath the layer of marshmallow is truly frozen, plus the tart base is hard to break into smaller pieces to eat. Nonetheless, it was surprisingly delicious with the rich icecream and soft marshmallow layer (I usually hate s’mores cos they’re sticky). I think it’s a great dessert best eaten by yourself, so that you can pick it up to bite into instead.