Unlike lobsters that come from the sea, marrons are freshwater shellfish native to the Southwest region of Australia. This gives their sweet flesh a distinctive mildly muddy taste as compared to the brighter, clean sweetness of lobsters. Which makes it all the more impressive when you taste the results of a chef who clearly knows what he is doing.
Burnt Ends keeps the marrons alive till the time comes for them to become dinner. So mere minutes prior to what you see in my pic above, this was a feisty blue creature waving its claws in the air (sorry if I am freaking out the sensitive souls amongst you). Anyway, the bare-bones preparation style of grilling truly brought forth the character of the marron. Its firm succulence also paired well with the house-made kombu (a type of seaweed) butter.

The carbonara was quite impressive! I shared this with a friend, together with the Morning After pizza and truffle fries (which proved to be too much haha) but I highly recommend this pasta. It was creamy but not overboard and the penne was perfect for sharing. There's a tasting option for $14 and a full option for $18. We went for the full but it was just right for 2, if you aren't a heavy eater, the tasting portion may be the better choice :)

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This breakfast set was a little disappointing. I've ordered the full breakfast before and decided to change it up a little but this turned out to be rather bland and boring. The highlight would be the sausages which were cheesy as well, but other than that I'd say go for the full breakfast.


I'm a huge fan of sashimi and chirashi don. This particular one was pretty great, I enjoyed how the fish was fresh and the slices were thick, making it an experience in itself. The unity between the fish and the rice could have been better and I prefer the Sushi Bar's chirashi for that, but this is definitely worth a try!

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Feels like half clams half noodles ratio for me,really generous amount of clams. It is then cooked with shaved truffles, garlic chip and sake to bring out the aromatic fragrant. Personally would like the pasta to be more al dante, as the noodles were on the softer side.
However, yet another agreeable photogenic dish from paddy hills, all thanks to the brilliant natural light there! 😊

The magic of this very traditional style of carbonara lies in how that half-cooked egg binds everything together in golden glory. With soft bacon (they make their own in-house), almost invisible onions, stealth garlic, olive oil and white wine, the result is positively ambrosial 😍
The catch is they don't always have this. Are you feeling lucky yet? 😜

Old school Japanese restaurant vibes, friendly sincere restaurant which kept urging me "Go try out other restaurant yah?" Realised that the slices are slightly thinner than its sister restaurant. Vibes are similar though.
Something is lacking in this bowl, though I can't quite pinpoint what.

Finally had the chance to have a meal at this burp-pular place! Steaks come in 200g/ 400g/ 600g option. Went medium rare and the meat blended well with the semi-honey mustardish tartar sauce (?). Enjoyed it and it'll be even better if they can slice the meat thinner.

My ribeye comes with UNLIMITED servings of homemade fries and seasoned salad for just $19.90?! Come, come, take my money please.

PS. Will share my experience on Burpple soon.

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I know this is rather odd to post, but I must share how much I absolutely love the ice milo served here! The Milo doesn't get diluted over a reasonable amount of time and is consistently tasty. Definitely craving this now!


Given that I am not a huge fan of eggs Ben, trying this today really was the best surprise. The portion was generous and the eggs were the best I've eaten so far! Thoroughly enjoyed every bite. It's a little pricy but effectively its $25+ for a brunch set which includes juice and a choice of tea/coffee/hot chocolate. I'd recommend the hot chocolate as well! A rich, sinful but extremely satisfying meal. A must-try!!

It was light and sweet and wonderful. They only serve this on select days during the week so I was lucky enough to be there on the day they did (I went on a Friday evening)! The cake was rich, so sharing it is advised. Do give it a try, you won't regret it!