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Seafood Madness

Seafood Madness

Featuring KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood (Alexandra), Salted & Hung, Yàn, Beast & Butterflies, Tonkatsu by Ma Maison (Mandarin Gallery), KUVO, Lucky House Cantonese Private Kitchen, Da Shi Jia 大食家大大大虾面, Culina, UsQuBa - Scottish Restaurant & Bar
Veronica Phua
Veronica Phua

I was surprised to see Golden Pomfret on the menu because it’s more commonly found in Chinese restaurants. But Executive Chef David Tang did the fish justice with his New Italian style of Pompano Piccata ($42) which had it pan-seared for a crisp skin and moist flesh, then served in a delectable sauce concocted from white wine, lemon juice, shallots and capers. The final touch, a scattering of briny trout roe. By the way, Chef personally prepares the pomfrets himself each morning after @ahhuakelong delivers them.

@padasukaindo_food kindly blessed me from out of the blue again. This time, it was the famous Garlic Butter Crab from @beatus_chef in Surabaya, Indonesia that Irene gave. As per the usual S.O.P., once the frozen food was thawed, it just needed to be heated up for eating. Easy peasy.

I must say, Beatus’ Garlic Butter Crab lived up to its name and the some. The intoxicatingly rich butter could be smelled and tasted in every bite. I also loved how chockfull in soft whole shallots and garlic cloves the spicy sauce was. 100% finger-licking shiokness!

If you want to enjoy food from popular restaurants in Bali, Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia, delivered via DHL to your doorstep, do check out @padasukaindo_food.


My parents and I were bowled over by this Red Grouper Claypot Teochew Style. Apart from it being really generous in serving for a small-sized order, the simmering broth was extraordinarily appetising thanks to the addition of several “sng buay” (sour plums). It was also chockfull of thickly-sliced grouper (other types of fish are also available), “tau kee” (dried beancurd skin), “tau hu” (soft beancurd), Chinese cabbage and tomatoes.
Best thing to enjoy this with? A bowl of steaming hot rice. Mmmmmm...


Group Executive Chef @juanjocarrillochef of FOC Restaurants wants us to be acquainted with other Spanish rice dishes besides Paella. Enter the NEW “Juicy Rice” or “Arroz Caldoso” of Catalunya.
Shown above is a stunning rendition starring a Boston Lobster ($68++). There’s no denying it is a showstopper. Due to a rich broth derived from lobster heads and sofritto (simmered mixed vegetables), it is immensely flavourful. I love that the grains of rice stay pretty much al dente and aren’t reduced to a mush.
As for how many people this pan can feed, well, it depends on the number of other items ordered. I reckon it is suitable for two substantial servings or four tasting portions. You can also pay to add extra lobster if you like.


Did you know that all of the seafood supplied to @lukeslobstersg in Singapore is exactly the same as those for @lukeslobster’s 22 full service restaurants across America and their 10 locations in Japan? Traceable every step of the way right to the source, these suppliers were selected for their practice of sustainable production.

The best way to enjoy the different seafood is to order the “Luke’s Trio”. So it’s especially perfect when you’re visiting for the first time, or if you want to have the best of three worlds. Priced at $33.50, it comes with a half serving each of the Shrimp, Crab and Lobster Rolls.

Their signature Maine-style Lobster Roll is every bit as good as it’s reputed to be. From between the super light and fluffy buttered split-top bun (a thing of beauty in itself, squiggled with just the right amount of mayo at its base), sweet and juicy chunks of lobster meat spill forth. It is so sublime every bite has a tendency to trigger X-rated sounds.

We might be use to seeing more vivid coloured prawns in Singapore and hence, may mistake the paler specimen used in the Shrimp Roll as lacking in flavour but that is not true. Those bouncy babies are really sweet and with Luke’s Lobster’s secret recipe seasoning and buttered buns, taste delicious as well.

If you adore crab, you’ll find their Crab Roll very satisfying because the split buttered bun is abundantly packed with the sweet, juicy delicate thready flesh of crabs from Maine, U.S.A.

Since @lukeslobstersg offers Pre-order online right now, you can actually tap on their link-in-bio on Instagram to do that too.


The famous @lukeslobster that originated in New York and is known for attracting long queues at all its outlets including those in Japan, is officially opening in Singapore this Wednesday, 23rd September at 1pm.
Located on the street level of Isetan Scotts, @lukeslobstersg can be easily found as it’s right by the entrance of the department store.
I had the opportunity to visit today for a preview. Besides catching the making-of action of the brand’s iconic Maine-style #lobsterroll, I got to try most of the items on their menu too. As sweet and juicy as those generous chunks of lobster meat are, the buttered split-top bun deserves equal credit for the overall magnificence. It is ridiculously light and fluffy, and oh-so-fragrant with butter, youll be tempted to bury your nose in there. Worth every cent of the $25.50 price tag if you ask me.


My latest discovery is the Claypot Soon Hock (Marble Goby) at @nosignboardseafood restaurant located in the @esplanadesingapore. Love it for its extraordinarily tasty soup that comes flooded with fresh herbs, roasted garlic slices and fried ginger strips. Besides the fish which was really fresh and meaty, there were large, puffy pieces of beancurd in there too. So darn delicious and substantial as well. I consider this one of the must-orders here.


An off-the-menu dish, this was a revelation. It starred a majestic specimen of wild-caught crustacean and extremely fragrant, roe-rich fluffy strands of beehoon. Which by the way, tasted just as good at room temperature after I brought home the leftovers.

After reading bossman @kenloon’s post on 7th June about how @nakedfinn created the sauce for their NEW Spicy Series, I was intrigued and hungry. No surprise that I immediately decided to order dinner from there for the following Saturday. What Ken wrote, I soon discovered for myself, was spot on.
More tangy than sweet, Naked Finn’s brazenly spicy version of the Chilli Crab roused my tastebuds into singing hallelujah. Thickened just enough with egg white, it‘s quite unique in taste, and I love that. The less commonly-found North American Dungeness Crab is the star here - its juicy, delicately sweet flesh a good match with the shiok assam gravy. Although the claws of this specie aren’t as huge as its Sri Lankan cousin, its fat legs yield bigger chunks of meaty bites. Priced at $12 per 100gms, my 1kg crab cost $120, and came with a box of mini “mantou” buns which did a fine job of mopping up the mouthwatering sauce.

Prawn-lovers, you will feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven when you sip the broth by @oneprawnnoodle. It is probably the most intense in prawny-ness (had to invent a word to do this justice) I have ever come across, and what’s more, it feels shockingly silky in the mouth and not at all greasy.
Owned and run by ex-colleagues (Chef Gwyneth and Chef Kun use to work together at @burntends_sg), One Prawn Noodle sells prawn noodles with different toppings. Prices start at $5 for a “Sliced Pork and Prawn” and goes up to $8 for the “Abalone and Prawn”. What I find interesting is the menu of add-ons they offer which lists the parts of a pig: lean meat, skin, intestines, tail and ribs, as well as novel items such as beancurd skin rolls (it is the same kind as you get at #BeautyInAPot and is brilliant dunked in the broth), prawn balls, abalone, vegetables and a whole egg. Despite this, there’s no denying it is their hypnotically rich-to-the-point-of-opaqueness broth that is the be-all and end-all. So the commonsensical thing to do is to order the soup version, right? However, what if I told you that the dry-style is the one I think you should get? You see, this pair of young hawkers make their own sambal chilli too and it is astonishingly tasty. When noodles are tossed in that savoury spiciness, the strands become aromatic and mouthwateringly shiok. To pair, you get a big packet of the magical prawn broth. See? Their dry version really lets you enjoy the best of both worlds 😄.
The stall is open 7 days a week (yes, Gwyneth and Kun are extremely industrious), so do support them and give their food a try. To order, please WhatsApp:

9639 8668.


When the boss Lambert told me he was going to send lunch from @diamondkitchensg, I had no idea he had such a feast in mind!
He even blessed us with not one but two crab dishes - the unique “Diamond Gan Xiang Crab” and Singapore’s perennial favourite, “Chilli Crab”. The former is dryish in style and has the fresh crustaceans fried in a secret-recipe savoury paste concocted from various spices and aromatics such as lemongrass, “hae bee hiam”, curry powder etc. The latter sets itself apart from the norm by introducing a savoury edge to the sweet, spicy and slightly tangy sauce, and not being overly gooey (which to me, is a very good thing). Pillows of “mantou” were included on the side for us to dunk in the appetising sauce.
I have enjoyed Diamond Kitchen’s gleaming gold “Pumpkin Beancurd” since my first encounter with it. The housemade tofu, so silky-soft on the inside, is smothered in a sweetish pumpkin sauce with bits of seafood to create a most delicious combo. It is a dish not to be missed.
Neither is the “Superior Stock Clam Beehoon” which has a fragrant herbal broth and a crazy amount of “La La”. Try to eat this straightaway when it arrives as it tastes best very hot. I must applaud the team‘s attention to details as they even take the effort to pack the fresh cilantro and coriander separately, so those can be thrown in just before you start eating.
As the fish dish can be customised by choosing the type of fish and preparation method, it doesn’t mean you need to go with the “Seabass in Assam” we received but I recommend you do because that gravy is astonishing. Thick and punchy in spiciness and acidity, it practically steals the show.
Pork lovers ought to zero in on the “Champagne Pork Rib”. Love how incredibly tender and flavourful the large pieces of boneless meat are from the restaurant’s own marinate.
The tastiness of the “Imperial Beef Hor Fun” is nigh impossible to capture on camera but trust me when I say it‘s the MOST memorable rendition I’ve had in a long, long time. My family members obviously concur as they were slurping this up like their lives depended upon it.
We all couldn’t stop popping the crunchy “Salted Egg Sotong” into our mouths either. Diamond Kitchen’s salted egg sauce is particularly terrific in my opinion. So even if you don’t like squid, you should try something else cooked with it.
And naturally, because one must always have vegetables, we also got a serving of “Three Eggs Chinese Spinach”, a popular item that one simply cannot go wrong with.

For all orders, please WhatsApp or call:


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Slightly bigger than the Crispy Baby Pomfret I had before and loved, these packed a bit more flesh on the bones. However, those said bones were also harder. Hence, I couldn’t munch on them unlike the more shatteringly-crunchy ones of the Baby Pomfret. Still, I liked this a lot as this fish is hard to find these days.

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