I liked how the oat didn't mask the flavour of the coffee; it had no acidity and had a great lingering hint of dried fruit the more i drank it. Wouldn't get tired of this cup!

Verdict: 10/10

I ordered the Roje Ppong with Beef ($18.90) – This came with a tomato cream sauce, a generous sprinkling of melty mozzarella cheese and savoury bulgogi beef! It was honestly like eating a pink pasta but with chewy jjolmyeon LOL

I think apart from the really flavourful beef, I really enjoyed the rosé cream sauce because it wasn't too gelak due to the hint of tomato. Would love to try their Risotto next time I come back hehe

Verdict: 9/10

Had the Avocado Egg Toast which comes with hummus, a fried egg and a super addictive chilli nut crisp! One of the best avocado toasts in Singapore at this price point.

Verdict: 10/10

This was easily the best chocolate cake I have EVER eaten in my life. A slice is almost the size of my face (maybe even bigger) and comes with a river of chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s so moist, decadent and super frickin delicious. It has a hefty price point but this cake slice was definitely meant for groups LOL

Verdict: 10/10

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This was actually quite a refreshing iced mocha that was more coffee-forward but I did appreciate that hint of malt and chocolate, finishing with a bit of muted acidity – was super satisfying and would love to come back and try their breakfast!

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The fish and chips were really delicious and the batter was well seasoned and crisp!! Loved the giant $3.90 onion rings as well, though they were slightly greasy. I would have liked the fish to be seasoned as well as after the batter was done, the fish didn’t have much flavour. Their tartar sauce was a great accompaniment though!


This was honestly kind of disappointing, and there was hardly any matcha taste. The ice cream below the marshmallows consisted of both vanilla and matcha but it kind of tasted the same. The marshmallows were the best part but were easily gotten tired of after a few mouthfuls.


The Spicy Crab Pomodoro Pasta was quite delicious and just the right amount of sauce and crab chunks. I do feel like the other pastas were quite lackluster - baby scallop pasta was actually made with wholegrain pasta and the scallops looked kinda gray and waaaay too tiny even if they are baby scallops lol


I would say the rosti was definitely the nicest thing on the plate, and while the beef was alright, it wasn’t evenly seasoned and it was almost cold when we got the dish, hence it was a little tougher to eat.


This was so so so good! Pricey and a little steep for your usual cuppa joe but this was so deliciously malty and creamy in mouthfeel. I loved how there were almost milk chocolate notes melding with the malt and a rather pleasant finishing of sweetness. I don’t think it’s coffee-forward, but it did give me a lil buzz!

I liked Umi Nami so much, I went twice in one week 😅 I always order the $12 Special Salmon Don - a seasoned Mayo Aburi salmon donburi.

So this don is quite filling for the price and there’s Burpple 1 for 1 on normal days and non-PH! It’s topped with aburi salmon cubes and their special seasoned mayo and it’s so frickin DELISH. The salmon is so so silky and breaks apart with a poke from your spoon.... I think the portion is super generous too! The ebiko does wonders for a good crunch and adding that ocean-salty-umami flavour too!!

Ok so not gna lie this brunch from Elixir Boutique Roasters was pretty worth the price because of the Burpple 1-for-1 deal because the portions were frickin massive?? LOL the egg to bread ratio for my Truffle Eggs Proscuitto ($22) was like 5:1 HAHAH there was a visible dent in the bread from all that egg sitting on top🐣 didn’t have much of a truffle kick to it until the end for some reason?