I really liked the Carbonara from Perch! None of that cream-based bs iykwim HAHAHA but the cheese they used was SO funky I’m not sure the general public will get used to the taste after being exposed to so many creamy alfredo-like carbonaras out there in SG!

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For $10.90, I’d say this bowl of ramen is an ansolute STEAL. It was spicy, rich and super packed with flavour! I loved how rich the sauce was and how springy and bouncy the noodles were, though I’d have liked a little more meat in the bowl.


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I always enjoy going to Glyph, not just for their coffee but also for their Kombuchas. This in particular was their Vanilla Mint Chai rendition and it was refreshing, mellow and quite subtle on the mint – something I appreciate. The mint peeked out only towards the end, giving off a wonderful freshness.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Foreword Coffee has always been one of my top spots for chilling, especially at their Temasek Shophouse outlet. I love that they bring awareness and familiarity to the differently anled community as well as support local home bakers by stocking their bakes – my favourite is their Chocolate Cloud Cake.

Drinks-wise I really enjoy their Timeless Yuan Yang which is an iced white with an earl grey tea ice cube! Super innovative and delicious. Their hot chocolate is a little too milky for my liking though!

Verdict: 9.5/10

Brotherbird Milk & Croissants created this bubble tea mochi croissant recently, hopping onto the bandwagon of boba trends and I had never actually tried their croissants before. I’d seen them on instagram but like never really travelled the way to get them, so I had rather high expectations from the hype. 🥐

I was rather disappointed. I ordered the Rocher Croissant ($5) and the Boba Croissant ($5.50) at the Stateland Cafe where they have this small popup glass display of their croissants. Perhaps it became a little soggy and the crust had absorbed all the filling, but the boba croissant had barely any filling left and the pearls were all that were inside a pretty soggy crust. Maybe because I went late at around 6pm? But I think if something spoils or loses quality in a few hours, maybe they should pipe fillings upon order?☕️
The Rocher croissant was okay I guess - it was filled with nutella and coated in chocolate. It was also a little soggy, but better than the boba croissant. It’s coated with chocolate so I see reheating it as a bit of an issue. Maybe I’ll come back and try them fresh; but at this point I don’t really understand what the difference between a mochi croissant and a normal croissant is.

Verdict: 6.5/10

Visited Konditori the other day near Haji Lane ✨ their Red Velvet Croissant really caught my eye because it was so so pretty and I heard a lot of good things about them!

Firstly, it’s Halal! There’s not many good Halal dessert spots that people know of, so it’s nice that it’s in a relatively accessible place! 😊 Also, it’s mega delicious - just look at that cream cheese filling and it’s covered in chocolate and red velvet cake crumbs! Super good and quite affordable at a price tag of $5.90 considering it’s quite a hefty croissant! The staff are so nice and friendly too ✨👏🏻

Verdict: 9.5/10

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My absolute favourite of all the croissant flavours Sugar Thieves has put out!! This was their Earl Grey Raspberry Croissant that they launched over the National Day Weekend.

The earl grey cream was so flavourful and the raspberry jam was a great touch to cut throught the sweetness!
Verdict: 10/10

I think my love for croissants have never been stronger with this particular pastry from Petit Pain.

This beauty takes three days to make and is quite an indulgent treat but SUPER worth the butter consumption 🙂 the hint of sea salt also makes it so much better!! ($3 for a plain croissant)

Even though it’s quite a fair bit away from where I live, I don’t mind popping over to get these golden brown beauties for myself!!

Verdict: 10/10 (best plain croissant in singapore right now) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

This was the Hot-Siphon Coffee Cocoa from Morphine Coffee! I’m not usually a fan of acidic brews but I think this was well-balanced with the flavour of the chocolate! ☕️

Went on a short coffee ban so I’d stop being so reliant on coffee but it resulted in me being super cranky after 2 weeks...but, one sip of this made me really energized! I’ve hardly ever seen hot-siphon coffees in Singapore, so it was quite a good experience! Will come back for their speciality Cold Brews next time!

Their coffees are all really affordable too! Each cup is around $2-4 ✨

Verdict: 8.5/10

Popped by Lee’s Confectionerybecause it’s the only patisserie in Jurong and ya’ll know I love my desserts.
Tried their Kuri ($8) Kuri is a 🌰 chestnut dessert made with milk chocolate, chestnut and Dango (mochi)! It was quite an interesting dessert with a whole mix of textures!!
Lee’s Confectionery is quite the humble hidden patisserie where owner Lee Yin Quan makes everything from scratch by hand; each plate is crafted to order for you 🍽 I hope more nice stuff comes to Jurong HAHAHA

Verdict: 9.5/10

Tried the Hazelnut Chocolate Souffle Pancakes ($13.80) and was really happy with it! It was jiggly, gooey and airy like a cloud, but still holding it’s shape! The hazelnut flavour wasn’t super prominent and it was more chocolate-forward, but I love the crunch from the feuilletine!

Wanna come back for their new Matcha Souffle Pancakes one day! I love that they’re so mega affordable even though their portion can rival other souffle pancake brands.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Ok my nails are pretty ratchet here but please focus on the OG of all tutu kuehs in Singapore here!! So Tan’s Tutu Coconut Cake has been around for 80+ years and the current owner’s father actually was the one who brought Tutu Kueh to singapore and innovated such that it’s the tutu kueh we know today - steamed rice cakes with fillings!

I tried their dark chocolate tutu kueh and I fell in love!!!!!! I’m quite biased towards chocolate-flavoured things but there’s just something about the fluffy rice cake and warm, melty chocolate coming together that’s so so good.
I really love finding hawker gems like this. Of course, I love my overpriced cafe food but when it comes down to it, I appreciate hawkers and as much as possible, I’d love if legacies continue. I really don’t think any cafe foods or overseas cuisines can beat Singapore’s hawker heritage.

Verdict: 10/10 (i grew up eating these so this isn’t much of a objective review HAHAHA. Then again, when are food reviews ever really objective?)