honestly i enjoyed both despite the reviews! the crust of both were rlly buttery. just that i wished the butter was inside the bolo bun😂

veg and prawn filling. tasted v fresh! but i found the skin too sticky and thick

not that great honestly there’s barely any meat :( it’s mostly bones

oatside really beings out the fruity notes of the single origin blend!! one of my fav oat whites now

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SO GOODDDD it’s really creamy without being jelak. The base was crumbly and sweet. Pistachio layer was nutty and the berry layer was slightly tangy!

NGL it sounded pretty bland but it was actually very flavourful! Peppery and smokey with quite a lot of cheese and brocolli

pizza hut always nails their cheese stuffed crust🤤🧀 and as if there isn’t already enough cheese already, i opted for the Four Cheese flavour. too good

as usual, the soft serve was rich in sightly salty cheese flavour!! the little cubes of red velvet cake topped w lemon custard were also a nice topping. would always recommend sunday folks for ice cream, but a little stingy with their waffles, can skip and get cones/cups instead

it’s a deep fried wrap over rice. v satisfying and i loved the crunch

would particularly recommend:
- beer-battered fish tacos
- chipotle chicken quesadillas
- la tropicana mocktail

my fav dish at tunglok heen✨ the sauce is thick, sweet and flavourful i usually get mantous to mop it up HAHA and the prawns are fresh!