This green bowl of goodness is basically handmade spinach pasta, chicken & pesto sauce. The addition of olives and anchovies works for this dish. The Pappardelle Coda Di Bue ($30) is worth a mention too. A hearty pasta with oxtail ragout done well. Those who like strong flavours will like the Gnocchi Ai Quattro Formaggi ($26).

I will probably skip the La Nonna Pizza (the $25 pizza with black truffle paste and egg) if I dine here again and choose the Prosciutto E Rucola (the $25 pizza with the parma ham). Desserts were meh for the Tiramisu ($13) and Panna Cotta ($13) but it’s nice to end the meal with the Affogato in the drinks menu.

The portions here are quite generous which justifies the price. The pizza is best for sharing and small eaters might probably be able to share a bowl of pasta. Service staff was attentive. It’s a place with a laidback vibe for gatherings, conversations and a glass of wine.

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Get this Carpaccio as the appetizer to share. It is fresh and thinly sliced.

The tangy Aburi Shime Saba (torched vinegared mackerel) $12.80 is worth a mention too.

Overall, the food and service is not bad. But the vibe is more like a Japanese family-friendly restaurant. Expect decent sharing platters. Don’t expect Izakaya vibes.

Stir-fried pork with ginger, Chashu
and ramen egg.

Strong pork broth with lots of umami.
Nice springy texture for the noodles.

You can choose how strong you want for the broth
and how soft or hard you want your noodles.

Best part about this place is always
the free flow eggs and beansprouts.
Enjoyable but not mind blowing.

Highly recommend this. It was the dish of the night for me. Love the tangy flavour and the texture was so good.

The chicken heart was meh..
Baked Camembert cheese with crackers ($10) was quite addictive.

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Don’t read the google reviews.
Just go and get the soba and deep fried corn.
The roast beef in the photo is not bad too.
Must get the chicken heart with some beer!
Service is great too.

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Made reservations to celebrate the end of 2022 and to find out what’s so forbidden about this duck.

The restaurant was smaller than expected but the ambience is good. Service was excellent and we chose Ju Pu tea (Chrysanthemum + Pu Er).

The Signature Slow Roasted Duck (Half, $58) with the calamansi buns and condiments is good but not great. It’s a good duck and the meat is tender, but the taste is nowhere near the duck at Imperial Treasure.

At the end of the dinner, I was delighted to find the “forbidden element” in the Yuzu Egg Tart ($4 each). The crust is the flaky kind and I never expected this unique combination of yuzu marmalade at the bottom of the egg tart to taste this yummy. No wonder you have to preorder it.

Overall, it’s a modern interpretation of Cantonese cuisine with subtle hints of innovation. The egg tart is the forbidden one, not the duck.

Got this popular item from the bakery again for breakfast because I love matcha and it’s good stuff.

Buns are soft and fluffy with a matcha crumble layer and generously dusted with matcha powder. When you take a bite, the sweet matcha cream will ooze out. Yum.

This place never disappoints simply for its quality.

Get the baked oysters with cheese shown in the picture, ee fu noodles, pekin duck and of course, always end the meal with orh nee (yam paste dessert).

Maybe not as good as Lady M but delicious enough. The matcha millie crepe is good stuff, but maybe matchaholics have higher expectations. Overall, yummy cakes.

Just wanted supper in the hotel room so ordered grabfood for the first time in Malaysia. Turns out this is one of the best fried oysters I had in a while!

Oysters are plump and fresh. The chili sauce hits the spot. It’s just simply so good!

Just skip the mains and head straight to dessert.

Get the classic combination of fudgy brownie with vanilla ice cream and bananas. It will never go wrong with a cup of their Kopi you can choose from their 13 states Kopi menu.

I never expect the simple combination of rice, coconut and gula melaka to be such a sweet delight!

The coconut filling is not too cloying and the texture is so soft and fluffy. No wonder it’s sold out in just a few hours daily.