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Grilled semi firm cheese, confit bellpeppers, onions, grilled sourdough, arugula & fries. The fries... were done so well and were the highlight of the meal for me. I also enjoyed the grilled sourdough!

I loved the ambience of this place... clean and fresh. This little pastry came with a warm butter and strawberry jam which was not cloyingly sweet. The earl grey scone was fragrant, with crispy edges and warm insides.

The Taiwanese sausages were my favourite in this mala bowl. The medium spicy wasn’t super spicy... it was enjoyable 😊 Best enjoyed with a cup of ice-cold teh c kosong!

The fries were crispy and the sauce was savoury. I could taste the beef chunks in the sauce. Quite a yummy side dish! 😊

The reddish fillings spell war... actually, my spice tolerance is pretty high, and it’s a palatable kind of spice for me. Seasonal item... while stocks last!

Grilled Cajun Sakura chicken thigh with garlic sauce, assorted Japanese mushrooms, tamago and pickled vegetables -

It was a pretty filling portion and I liked the succulence of the chicken thigh. Overall a tasty meal but it was a tad salty for me.

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Dry ramen with house-made Sichuan mala sauce and lion mane mushrooms, Chinese parsley, roasted sesame seeds, peanuts, shredded black fungus, shredded carrots and green leafy vegetables. Comes with a separate bowl of soup.

The mala tastes like a healthier version of mala sold at food courts & hawker centres but I liked that the ramen noodles were cooked al dente! 😊

This food house is nested along a quiet road, which is relatively spacious and comfortable. There are quite a few gems here, and the mala stall is definitely one of my favorite stalls. The friendly uncle would help you pick up the portion of items requested, and there is a good variety to choose from. He would then fry the ingredients in mala oil with peanuts, which are evenly scattered throughout the mala bowl.

(He does dry and soup-based mala too!)

Mayo base, fresh salmon sashimi, ikura & topped with nori flakes.

I enjoyed the succulent sashimi pieces and the roe pieces which were bursting with flavour. The pizza was very flavourful. I loved this!

House special bourbon sauce, topped with slow cooked pulled pork, caramelised onions and basil.

This was a very sweet pizza due to the caramelised onions. It’s a relatively safe choice for people who are afraid to venture into new boundaries in terms of taste.

Mayo-takoyaki sauce base, tako, squid, bacon and topped with bonito flakes.

It’s a sweet pizza due to the mayo-takoyaki sauce and bonito flakes... It’s truly takoyaki. I liked that the crust wasn’t too thick so it was not surfeiting.

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