Hot buckwheat noodles with grilled chicken in soup, with yuzu peel. It was comforting with the hot soup, though I felt that the yuzu peel didn’t really add to the appeal.

I love the gooey texture of the brownie and how well the bitter aftertaste of the matcha sauce complemented the sweetness of the brownie. However the vanilla ice-cream wasn’t outstanding to me. It was such a delightful treat!

Two fried eggs, chorizo, sautéed mushrooms, baked beans, fried potatoes, home-cured bacon, buttered toast

Very worth for its price, especially for one-for-one! I particularly enjoyed their fried potatoes which were marinated in a special spicy sauce. I found the bacon and toast a bit hard to bite into today. Otherwise, it’s pretty decent.

The Chocolate Zucchini Cake [$5] was interesting. I couldn’t tell there were zucchini bits inside, but one could the texture was not completely smooth. The chocolate was rich but not surfeiting. Overall, it was a very pleasant treat.

Bundt cakes are baked in a bundt pan with a hollow middle that creates desirably crusty edges that tastes delicious.

The Lemon Yoghurt Bundt Cake had a slight tang which was delightful. The spelt created a “roughish” texture in the cake which gave dimension to the otherwise smooth cake. I also got a Cold Black [$5] to go along with the lemon cake.

The Hamachi Don had a piquant sauce which was pleasant to me. The sashimi has a high fat content which gives it a creamy, buttery texture. The Japanese rice was slightly warm but very fluffy, and had the distinctive sweet taste for short grain rice.

I loved the inviting interior of the cafe and the service here was wonderful. I built my own pasta using campanile, bird’s eye chilis, white button mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms and pink sauce (tomato cream sauce), which sets me at $15.40. I found that to be pretty affordable for the quality and quantity. The pasta was delicious, cooked al dente with a nice and firm bite. I wished there could be more mushrooms though. I found the pasta to mushroom ratio to be a little too much for me. Overall, it was a pleasant meal — pasta in a fancy place is always a good idea.

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This place is a cosy space that is situated at HomeTeam NS @ Bukit Batok. It’s quiet and cosy. The meat is also succulent and tasty, and makes for an intimate gathering.

We ordered an Iberico Pork Tomahawk [$50++], which was pricey but very worth the price. The pork was a kind of melt-in-your-mouth kind of delicious. The roasted rum infused pineapple was very juicy and sweet, together with the pistachio crust and an accompanying sauce which melded wonderfully with the nutty taste of pistachio.

We ordered a Snapper Fillet [$28++] which has sautéed red wine oyster mushroom and fried sliced ginger. The snapper was tender, highlighting the freshness of the fish.

Pretty robust and fragrant in a cozy environment :)

I got a Masala Thosai [$3.00] and Tea Halia [below$2] and the mix of spices was so aromatic and delightful for me, especially after a long day at work. Imagine whole spices of cinnamon, peppercorns, coriander seeds, cumin seeds and other kinds of spices toasted together with potatoes. How delicious. I loved how generous they were with the masala — I felt satiated after one masala thosai.