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If you ever come to @punch.gram do try their ice mocha and earl grey pancakes! The grilled cheese sandwich with tomato dipping soup is very appetizing too! Am usually quite particular with how the chocolate and coffee balances out in the mocha. The mocha here didn’t disappoint me 👍🏻😉
Iced Latte & Cappuccino Was on a coffee hunt today and decided to visit PUNCH! The cafe was truly beautiful, it had amazingly chill and modern vibes, and coupled with the great coffee, it made for a great afternoon ☺️
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $11 Emmentaler, Grated Parmesan, Soft Brie, Served with Bacon Tomato Soup for Dipping ⭐️评分:9.5/10 抹了黄油的芝士烤三明治,碳水化合物和脂肪的奇妙组合,是可以让人的大脑产生“幸福”化学反应的美妙存在。吃下了这一盘,草更绿,天更蓝,身边的人变得妙不可言。Punch的开放厨房,让整个吃的体验被放大。主厨将提前备好的番茄汤倒进汤锅,另起一煎锅,捥一小块黄油,黄油融化,放面包,翻面,叠上三种芝士。黄油的奶香,面包的焦香,芝士的咸香一阵阵袭来。待芝士受热融化,和另一块面包叠起,拿到案板上“咔嚓”一声切开,番茄汤出锅,趁热上桌。直接用手拿着吃,面包外酥内软,芝士和黄油的香气在口中绽放。蘸点番茄汤,面包变得更软,多了清爽微酸的果香。刚才煎面包的食物粒子还飘浮在空气里,好像整个人都被芝士三明治包裹着。 另外能与之媲美的,就是多年前吃的、一直念念不忘的Jimmy Monkey的烤芝士面包蘸半熟蛋了。细细想来,新加坡的kaya toast如此让人着迷可能也是这个原因。
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Customised Rice Bowls ($12.90 per bowl) Got the $12.90 customisable rice bowls which really filled our tummies well! There was a variety of sides to choose from and generous portions served!
Disappointing Rice bowl Had a choice of 2 meats (Lemongrass chicken breast and chargrilled chicken thigh), sides (fried enoki mushrooms and pineapple) for their medium bowl (~$12.90) 🍗🍚 . The tomato rice was nicely spiced however it was kinda oily :-( Chicken breast was too dry for my liking and flavouring of both types of chicken was strong. Pineapple was waYyyy too dry/hard and not juicy which was pretty disappointing tooooo! Pretty much only liked the fried enoki mushrooms☹️ MORE ON IG @goodfomood
Got to check out @paddyfolks the week I returned to Singapore just in time for their opening at @funansg! With a focus on flavoured rice dishes and customisable orders, don't be fooled into thinking that this is yet another healthy rice bowl concept; those familiar with Birdfolks will be happy to know that they have brought over their tantalising five spice fried chicken which manages to retain its crispness and flavour even after a long time of picture taking! 😁 The rice comes in the following flavours: garlic butter, tomato oregano, cilantro lime and regular chicken rice; my favourite would be the former with its fragrant buttery taste. Cilantro lime is also pretty distinctive in taste, so if you like the herb, you would surely enjoy that! 🙂 While the fried chicken is, to me, the sure fire star protein of the menu, the grilled chicken and duck are pretty delicious too! Vegetarians, fret not for tofu is also an available protein option! I'd highly recommend the deep fried enoki mushrooms too which are crisp and soooo good! Don't forget to pick a sauce to accompany your dish: from teriyaki to roasted sesame or spocy hot devil to 'lao gan ma' chili! 😋 Prices start from $9.90 for a regular portion inclusive of 1 protein, affordable and substantial enough for an ideal dine-in or takeaway meal. 👍🏻 Thank you @paddyfolks for the food and warm hospitality, and @darr3n0ng for the tasting invite! 🙏🏻
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