This is yet another revisit! I got just that chee cheong fun this time round for a light lunch while my friend got their congee.

The chee cheong fun took about 20min before it's served. Considering that it's located at China Square Central where it's patrons are largely working adults, this is a tad too long a wait.

However, the texture and taste of the rice rolls are still good. Thin, has an eggy scent and the amount of sauce that it's served with is just right! They aren't too stingy with the charsiew, thankfully. The meat is not too dry so it matches this moist dish well (unlike the typical ones found in wanton mee, dry like jerky blahhh) Wish they can put a little more lettuce in the roll (just 1-2 pcs more).

My charsiew with egg rice roll costs $7.5. Althou there's no gst nor svc charge, it's relatively pricey.

Got their breakfast box again! Yes, cos i really adore their smashed avocados. They give me so much happiness on a workday morning 😁

This time round, i got them paired with walnut sourdough instead of croissant. The sourdough is lightly toasted and while it's not as chewy, it's easier for you to chomp bites of the sliders. 3 sliders in a box, with an onsen egg &some watercress! Walnut is prominent in the dough and adds that extra solid crunch and nutty goodness. Smashed avocados, sweet cherry tomatoes and tender chicken cubes are generously laid atop.

This box costs $12! It's kinda tough to know the prices beforehand bcos they dont post them on their insta, neither are the prices indicated in the shop 😅

Queued for over 30min on a weekend afternoon before we got a seat.

There's some upsized variations available at $1.9 now! Think unagi sushi (the one in the background) and a huge tamago pocket with rice stuffed in the sliced centre (ohyesssss lovee tamogo!)

Usual must-gets include their aburi ones. Aburi salmon, aburi tamgo, aburi everything pls! Rice doesn't fall apart that easily as compared to Sushi Express and the food presentation at Genki just makes everything seem more appetizing + a bang for your buck.

&Oh, there's no need to wave frantically trying to get the attention of the staff, nor using their ipad for ordering of food. Scan the QR code on the slip of paper given to you to start ordering away on your phone! They provide free wifi to support this. I'm liking this 👌🏻


Ordered: Tom Yum Goong, Green Curry Chicken, Platter (as pictured) and Stir Fried Butterfly Pea Rice

They ran out of pork that day so I was quite bummed about it considering that it's a Saturday evening, 6pm. It took 30min or so before the first dish was served. The platter of fried food was okay. The butterfly pea rice did blow me away. It's fragrant and the grains were distinct yet not too hard. It's worth trading your white rice for this. The rice left me beaming with high expectations of the other dishes. The green curry came and woah, it's laden with salt. The curry was so-so, chicken has the frozen meat taste 😥 totally not up my alley. Lastly, tom yum goong came in that little fire below, keeping it bubbling. The first spoonful of it didnt left me impressed but wasn't bad as well (just mehhh). But lo and behold, the prawns were mushy and totally not fresh!! They're stale, if i may be dead honest bout it. All the prawns in the pot were like that. Guess they might have been really good back in their heyday but based on my dining experience recently, it's likely to be my first and last visit.

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I'm not a fan when it comes to fried food. But these Deep Fried Prawn and Mango Rolls got my eyes all lit up. The crunch is so light, airy and not oily at all! No dripping oil all over your mouth. The noodles that they use to wrap around the filling are so thin! Usually, other similar dimsum dishes use meesua. But this tastes really different! The texture is really good. Probably because that it's exceptionally thin, it's crunchier and less oily! Only gripe bout this dish would be, i hope the mango : prawn ratio can be higher! Otherwise, it's close to perfection. Another must-try at this restaurant.

The steamed charsiew buns are quite passable so you may give them a miss! Stir-fried Turnip Cake with X.O. Sauce is delectable. Portion is huge for that so I would recommend it for sharing among at least 3 pax so that you leave space for more dimsum! The restaurant exudes serenity and peace. Our table faces the bamboos across at the other building and the tables are all spaced nicely apart ensuring some privacy. I'm loving this place &i cant wait to be back for my next visit! Mother's Day maybe? 😉

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A spin off the regular hargow! The prawn, carrot and some coriander are wrapped in that translucent skin. The skin is thin yet has a slight chew to it - omg the best skin ever? I love how the coriander gives this dimsum an elevated taste with it's fragrance. It complements the sweetness of the prawn really well.

Another must-try would be their Squid Ink and Seafood Dumplings! The skin has a different texture (slightly thicker) and is made from squid ink! The dumpling is topped with ebiko that sends an added dimension to the dish. The roe pops as you bite into it!

Their Baked Seafood and Morel Mushroom Tarts are pretty good! Really creamy texture that's not too jelat, something novel other than the usual steamed ones.

Pictured: Lobster Dumplings

The presentation itself is already a feast for the eyes! How cute are these dumplings? Placed on a little wooden base, with the thin bamboo handle. It has lobster meat, prawn, caviar, goji etc. The flavours of each ingredient come together to give you a light sweetness, a perfect bite. Not too overwhelming and it leaves your palate clean but wanting more!

The staff here are really attentive, they noticed my dining partner is left-handed and swopped the arrangement of the cutleries around! You dont even have to lift your fingers to refill your tea cup, they do it so promptly. Best of all? They offer to serve 2 pieces for each dimsum we order. The prices are prorated accordingly! SO WE COULD TRY ALL THE DIFF VARIETIES! Double thumbs up for this place.

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Second trip here to cool ourselves down after having 109 ytf which is just round the bend!

Spotted a new flavour (i presume so since i didnt see them when i was there the first time): Matcha with toasted rice!

There's 4 of us and we're using the double scoop 1-for-1 on beyond. The staff offered to help us divide the flavours into 1 cup each! Say yay to great service!

So we've got: Pistachio (which is the holy grail here), Avocado, Ferrero and Matcha with toasted rice!

All flavours were AWESOME and came out really well. They're not too sweet too. However, the pistachio one melted wayyyy too fast that day. Hope they can refine the recipe alittle!


Along Circular Road, you'll spot this snaking queue for 109's ytf! Don't be intimidated by the long queue cos it moves fairly fast.

Pick minimum 6 pieces and tell them how you want your ytf to be done - soup, dry and laksa. They also sell fried rice and fried chicken wings! Do note that their dry version isn't your usual dry ytf, drowned in sweet and chili sauces. Theirs is ladened with a light brown gravy, looking really similar to that of lormee!

The gravy is savoury and rich in taste, but not overly salty! It's smooth (no clumps of starch) and not very thick. I could sip on it! It coats every strand of my kwaytiao so perfectly. Usually kwaytiao clumps into a huge mess in such gooey base. But guess what? I could pick up each strand of my noodles, slurping them up happily. THE GRAVY AND KWAYTIAO IS LIKE A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN! ❤

Their tofu tastes fresh (both the square and triangle ones) and soft. I'm loving this place and i can't wait to visit them again. *TIP* they've seats available on the 2nd storey! airconditioned 😉

Price point: My bowl of 7 pieces + noodles, dry version, costed $5.80. Pretty acceptable given the location!

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The ambience at this outlet is perfect for afternoon tea! Or even post-dinner catchups with your girlfriends.

They partnered with the Masterchef SG runner up, Genevieve Lee for a few dishes. &I've gotten their Reimagined Kaya Toast to try! Also, ordered their banana chocolate cake, iced latte &crunchy apple tea.

The Kaya Toast was deconstructed - chunks of pistachio chiffon cake, slices of airy bread toast crisps (they're meringue but much more crispy than usual!) and a scoop of gula melaka ice cream. The pistachio flavour hits me first, really pleasant and nutty. I appreciate the more coarse texture of the chiffon, so that the entire flavout profile is more dimensional. It soaks up the coconut cream and gula melaka ice cream well! A bite on the meringue makes you think twice if it's a yakun toast or a meringue 😂 On the sweeter side, so it'll pair well with white tea!

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It's located at The Poiz (postal code 347694), right beside the exit of Potong Pasir MRT. They're newly opened! (soooo many congratulatory flower stands)

When we passed by on a Saturday night, only 3 slices of their durian mousse cake was left, along with their MSW ice cream and puffs. The owner was inviting and let us try their ice cream. It has the durian fibres (REAL DURIAN!) in them! thou the durian flavour could somehow be enriched alittle further. As we wanted to rest our legs, we gt a slice of their mousse cake.

The cake has a 2 layers of sponge which is ohsoolight! The chantilly cream and durian have the perfect marriage - you could taste the durian bits and fibres, yet the cream made it still light on your palate. I've never imagined that a durian cake can be so light, good for after-meals! 😋

&Not to forget, those crumbs-looking thingy on the cake are actually ROASTED MACADAMIAS! SAY WHUTTTT? so atas! They're lightly salted and really provides a good crunch. Added dimension to the cake's texture!

Served to your table with a small wood plank below it. It has charcoal that's burning from within. The soup's boiling and there's lots of wongbok (looking like they've been cooked for some time, soft and have absorbed all the goodness of the broth), chunks of red grouper, seaweed. Dive deeper and you'll find big pieces of yam (OMG MY FAV IN THIS POT)!

The soup is addictive, exuding the light ginger taste. It tastes almost as thou some carnation milk has been added, but no. It's pure goodness boiled for a long time i guess! I also found some small bits of preserved vege in the soup (those added to congee). They're totally not stingy with the ingredients. This costs $25 and soup is refillable! But, i find that the refilled broth tastes much lighter, probably as the fish and vege werent boiled continuously in it. Again, the chilli dip in light orangey red lits up the taste of the fish.

ANOTHER MUST ORDER HERE. If you're in a group of 3 or 4, just go for the medium one at $30! I enjoyed sipping on the soup even under the hot weather. Try it &i hope you'll like it as much as i do!