Not cheap and the menu is missing many items such as polo bun and macaroni.. Yummy though, esp the fish soup😜 And service was very prompt despite the crowd.

Innovative chocolate lava cake with the ice cream at bottom which slows down the melting speed😉

Finally tried the Milky Way🌌 hehe. Was slightly worried it would not taste as good as it looks but not true!

Introduced by BF to this Peranakan eatery nearby his jc where he has been visiting for over 10 years. I like the chap chye (Not a fan usually😝) and pork chop. however the sambal🌶(top right of my plate) is vv spicy🔥!!

Prawn balls are good!!!!🤤($6.5 a bit expensive).
The Thai boat noodle is value for money- $4.5 for meat balls, pork liver and many pork slices.


Was much looking forward to the scrambled eggs due to its fluffy appearance. However it looked better than tasted.. just like fried eggs being stacked🤔 Bolo bun is good though! My second time having it already


Tasty and healthy(I think haha) ! The serving of guacamole was soool generous🤤.
Price : $15 before entertainer app 1 for 1


Did not know BFF also serve muddy expresso, though I knew Penny university serves it. It tasted soooooo good, the roast was aromatic and there was not a slight acidic taste at all. I wonder this is due to the coffee beans or inverting the order of pouring milk and coffee really makes such a big difference?


The top layer tasted like the real thing!- without the coconut milk, so it’s not too sweet. The sponge cake was a little dry on its own, however was complemented well by the Pulut Hitam mousse layered between the cake.

Finally tried Tsujiri!😋 wanna try the soft serve next time! Was also recommended the mochi is good..


Sinful Nasi Lemak burger with very spicy sambal. The staff said this is “not McDonald’s nasi lemak burger”😝

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