$8 for original/ $8.50 for hojicha.
This is my first time trying burnt cheesecake. After keep seeing it on social media, I finally made the decision to give it a try!
Ordered from the kins because (1)saw so many good reviews (2)they serve in slices instead of only whole cake and (3)the minimum order for free delivery is not as high as other places.
First mouth was nice but not that fantastic.. however this will grow on you! I did not feel gelat at all even after eating half slice in one go, as the aftertaste of burnt cheesecake was much lighter than usual cheesecakes.
Both original and hojicha tasted great but would prefer the original one to keep it simple:)
As we ate after refrigerating for half a day, would wanna try “fresher” version in the cafe after CB ends.

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Mushroom melt was really good with the combination of mozzarella, arugula, aioli etc. However found the fried chicken contain too much fat.. 😬

1 for 1 burpple beyond applies to 4~5 flavors.


Everything tasted really good but I need to build up my spicy tolerance!!!

Roasted lamb marinated with saffron and Arabic spices.
I am not a fan of lamb but I find the lamb here tender, juicy and almost without any gamey taste :)
50% with eatigo app! Otherwise prices are too high.

Apple cider glazed 3-hour smoked pork ribs, with yuzu slaw.
The meat fell off the ribs easily and was not dry👍🏻
1 for 1 main+ dessert (recommend the lemon tart) with burpple beyond

Baked pork belly with wild fennel.
Skin was crispy(though a bit salty), meat was tender and juicy! I am not a super fan of pork belly but really fell in love with this.

To satisfy BF thai food craving.
Everything tasted good but spicy!!

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Very fragrant white chrysanthemum gelato with cocoa nibs. I’m not a fan of ice-cream cones but this thyme cone surprised me with its milky taste complemented by faint thyme scent.

Finally got to try BrotherBird!

The refreshing and icy longan soft serve complemented the warm mochi donut which could otherwise be a bit heavy. The cornflakes added a nice crunch!

P.s. I also explored Haji Lane for the first time hehe.

Brown sugar milk with boba.

Wanted boba+pearls but pearls were sold out. Nonetheless I like the boba which was warm and soft! Gula Melaka was also fragrant and less sweet than I expected👍🏻 The milk, gula Melaka and boba combi can be a bit heavy though🙊

Red velvet waffles with wasabi ice cream. The wasabi tasted fine during sampling but a whole scoop was little overwhelming😬