The beef tartare was interesting, rich and savoury but not in an off putting way, esp for me who is scared of getting salmonella frfr🤣

The Unagi mousse was the highlight for me because it added a slightly sweet burst of flavour to complement the acidic and sourish nature of the tartare😋

The ⭐️ of today was the Burrata, even more so for a non-cheese lover like myself🧀

Geronimo Stilton would be proud of this dish because I j rly love how the creamy and mild Burrata cheese goes with the strikingly almost-sugary grapes, it was a match made in heaven 🤩

The pasta tasted more like an expensive carbonara but the generosity of fresh octopus made up for an otherwise decent pasta, nothing too special tho🐙

I’d go for the cheesecake over the brownie next, bc its more of a nostalgia-evoking dessert as it rly tasted like the Wether’s caramel candy I used to eat as a kid🍰

The brownie, on the other hand, only stood out to me bc of the solid gold looking piece of film covering it, literally sticks out like a sore thumb 🏅

I especially enjoyed this burger here, coupled with the immaculate vibes and chill ambience

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Away from the usual KBBQs, Pint And Dine @pintanddine has a Korean mukbang-style buffet, including free-flow fried chicken, fried seaweed rolls, mandu, curly fries and even Korean fishcake among others.

If you still not full, go ham on their unlimited servings of instant ramyeon, like Chapagetti and even everyone’s favourite Samyang spicy noodles too!

We recommend: Mukbang Buffet ($25+)

Main gripe: Fried chicken can be marinated a bit better and can be rather dry at times (but the Yangnyeom sauce does pack a punch tho🔥)

Overall: 4/5 (would recommend coming with a group of friends, a bit awkward if you eat the entire buffet on your own...unless you’re fine with that of course)



The skewers are delicious and filling enough, with the tsukune my favourite of the lot. The chicken wing skewer was tasty but a tad too salty for my liking. Apart from that, we had the aburi saba mackerel, agedashi tofu and chicken karaage which were all really well done. Would return once in a while for the food and ambience but price a bit too steep to return regularly.

I don’t usually travel to the East Side much, but when I do, it’s always for a good cause.

This Hokkien Mee spot along East Coast Road is a hot favourite in the local food scene, and for good reason too!

The freshness of the plump prawns and the sotong really shined through, adding textures and flavours of their own

The yellow mee+white bee hoon combo was moist and savoury, mixing nicely with the slightly sweet chilli.

Within seconds of its arrival, the charred aroma wafting from the noodles screamed WOK HEI, giving that smokier and mouth-watering touch.

Their Fried Oyster and Pork Belly Satay are really worth a try too! No complaints about either.

Admittedly, I turned a blind eye to vegetarian food growing up but now I’m really starting to savour its greatness, after discovering the wonders of vegetarian cuisine.

For a healthy and delicious lunch fix near HarbourFront MRT, try Hong Yi Vegetarian, identified by its vibrant display of Cai Png dishes for sale.

Brown rice, fried Kway Teow and noodles are some of your carb options. I’d personally recommend ordering the Bee Hoon to fully soak up all the goodness from the different sauces and chilli too.

Apart from the mandatory veggies, the mock chicken and char siew are delightful accompaniments.

Star of the show is really the crispy beancurd skin, adding that extra crunch to your already satiating meal.

Hopping on another bandwagon today at Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice, located around Tiong Bahru.

Long queue ✅, highly efficient food preparation and service ✅, mouthwatering Curry Rice ✅

We opted for more proteins this time: Sweet and Sour Pork Cutlet, Braised Pork Belly, Assam Prawns and Sotong.
Together with some Chap Chye served alongside.

Their Scrambled Eggs with Beansprouts(in purple plate) are amazing. That subtle sweetness from the eggs just go SO WELL together with the savoury Nonya curry. It’s surely my must-order dish from here!

I do believe the Braised Pork Belly and the Sotong here are slightly tastier than the Beo Crescent ones. The curry isn’t overly spicy but fragrant and delectable as well.

I especially adore the Pork Cutlet because of its crunchy consistency only achieved by coating it with crushed Khong Guan biscuits before frying. Especially nostalgic bringing back memories of my grandmas dishing up their own pork chop recipes involving such traditional methods!

Ma Maison’s Oyster and Rosu Tonkatsu set seems healthier than most other Tonkatsu(s) around Singapore but we don’t love it any less.

Yes, you have the deep-fried crispy goodness from the crumbly panko exterior. Yes, you have that chunky strip of fat along the side of the leaner pork loin.(MY FAVOURITE OBVIOUSLY) Yes, you also get the juicy yet gooey flavours of oyster in your mouth too.

What sets it apart from others is the fact that it gives you the option of brown rice over the usual Japanese white rice, refreshing for a try-hard health junkie like myself.

The Tonkatsu sauce was mostly sweet but equally well-balanced by its salty and sour tastes too, slightly better than its counterparts from many other joints.

Their Tonkatsu sets are served together with refillable sides of Japanese pickles, cabbage and their notable miso soup, which reminded me more of a hearty Tonjiru soup than anything.


Sheng Ji Fishball Noodles was introduced by a good friend of mine a while back and I’ve been patronising it ever since.

Apparently, it’s been a hotspot for the weekday lunch crowd in the Bukit Merah area and I really wanted to find out why.

It ticks all the boxes of what a proper foodie landmark should encompass: Accessible, reasonably-priced, popular and downright delicious!

One bowl of their Dry Mee Pok/ Mee Kia/ Kuay Teow/whatever your noodle choice only sets you back $3, and you get a pretty decent portion in return.

Their soft noodles are the highlight for me. The sheer springiness of the noodles reflect the conscientiousness of the owners to sharpen their craft in order to churn out the perfect bowl.

Their appetising noodles are tossed in vinegar, fried lard and their homemade chilli sauce(if you want), and they go together AMAZINGLY well. It alone is enough to persuade me to return every single time!

Their soup version is pretty tasty too, but I’d personally recommend sticking with the dry version while sipping on the bowl of soup already provided.

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Do restaurants owned by Masterchef judges actually serve Masterchef-quality foods? We visit The English House by British celebrity chef @marcopierrewhit to find out.

We chose a classic British favourite for our mains, the traditional Sunday Roast, opting for the Roast Rib of Black Angus Molly Parkin with Yorkshire Pudding and Creamed Horseradish.

The Roast Beef, served medium-rare, is succulent and packed with juices, albeit a bit chewy. This cut of beef isn’t too fatty, accompanied only by shavings of beef fat.

Nevertheless, each bite maintained its robust and rich flavours well, making it mouth-watering indeed!

The Sunday Roast also encompasses
tantalising Pigs in Blankets(bacon-wrapped sausages), light and delectable Yorkshire Pudding and moist Roast Potatoes that reminded me of those infused with beef fat.

Sides also include Creamed Cauliflower, sweet Green Peas and an interesting Sweet Potato Purée, all flavorsome in their own ways.

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Whenever I crave superb Char Siew and super springy Wanton Mee, first thing that comes to mind is this treasure of a spot in Tiong Bahru Market.

Best thing is over here, you can choose either Normal or Premium Char Siew. Their Premium Cut of Char Siew also known as the 不见天, involves a fattier cut of meat from the pig’s armpit, featuring clear visceral fats with charred, caramelised skin reminiscent of KL-style.

Even their normal Char Siew ain’t truly “normal”. Like its Premium counterpart, it is FILLED with texture, with the meat not being overly chewy and tasteless. You can actually savour the lean meat with a smaller layer of gelatinous fat in each bite. Most importantly, they’re generous with their pork!

They prepare their Wanton Mee Cantonese- style, yellow egg noodles and Choy Sum drenched in their slightly sweeter but OH SO tasty sauce. They really don’t scrimp on the sauce here!

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We had the Korean-infused Galbi-Choi Bagelwich, a tantalising mix of Kalbi(BBQ beef short rib), Kimchi, Gochujang Aioli and their “Hippie Greens”.

The Kalbi was fatty, succulent and slightly caramelised on the outside, tasting very much like the type we grill in KBBQ.

The Gochujang Aioli is interesting, some parts sour, some parts slightly sugary, but works well with the other ingredients tbh.

Aesthetically, the bagel is not only just pleasing to the eyes, but also looks pretty substantial.

Truth is, I personally wouldn’t come just to feel super full after. The portion’s just enough to make u feel just nice and satisfied.

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