They must have changed the recipe cos its not as overwhelmingly Basil-smelling as other burpplers have claimed. Cheese was alright

The bread itself was very soft, and is somewhat dense with a slight chew. Pretty good, i would like for it to be less dense but im pretty sure some ppl enjoy this a lot

The meat had bite and was reasonably tender for something so lean. Not bad at all, but had a bit of the Organ smell

They ran out of pork ribs 30mins before they close, so i swopped out for Pigtail. Small Intestines were perfectly soft and slightly chewy, Pigtail was meaty but not seasoned much, liver was overcooked but no foul smell at all.

Prawns were the highlight, maybe the best ive had at any prawn Noodle hawker stall that isnt the ultra pricey big prawns. Very meaty, fresh, sweet, and inherently savoury.

Soup was pretty strong, its the savoury kind but it's slightly sweet still. Not bad

Worth a try if youre in the area

Ckn was fine, quite tender and not seasoned. But their Base sauce, which is just sesame oil and home Blend of soy sauce, was incredibly good and appropriately savoury.

Liver was nice as well, no foul smell and quite well cooked. Chili sauce had a lot of raw heat and was sharp.

Not too bad at all overall. Worth a try if you're alr here

Ckn, duck, and pork ribs

Ckn and duck were alright, pork ribs were unique because the dominant flavour was some alcohol? Kway teow texture was good

The herbal sauce is quite strongly herbal, but well rounded and has the right sweetness, not a herbal sweetness. Probably not everyone can Tell the diff but this is definitely unique, not your usual herbal taste profile. As such, it's worth a try.

Good, quite difficult to pull out though even with their advice, i cracked the entire thing. But tastes mainly of cardamom really

Overall the branches seem to be quite consistent so pick the one near you, plus idt every branch has chef mike

Given how good their mango Kulfi was, i shouldnt have been surprised by the incredible quality of this

Thick, rich, and creamy, they're masterful at combining mango and yoghurt flavours. It's incredibly satisfying to drink, and just as hard to stop

MUST try

Mutton was fatty and tender, grains were fluffy

But its microwaved. Too fast plus uneven heating, no wonder theres not a single soul here.

And theres a huge pool of oil at the bottom


Everything was not bad, tender beef and each component was rather text book. Not super spectacular, come if you stay nearby

Beef was tender and banh Mi was airy and crispy. But cheese was quite mild, it's overall quite refreshing from the well seasoned pickles, pretty good rendition but maybe not worth a travel

Pretty decent, not the best ive had but certainly better than your run of the mill ones