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omg 8/11
al: got d teriyaki && hawaii ~ good nodt bad u KNOW y bcos weLl csoned and mOre mitt than rice so yEET lovely if u get big one wOrth @@@@@ would come back again
R: Hawaïi sos was rlly scrumptious, wood cum agin 4 dat
J: was great!!

naiLED IT AGAINzxc only my face bcos pal laZe but one tinggo in common iZ that WE Boyh agREe thet DIZ PLACE damn oP QUIK CRAVES COMFORT SASHIMI JAP FOOD xd we both got the salmon aburi eat until q full so Super worth w burPz ya DOPE first meaL in a Long while 🥵🥵🥵

OK Long time no c but m bck w annodur solid 7.8/11
pal n I got pesto n suM all day bfast bowls all veggjos oni portion was p solid, v flavorfuL; was a hearty salAd~ got sum bfast smoothies 4 d dranks n thought could use a lil more ice but thiccness was q op YEET ! overall was nomz no regrats though would only cum bck if cravin :—) other den thAt, other pals gOt byo n found it fillin too ok yum ! dey got 141 sunrise dranks, tastEs ljke mango mint ! pps. v suit 4 v health people


we ordered d peri peri chiX legs n umami burg (?)
peri peri chiX was p gUd ngl except tht it was lil 2 spiCe 4 mi taste nnnnn alSO they didn’t wna serve us h2o as they said we were burpple userS so limbu was dyin eatin d h0t chiX n even male thot it was h0T !!! so plX take notE if ya gg there as eatigo or buRP plOx bring ur own baikaishUi to hydr8 thNX mm d burg was p tastY, meat was juiCyful n buns were toasted nice enUF tht it’s crispY but also a soFTy on d inside ~~ p satisfying meal overall excludin d fact they didn’t wna waTer us up :-/


waZ here bfor w xiaolee but diS time w new company n got d mentaiko salmon n large beef bowl !

mentaiko salmon is daMn fragrant n thoUghT it was gna b gelat but n0!! the amt of mentaiko sauce n salmon was a proportionate amt hehe damm yuMZ n pal thougHt that d beef bowl was a lil gelat 4 her tastin but overaLL is nudbad !! one comment tHO : spoon a bit too big ah LOLz mm v worth it n wld totalES come bck 4 more gUDSTuff ~~

flavouRs were suPER unique! there’s like salted egg n other funK flavrs but we got the daRk choc soRbet, lychee, Apple piE n suM grandmas thing! THEY WERE ALL riCh n noice cepT for the grandmas thinG iZ q ok but aft awhile q eh, iZ an acquired taste :—) buT chill place (abit harD to finD dOE n onlY cash pAyment but duN worry~ goT atM NEARBy) will recommend!

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we got the bowl w steak n the other w PUlled pork~~ (7$ each afT burppppPppPpler!)

8/11 licia r8s; IT IS DAMN YUMZ luv the kale muShcrrom n steak blend n the egg all tGt was damn worTh w 141, tried a lil of ninGs the pullEd pork n it was suPz soft but still goT resistance u gets n was rly well marinated also! coffees grEEeAt! chill plaCe to be in too :~)

8.5/11 ningS r9s; lovovov d well seasoned pulled puRk !!!! suPr tender & didn’t think tht d avo wld go well w rICE ?? but it actl complements d disH p well hehe and can eat w d breD like croissant like thiNG ~ rly reccomD esp w burpple 1fur1 wah sibei wortH !!

AGAIN!!! sorry ninGz! side note to take — thiS trip realised that 141 onLi applies 2 the medium sized boWls!!!!

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frind found it noMZ TOO! review same as the prev timEs i came 🤩🤩🤩 gots 2 say that they r v consistent with d portion n quAlity doe ~~~

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chNgae uP frm d bUbble but lovely comPANY W loveliest fuud too; got the salmon bowl thing (16) n a vegan bowl thing (16) n OsmantUz oolong! SalmOn was pretty yUmz n hearty bcos soupy n vegan was well season n daMN nutrientZ! 8/11 would cOme bck sgain 🤩🤩🤩

got d truffle x2
wouLd rate it 7.6/11 for the taste bcos rice was dressEd well w d sauCe and the beef was quite soft (th0 cannot compete with rakki hehe) but truffle taste was gUD n stronk wuLd b (semi) go to bowl place — 141 made it affordable; other than that I think I wouldn’t have it without 141 buT maybe will be back for the other bowls ~
pal didn’t want 2 b in phot so douBle me fAce 4 xmAz blezzings buT paL rated it a 10/11 n said “rave reviEWs, cos good service”!~


flavurs we goT : coffee cheesecake, choc sorbet, choc stout, salted caramel cheesecake
liked how u can have 2 flavurs in d same cup for d sem price wew and also must say thT taStin both flavurs tgt wah srsly mmphOof like new flavur created leh LOL but say realZ tho try d 2 flavurs tgt u won’t regreT!!! kopi cheesecake not too swiT and hAD d right balance of flaVurs yeEz can’t rly taste d alcohOl in choc stout but still p nice !!! suPr worth and lov d place hehe xd <3