Weekend treat - Choc chip bagel (exclusive to HV outlet) with peanut butter jelly. Chose the raspberry jam over strawberry. Enjoyed the well toasted crispy bagel studded with morsels of melted chocolate beneath that ring of dense, chewy dough. Just a tad heavy handed with the raspberry jam, which was leaning towards camp sweet rather than sour. Wish they were more generous with the peanut butter to balance out the sweetness 😂

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Went straight for the dishes I love and did not try anything new this visit😁

Enjoyed the great selection of oden, really reminds me of the family marts in Japan! Picked a few. Especially love the Hanpen (fish cake) and cabbage rolled pork. You can pick your own or leave it to the chef with the omakase options!

Cabbage with red miso has always been a staple, love it for the very intense punchy miso dip which goes really well with the crunchy cabbage!

You can never go wrong with the buta kakuni, a delicious slow simmered pork belly in the secret deep soy marinade. Break the soft boiled egg and have it together with the tender melt in mouth pork!

Love the Negi okonomiyaki (savory pancake) with welsh onion. Very good for sharing and being serving its purpose as the carb dish!

After countless visits, my must order skewer has always been the chicken thigh (momo) and the chicken liver (Reba). I’ve never had a better grilled liver thus far!

Last but not least, another must order for me would be the “Kuro Mayo” Tsukune which taste a lot better than it looks! They are homemade grilled chicken balls coated with squid ink mayonnaise. Really good!!


Cheese platter with quince paste and hazelnut crisps

Gianduja “Pot De Crème”. Gianduja cream, chocolate shortbread, hazelnuts, raspberry lychee sorbet

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An elegant and refreshing desert that celebrates the friendly familiarity of gelatin, indulgent yet light at the same time. Strawberry cheesecake panna cotta with strawberry gelée, diced strawberries and caramelised almonds.

Smoked maple leaf farm duck breast, garnished with Swiss chard, pistachio gremolata, caramelised comise pears, natural duck jus. This was so good I almost forgot chicken existed!

Delightful piece of snake river farm’s flat iron steak, done asian style. The meat was extremely tender, seasoned with fermented black beans, garlic, ginger, embellished with stir fried bak choy, red onions and shiitake mushrooms. Pleasantly surprised by this hearty dish which was full of aroma and flavor!

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Grilled iberico pork pressa. This was really divine, like art on a plate, perfectly grilled pork alongside a beautiful symphony of flavors from the shallot marmalade and spiced poached apples.

Chicken “laksa” spring roll. The crispy spring rolls comes with actual laksa noodles and shredded chicken. Enjoyed the unmistakably distinct laksa flavor which was enhanced by the spicy tangy dip!

Big eye tuna tartare cones. A signature not to be missed. Every serving comes with 3 cones made of sesame brittle, filled with chopped raw tuna dressed with ginger, wasabi, sesame oil, soy sauce and lime juice, garnished with shaved bonito, scallions and masago. Very exquisite!

Agnolotti with porcini mushroom. Pillowy soft skin, brimming with earthy notes from the creamed porcini filling, then sauced up with a flavorful emulsion. Delightful composition with a filling so deeply rich and full of beautiful umami flavors whilst being light enough to sit comfortably among many other courses.