I ate at this uncle’s stall probably since 10 years old. Previously uncle was at block 511 in Hougang Avenue 8. Due to the coffee shop renovation he was ejected out of the coffee shop and had to relocate to the industrial estate to let his business survive.

Thankfully the fish ball noodles have found it’s own following at the area and business is still decent during weekdays. Unlike the previous place they now only serve laksa on Monday and Thursday, since weekends are not it’s peak days anymore.

Always enjoyed a friendly catch-up chat with the uncle while eating his bowl of noodles!

I think this bowl of noodles fall into my top 10 list of BCM in Singapore. So good that I think it deserves a post here. Quality ingredients that make the difference!

Premium pricing prawn mee at macpherson area. I strongly recommend if one is bringing a tourist to Singapore to blow his or her mind on a quality bowl of fresh prawn mee

For what we paid for the crabs were worth traveling for! Pro tip is to tell the restaurant to only serve the rest of the food after the crabs are eaten!

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A decent and nice plate of char kuay teow. I find it unbelievable that I can still find this at $3 in 2023. Plenty of cockles given for a $4 portion!

Very sinful pot of noodles with lots of seafood and mushrooms. One should give it a try while in the area. Situated in a aircon food court!

Good price point at $7 with a lot of nice rice and shrooms layered with truffle oil. Best place to avoid the hot weather for a budget friendly healthy lunch!

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Haven’t been eating this classic dish in old airport road hawker. Much memories and it’s chili and dumpling combo has a unique kick that I can’t find elsewhere.

This $3.50 noodles were perhaps the best ones I have had in Singapore. No more going to JB to eat the herbal roasted duck and good bye dian xiao Er!

I am not a particular fan of salad. But recently due to health reasons, I began a healthy diet regime which consists of me trying out salads around the office area. Despite its slightly expensive price tag, this bowl of salad packs a punch, the amount of kale they serve definitely makes you full. The lemon roasted broccoli is also one of my favorite, along with the olive oil lime sauce. Sadly, they are trying out a new menu now and they kinda not appeal to me :(

Perhaps the longest queue in the entire hawker centre. Its unforgivingly large portion of pork lard is the signature of this plate of noodles. It deserves a try for anyone who works near the area, you will only regret not ordering a bigger plate.

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