My verdict of this dish is kind of mixed. The broth is clean tasting with subtle sweetness and umaminess from the seafood as opposed to what I was expecting an omph with a pack of thick seafoody flavors. Which I guess it’s good in a way lest it get too gelard towards the end, but definitely there could be more oomph to it! The seafood were definitely fresh, but just find their fried fish on the saltier side. But I definitely like the addition of fried egg floss and rice pop, giving the dish a different texture.

If you’re looking for some wholesome quality chirashi / wagyu steak and be away from the bustling crowd, head over to Waa Cow! Actually not just only are their bowls fresh & awesome, so are their starters! Such as the chicken karrage and truffle fries. Their chicken karrage is so meaty and juicy!

Both the flavors and portions were really good for the buck! Even the juiciness and moistness of the dishes were all on point. If you have Burpple Beyond, they do have a $50++ set menu for 2! Very worth the price!

Izakaya hikari has a pretty good selection of sashimi and izakaya to choose from to go with glasses of sake. Their sashimi were sweet and fresh while their yakimono were well seasoned and fired. Pretty love their grilled ika too! It has a perfect chewiness to it!

Recommend to make a reservation if you’re heading down! They are pretty crowded!

I know I’m kind of late into the game, but yes! Finally got my hands on ShakeShack! To be exact, I had their Shack Stack ($14.30) which consists of a Cheeseburger topped with the Shroom burger served with Shacksauce. & I really enjoyed the burger against the mixed reviews. I find the Shroom patty was crisp-fried to golden brown, which was really crispy on the outside, and oozing with juiciness from the portobello and cheesiness from the Cheddar and Muenster with a bite into it! Even the meat patty itself is moist and hearty! Not too bad a first experience for me!

We had their Crispy Pig Ears ($21), as opposed to the usual braised cooking method which we are familiar with, was crispy and savory which balances out well with the red date sauce and pickled ginger flower. A little sweetness and citrusy to it. The key to it is have everything in a bite! Then you could taste the varying flavors.

The other dish I had was the Banana Leaf Sea Bass ($29) grilled in banana leaf and interestingly served with banana purée and shrimp sambal. Sweetness in a dish which you least expected it and the shrimp sambal wasn’t the spicy kind, but more of aromatic from the hei bi.

Very interesting concept with creative dishes.

Unlike the usual clean tasting spicy seafood broth, theirs version is rich and umammi flavored with strong prawn-y taste. Spotted the use of star anise in their broth too, no wonder the broth is kind of subtly spiced. Their seafood were kind of grilled before adding it into the broth giving it a sweet smokey aroma.

If you’re someone who like strong seafood flavors, this is definitely for you. Especially on these rainy days.

They offer an eclectic menu fusing contemporary European cuisine with Southeast Asia ingredients. One of my favorites got to be their Boston Lobster & Iberico Chorizo on Crispy Pork Skin ($12)! Each dish houses its own surprises! I’m pleasantly surprised by the refreshing-ness of the lobster and iberico salad alike atop the crispy pork skin which is not at all greasy or with the oily smell.

Milligram has a medley selection of brunch, pasta with an Italian touch and heathy grain bowls for you to choose from.

If you’re not a fan of gnocchi, try their Prawn & Chorizo Orecchiette ($18.50). Pasta is cooked to al dente with a magical sprinkle of bread crumbs. The Neapolitan sauce was on the slightly richer end with a good pack of flavors between the savory giam-ness from the chorizo and the sweet crunchy prawns.

Sometimes we just need a short escapade from our busy work life to rejuvenate ourselves.

Throwback to the recent high tea at Skai. Pretty love their selections as they have quite a good mix of sweet and savory. Flavors is varied across the different dainty pieces such that you won’t get sick of it. From savory to umami to citrusy to sweetness to nuttiness etc! What’s more, you have a good panoramic view of the whole Singapore skyline to accompany you throughout your whole dining experience!

It’s rare to find Beef Tartare in Singapore and if they do serve, it must of pretty good quality! Dining in @montisingapore kind of bring me back to Italy times, where the food is so good and everything is so fresh. The tartare was creamy with the yolk and complemented well by the pickles and red onion sorbet on a bed of cookie crumb dust alike texture. Their House made Spaghetti Aglio Olio E Gamberi has a rather unique flavor. Unlike a typical aglio olio which can be dry and oily, it has a creamy buttery flavor with some sort of umaminess to it. The quality of their hand made pasta really resembles that of the ones I had in Italy.

Unpretentious plate of Charcoal steak ($36) in hues of pretty pink was tender and flavorful with simple seasoning such as salt and pepper.

Meat is moist on its own, good enough that it doesn’t require any accompanying sauce. Instead, it’s served with Avo chimmichurri and charred asparagus potato salad. A very refreshing combination of steak and sides. Love that accompanying creaminess from the sides.

Taco filled with sumptuous amount of 10hours slow-cooked pulled pork, tomato salsa and slaw. Liked how it is wholesome, juicy and had a nice crunch to it. The colors itself brightens your day too!