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Mille Feuille Shoulder Katsu Curry is something rather different from the usual Tonkatsu curry. Layers of folded meat gave that extra mouthfeel and liked how the batter is not overly thick, floury and gelard but kind of light and crumbly. Portion is pretty generous too!

Have been hearing mixed review from many, but personally I liked how light the broth was and the inclusion of white truffle oil does heightened the flavor of the ramen. Love the non-fatty charsiew too!

The moment it was served to us, the whole of second level was brimming with the aroma of this fried rice, a little garlicky and when you sink your teeth into it, it was pleasantly surprised with the crispy sakura ebi that gives it a little umami punch. A little of the wok-hei flavor too! Really love how grainy and aromatic the bowl of fried rice is!

Homemade fresh pasta with a touch of asian flavors. The colors from the pasta come from ingredients such as blue pea flower, beetroot, activated charcoal etc. What I had is their ‘Chicken Rice’ pasta cooked with chicken broth and accompanied with chicken rice condiments such as the chilli, minced ginger and slices of cucumber. Not forgetting the slices of thick cut hainanese chicken. It’s not the 1 for 1 replicate of chicken rice if that’s what you’re looking for, but it’s definitely a good rendition at much milder flavors.

This cafe along JooChiat road served pretty good fusion western with a slight touch of exquisiteness. The bowl of Manila Clams cooked in white wine were fragrant, sweet, juicy and plump. Goes really well with the butter toasted bread that was light and crispy, fully soaking up all the essence of the umami broth. Miso salmon was equally impressive too. Tender with alluring miso scent and wished the bouillabaisse foam flavor was a little bit more intensified, it would then complement completely well with the mash too.
Do drop by if you’re in the vicinity!

Liked how each and every of their pasta and risotto is cooked to al dente and well flavored with fresh ingredients. Just like this Risotto Al Fungi Porcini which was creamy and well flavored with truffle, porcini mushroom sauce and slices of shiitake mushrooms. It’s kind of light yet flavorful and comforting to have on an evening! Items are reasonably priced too!

Another of my find suitable for working purposes. There’s a wide variety of food choices to choose from and they serve pretty decent food. Chef’s Special Assam Seabass with Rice totally bring out the local flavors. Sweet and sour flavored gravy with that layer of crisp seabass skin atop the firm seabass, was really good. Good contrast of color and texture all in that one bowl.

Ps/ they have drinks as interesting as teriyaki avocado latte! Game to try?

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Beside good WiFi connection and decent PowerPoint access, Wakey Wakey do serve pretty decent Grain Bowls and Coffee! Fresh and crisp veggies and a bowl full of flavors definitely makes healthy eating enjoyable. Though the texture of sous vide tenderloin could be done better but given the nature of a cafe, it’s still a job done well!

Am kind of impressed by the Spicy Yuzu Ratan Ramen ($15.90) from Afuri! Unlike the typical thick flavored pork bone base, what you get is a refreshing citrus flavored balanced with a comfortable level of spiciness that got me almost finishing the soup till the last drop. It couldn’t be more than perfect if the soup was a little less oily and the char siew was a little more tender.

One star Michelin restaurant has lived up to its expectations. With each of their staff taking pride in what they are serving and chefs dedicating their passion to perfecting each dishes. The Steak Frites had a nice golden crisp to it contrasting with the fresh beef tartare atop it. While their Blackmore’s Cube Roll beef was well marbled and well seasoned on the exterior while retaining the original flavors of the beef on the interior. On a surprising note, their Burnt Ends Sanger was praise worthy too for the chunky pulled pork and well blended flavors of the coleslaw that was refreshing with a piquant note to it.

The home of taste that goes light on your tastebud accompanied with the earthy fragrance from the lotus leaf and the savoriness from the mei cai setting a contrast against the sweet fresh meaty pomfret. It will go well with their Blue Pea Mushroom Rice steamed in Bamboo.

TGIF! What about some brunch at Merci Marcel? Went for their Marinated Crab Tartine with avocado and sourdough ($19). Enjoyed the added savoriness and sweetness from shredded swimmer crab tartine. For the branch at club street, they serve the basics and classics of brunch with added touch of french - charcuterie, cheese & wine. Their Ravioles de Royans is another not to be missed dish! It’s a french dumpling pasta filled with cheese! Its an ironic cheesy dish that keeps you wanting for more. It’s best enjoyed while it’s piping hot!