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Light peach fragance floating out from the oolong tea. Very soothing and perfect to end the day after a heavy meal of savoury and sweets!

Chicken was braised with black sauce and sesame oil to give the nice sesame fragance. Chicken was tender and the black sauce was slightly on the sweeter side. Not my favourite from this stall but this was a nice to have apart from the usual order.

A different type of BKT as compared to those peppery type from SG. Huge pot for sharing comes with lots of pork ribs cut into small pieces to ease the eating. Topped it off with intestine, enoki mushroom and fried beancurd skin. Love that the soup is sweet and light!

Strong houjicha taste that mixed well with the soy milk. Slightly sweeten and is very palatable. The combination of all ingredients complement each other well.

We had their char siew and roast pork belly combination. Char siew was nothing to shout about but i love that it is slightly charred. The sauce that comes with it was also mildly sweet, which is to my liking. The skin of the pork was crispy but the meat itself was tough on that day.

My favourite dish on the table. Very crunchy french bean and was nicely stir fried with garlic and added on to the aroma and fragance of the whole dish!

Famous for their herbal roasted duck over here and we picked one of their signature. We ordered half duck for 5 pax with other dishes. The herbal smell was not strong and the taste was indeed quite subtle. Meat itself was tender but not fall off the bone kind.


Surprisingly, this unassuming crossiant was quite crispy. The nuts and oats indeed add on to the crunch of the crossiant. The crossiant was crispy and soft of the inside.

One of the famous dessert that all teochew must know how to made and will eat. Paste-y yam was mashed and serve in a whole plate soaking in sugar syrup. It seems intimidating but when u mix the sugar syrup well, the sugar will complements the whole dish easpcially the yam. It was super hard to make it good so u would say i definitely come back just for this!

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One of the signature dish that all teochews would definitely order. Kway tiao is nicely fried and soak with all the flavours and it was pan-fried thereafter. It was still lacking that wok hei taste from my favourite but this is by far the second best i had.


Very flavourful and full of ingredient. Fish maw was all sinking at the bottom so pls so scoop deeper to get all the goodies up! The soup was not too starchy so it does not have the sticky feeling after drinking which i donโ€™t like it.

Owned by our local veteran celebrity, Chen Shucheng, promoting teochew cuisine in the east of Macpherson. First dish we had was this braised goose meat. Soft and tender, it was quite close to authentic the teochew flavour. We added on the braised taukwa for additional protein.

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