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They told me this was their most popular item, so I went ahead and was really pleased with this hearty bowl of dry noodles. Also I found out mazesoba is one of the better things for takeaway as they remain tasty even after some time.

Been eyeing the pizza here for some time and CB's the best time to try pizzas. Been seeing the meaty items featured heavily on food blogs, but decided to go for this more interesting pizza featuring creamy bechamel sauce, boursin, goat cheese, garlic, leeks, rosemary. Was not disappointed at all.

Fret not if you miss the side dishes from not being able to dine in at Japanese restaurants. Kan sushi is offering a selection of 9 sides to go with your sushi. Loved the baby squid and bean paste mushrooms, while the rest were rather average. Takeaway is available at the robertson quay branch.

Big enough for two small eaters, this upsized bowl of chirashi came with swordfish, tuna, salmon, ikura and octopus. Liked that they didn't add fillers like cucumbers and tamago. Business was good, a testimony to their value for money food.

An authentic looking Japanese with bar seats manned by Japanese chefs. Would have been an experience to eat them fresh while watching the sushi chefs. Still a nice treat if you're looking for something upmarket. Loved the juicy scallops and toro.

With pickled redcurrant and yogurt cream. This was really good. Creamy cheesecake that barely maintained shape before you sink a fork into it. Theyre running a 30% discount for takeaways during this period. So do show the good people here some support.

This was a bit heavy handed on the cream, resulting in a dish that got too cloying after a few mouthfuls. The truffle oil wasn't very apparent too.

Cajun baby octopus, orange segments, pumpkin seeds, bell pepper confit. The octopus was pretty bouncy and chewy, slightly undercooked but I can imagine how some would enjoy it this way. Loved the confit peppers which were absolutely juicy and flavourful.

Everything amazing in a bowl, and fairly affordable for the good quality ingredients. Not very well publicised, but their online order form can be foumd here:

Glad for the reopening of drinks stalls. Steeped has introduced a few interesting drinks onto their menu. the lychee rose latte was unique, although the combination resulted in something that tasted more like a sweet potato latte than anything else. Still enjoyable, although I think their non-milky products fare better in general.

Greeted at the stall by friendly owners who claimed their burgers are better than a few other popular hawker / foodcourt burgers. And right they are. These burgers are perfectly juicy and chunky, and came sandwiched between soft fluffy buns. Have it while its hot for maximum enjoyment.

Pre-ordering is recommended, or be expected to wait for an hour. Sadly because of that, the cheese had hardened by the time we collected it. The beef patty was also quite average and nothing to shout about.