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With vanilla ice cream and raspberry gel. Again a rather straightforward dessert. Was probably more of a custard than mousse. Didn't really like the raspberry gel though I prefer it all sweet and chocolatey.

The desserts here don't focus on aesthetics and come very simply plated. Very sweet and sticky like what a sticky date pudding should be. Overall a rather average dessert by restaurant standards.

Starting to realise what makes the food here so appealing - its the sauces. I mean how else does one make charred cauliflower taste good? Garlic miso and leek is my new favourite sauce.

This was a really good burger, even by standards of specialty burger places. The patty was really moist flavourful. Made better with juicy bacon, melted cheese and soft buttery buns.

These were 70% fats and 30% meat and definitely not for the faint hearted! Fats were a little firmer so they don't exactly melt in your mouth. Really liked the puree it came with which was probably made out of carrots and lots of other amazing spices.

Omg so happy 💩 ice creams are poopping up all over Singapore. This was so velvety smooth and creamy and tasted like da bai tu sweets from the childhood. Heard so many good things about their coffee but have yet to try. No wonder they're packed even at 8pm on a weekday.

Stated grass fed beef steak, but not the cut on the menu although it tasted like flank to me since it was pretty much a lean cut with not much fats. We asked for medium but came out medium rare. Would go for their other more exotic stuff and give the steak here a miss.

I liked the loosely packed patty that came with discernable bits of foie gras. But wouldn't have guessed the rest of it was actually duck. Came with a sharp blue cheese sauce to cut through the grease. Hand cut fries made for a nice side. Only qualm was perhaps the slightly tough burger.

I remember the first time I had this many years back and had my mind and tastebuds blown away... fast forward at least 5 years later and its still delicious. The date pudding itself was a little chunky and coarse, great for soaking up the awesome milk sauce.

I forgot what this was. And i cannot for the life of me decipher what went into making this creamy concoction that came in the shade of hulk. The sauces here steal the show and are great for mopping up with pita bread.

Looks more like jackfruit on skewers to me but these were actually pieces of squid grilled to perfection. Bouncy, tender, QQ... whatever you call it. With a delightfully charred flavour. Really good stuff.

Many dips but the beetroot and fried egg puree were my favourites. It's amazing how they always get their flavours spot on no matter how odd the dish sounds.