This is most definitely one of the best chocolate bun I've had from any bakery in Singapore. And it's only $1.80!!

As someone who champions a minimum of 1:2 bread to filling ratio, trust me when I say that the filling in this is SO generous.

And the best thing is, the taste of chocolate in this bun is legit. You know how some chocolate fillings have that artificial flavouring taste that crushes a chocolate-lover's hopes and dreams? None of that bullshit here. While the taste isn't so rich and decadent that you'd henceforth announce a boycott of Awfully Chocolate or Chocolate Origins, it still is pretty awesome flavour you're getting for less than $2.

Not too sure if this is the same as the Chocolate Lava Bun that their posters advertised, but this was labelled on the shelves as Belgium Chocolate Bun.

MK Levure Naturelle is probably my absolute favourite bakery in Singapore, for the low price, awesome quality, and great variety of breads it offers. There are just so many flavours that I enjoy immensely. Do try the Teriyaki Chicken, Cinnamon Raisin and Nutella Crunch loaves if you happen to pass by. You know what, try ALL the flavours - and you can do that for free because they put out baskets of free samples for all their loaves. So much awesomeness. Can I just live here already?

For just $3, you can get a bowl brimming with flavorful coconut based laksa broth with either thick slippery noodles or thin vermicelli. Brownie points for chockful of ingredients (think cockles, fishcakes, taupok) Paradise in each mouthful. Yums!

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Bought at Crystal Jade My Bread at Ngee Ann City for only $1.80
Quite a large croissant that fills you up as dessert, it is served chilled so dont expect it to be warm. In my opinion, the chill from the fillings compliments well with the buttery flakg croissant
Definitely worth all the rich chocolate and gooey custard that will leave you wanting more!! ^^


Calling all MATCHA LOVERS, you have to try this! It was sold out and I waited patiently for a week for this. Pureté (means purity in French) Uji Matcha is full of pure matcha-ness! The first crack of the thick matcha coat with chocolate & cookie bits revealed the velvety smooth matcha ice cream. I just can't get enough of this. I want another one! 😍

P.S.: It is made from Kyoto Uji Matcha. 😉


Another #musttry cake at @chateraise.singapore! One of the best I've tried. 😋👍🏻 I love how the cake reminded neat and not falling apart even to my last bite. ☺️👍🏻

A legit tasting cheesecake! Not too dense or too light, and it's so pretty too! Rainbow colours. At this Halal, cafe across from the Lab SG And next to Fluff bakery is this cosy Cake Love, with free wifi, beautiful cakes and a nett prices menu, it's a great place to chill out!

50% off on beverages if you buy a cake from Pine Garden - available from Mon - Fri. Enjoying my Lychee Martini cake 🍰🍹

Well known for the buttercream cakes, this was a lovely twist as their soft sponge cake are layered with pulut hitam mousse (black glutinous rice and coconut milk). More pulut hitam was lathered on top, making it a yummy delight!!

Ate this and bean powder bingsu at Twins for lunch today. First time eating jajangmyeon and to me this was a good first experience. Noodles were qq and the sauce was flavourful with chunks of stir fried meat and onions inside! Will like it if they added sliced cucumbers too though. 3.5/5


Each cost $1.50. Egg tart, mo mo tart with lotus paste, cha Siew pastry, chicken pastry, old wife pastry, kaya pastry, red bean roll all from a well known bakery from KL. Nice and delicious.

Got the chance to finally try out Nookie Yogurt & I must say it's pretty good! Not as creamy & milky as llao llao (cause I'm mildly lactose intolerant), so this is something that I can eat constantly! What more, the pricing is pretty competitive with llao llao as well! At S$6.90, you get yogurt, a full banana, strawberries, cookie crumbs & salted caramel.

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Situated at the basement of Concorde Hotel, this Korean stall is very popular at lunch and dinner times. The spicy chicken soup set comes highly recommended at $6.50, along with their potato pancake at $3.50. If you're in town and craving some authentic Korean food, look no further than the distinct blue signboard with a line of people queuing for some good food.

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