One of the first few açaí places I’ve tried! The quality here is consistent and good.

Love the almond / peanut butter and also how generous they are with the granola and nuts.

The açaí here is more on the sweet side though, so it’s a good dessert but might not be as healthy 😛 A good treat for yourself nonetheless.

My ultimate fav place to visit when I’m craving for authentic Taiwanese food 🤩

Was brought here by a friend and I’ve never looked back ever since! Been here 2-3 times and have always left feeling super satisfied. The owners of the place are from Taiwan and the whole interior is really cute. It’s a throwback to student days because of the classroom setting 😛

The braised pork rice is A+, really reminds me of the ones I ate in Taiwan. Love the beef noodles too! I’ve tried the brown sugar boba milk as well and really like it :))) Service is prompt and friendly! Would recommend ☺️

My fav place for 烤鱼! Probably because it’s the first place that introduced me to kaoyu, so it’ll always have a special place in my heart 😛

Have been to this place at least 3-4 times, and have always left very satisfied. Service is not the most friendly but it’s always prompt; it’s slightly better when you visit in the afternoon (i.e. not peak period).

The fish is always fresh, juicy and meaty. The mala level is customisable and so are the other ingredients (料) like potato slices, beancurd skin etc. Beancurd skin goes so well with the mala sauce/soup!

The mala sauce/soup is salty and spicy, exactly the way mala should be. But it’s not exceedingly salty/spicy/numbing so I find that it has just the right amount of flavour. 🤩

Prices are not the most affordable though, so it’s definitely not an everyday meal. But good to share it with friends for a get-together :) The location is pretty convenient as well.

Dropped by for some dumpling goodness 🥟

There was a queue when I arrived so I had to key in my number and wait around. I was expecting to wait around 30mins but I actually got called about 15mins in, not too bad :) The concept of this place is really funky/vintage, the interior is dim and cozy and the menus are really cute!!

My friend and I ordered a plate of dumpling platter (original, smoked duck, fried pierogi, veggie etc) and a bowl of braised pork noodles to share. Both were really delicious! The noodles were chewy and soaked up the delicious savoury sauce of the braised pork. The dumplings were good as well - my fav was the fried pierogi and the smoked duck. Very unique flavours/combinations 🤩

Wanted to get some dessert dumplings to try but there weren’t any available that day, would’ve loved to try them.

There were some miscomms initially but the service staff was friendly and quick to rectify, so it was all good :)

One of my fav places for Taiwanese food!

Comparable to Din Tai Fung and slightly cheaper too. Sells plenty of food items that I like - egg fried rice with pork chop, beef noodles, braised pork rice, 盐酥鸡 🤩

Everything that I’ve tried here has been pretty top-notch, would recommend! The pork chop is particularly delicious.

A pretty cozy spot, there are not a lot of seats so you might have to queue during peak periods. But service is quick and friendly. ☺️ Prices are affordable too. Will be back again!

Tiong Bahru Bakery is not exactly the most affordable place to grab desserts, but it’s one of the spots that consistently serves quality pastries.

The Kouign Amann is a must-have, in my opinion. It looks so simple but it’s so buttery and flakey. 🤩 And the caramelized exterior makes it so crispy. Yumz! It’s on the sweet side though so it might not be for everyone, but it’ll go well with a cup of tea / coffee :)

The croissants here are also delicious. Have tried a few different flavours (matcha, almond etc) and they’re all yummy. So far I haven’t had any misses here!


I’m not kidding when I say this cup of avocado juice was life-changing.

It’s so good so fresh so creamy so delicious that I took a sip of it and I literally gasped. And I never looked back again at the subpar avocado juices I drank in the past. So! Damn! Good!

Definitely get a cup of it if you’re around the area, you won’t regret it!! 🤩

Privé at Chijmes has such a lovely ambience with the gorgeous lawn and fairy lights - a great place to catch up and chill with a few friends 😌

The aglio olio with roast pork belly that I had was good, though just a tad more oily than what I would have liked. We also ordered Japanese-themed nachos (Nihon Nachos) to share and it was really interesting! Tasted like curry puff pastry, but I like it 😂

Was in time for their Happy Hour too so we had some classic mojitos🍸 All in all, a good evening. Cheers 🥂

Always like going to Maki-San because I get to customise my sushi roll 😌 And I’m very happy to see that Maki-San has been consistently introducing new options/ideas!!

Got myself a roll with purple sweet potato (new!), cherry tomatoes, steamed prawns, avocado and mushrooms. The purple sweet potato was good! Added the Indonesian Sweet Sauce, which was a new addition as well. The sweet sauce was really good but also quite spicy!

Wasn’t planning to drop by here initially but the exterior of this place is really cool/minimalistic and there were lots of people going in and out of the place! So my friend and I decided to check it out.

The bottom floors housed the cafe and there was a massage service at the upper floor. The interior is nature-themed, with mini waterfalls and all. And the vibes of this place were very rejuvenating!

Got some quesadillas and a cleansing juice and both were delicious! They sell a mix of local and international food (probably to cater to the rather international crowd) and also have a wide range of healthy juices that have different benefits (cleansing, relaxing etc). Enjoyed this place a lot :)

Been to Tsui Wah when I visited HK back in 2013 and the one thing that I couldn’t forget is the Crispy Buns with condensed milk (奶油猪).

It sounds so basic but honestly no one does it as good as Tsui Wah. You HAVE to get this when you’re here!

But do eat it when it’s still hot and crispy, because once it turns cold it gets pretty tough to bite. I’ll be back for these buns 😝

One of the most highly raved cafe in Ubud! The decor and vibes of the place were very tropical and bohemian, they were lots of cushions lying around and I saw many backpackers and solo travellers chilling by the window side with a book and a drink 📚

This place serves very healthy and clean food - including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free options. The portions were pretty huge too! Larger than what the other stores serve I believe. Food quality was great and fresh, though my friend’s pasta was slightly on the bland side so she had to add salt herself (but not sure if the lack of salt was part of the healthy concept, haha). But all in all, a great meal!