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From the Burpple community

WHITE DAWN IS STILL MY FAVORITE: CHRYSANTHEMUM AND LEMONGRASS 💯👅 another new flavour is ATHENA which is olive oil with raspberry leaf, the best part of their gelato is definitely the smooth creamy texture 👍

loves the vibes!! very very pretty place but can get noisy from acoustics when crowded

hazelnut was rich.
jasmine was decent but became quite sweet towards the end

Pistachio is awesome, blue cheese choc is unique (lingering blue cheese after taste) and the buttery biscoff was mild. Waffle is lovely, crisp n buttery! Very balance dessert shared by 5. Yummy!

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Snowflake Jasmine, true to its name, was heavily perfumed with the floral scent, and it also shone through in its taste as well. Definitely a must try.
Bitter Gianduja, while a standard flavour, was executed well.


rly enjoyed the nice & crispy waffles ($7)! staff told us we could have the 1 for 1 single scoop gelato only (not sure why 1 for 1 waffles not applicable) but that's ok! the aphrodite flavoured ice cream (has blue cheese & chocolate) was super bold & chocolatey, while the sunset lavender was really flowery & creamy. each scoop was $5 so we spent a total of $12 for this & we rly loved it! we wanted the croffles ($6) too but they only sell that on sundays :-( can also guess the mystery flavour of the month for a free scoop of ice cream!!


Mad worth with the Burpple 1-1 deal. We got the salted honey and genmaicha flavoured gelato. Loved the croffles as compared to the usual waffles as it gave that extra butter oompf to the dessert. Would come back for the genmaicha gelato too as it had that earthy tea taste contrasting the sweetness of the gelato.