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The meal won’t be completed without having their masala chai. It is served after meal (free with the set). So hot that we can’t even hold it and need to drink while holding their metal coasters. We can’t even replicate this at home (despite buying tea bag or loose tea leaf) so do give this a try! 🤓

Part of meal combos (a great set not to be missed other than their Saravana Special meals which we tried last time) 👌
The Gujarati set is comprised of sweet, salad and small bowl of goodies namely:

👉 2 Phulka: chapati flat bread
👉 Jeera rice: rice & cumin seed
👉 2 Sabzi: Gravy & Dry (vegetable curry)
👉 1 cup curd: White yoghurt which we keep to have with the dessert bowl nearby
👉 1 Pappad: The poppadom is roasted and very crunchy (dipping good with Sabzi)

We are particularly fond of the Peas & Corns sabzi. They look mild but really mind-blowing!! 🌶
🤘 No MSG, No reused oil, no preservatives
Pure vegetarian, Jain & Buddhist dishes, kids menu available

A set that brought us back again to this Indian eatery. Dosai & Vada deliver nice texture & taste as expected. The mint green yoghurt is amazingly refreshing. Kesari finish off the meal in a high note. 👍😁

We ordered Blackened Barramundi and Pork Belly and both were good! ⁣

Super love the pork belly fats 🤣, it was very soft! Barramundi was good and fresh too but the sauce were inclined towards being sweet. Avocado was super good and fresh as well! ⁣

We also ordered an additional rye sourdough which was yummy too! It came with butter and olive oil+vinegar to go along with your sourdough. ⁣

If only Burpplebeyond is entitled to choose other main dishes as well! But still a super yummy and satisfied meal, we’ll be back! ⁣Staff was super friendly and helpful too~

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Come by this cosy spot in Little India for good conversations and coffee. Pair their 7-Spiced Chai ($6) with the sweet and fluffy Banana Loaf (from $2.50). Otherwise, kick it old school with the Flat White ($5) and buttery Croissant (from $2.50).
Photo by Burppler The RantingPanda

Rice was fluffy and soaked up the curry well. Affordable and tasty!
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Having went for their Brownie during our previous visit here sparked our curiosity on how their croissants would be like — an item which we had missed during our first visit because they were just simply sold out of all forms of croissants and Danishes by the time we arrived. Really totally enjoyed this one; the exterior so crusty from the sugary layer that coats the entire bread, while the insides were soft yet firm, buttery, light and flaky and absolutely a joy to have. If there were to be a comparison made, this would sit nicely in between Tiong Bahru Bakery's rendition and Barcook Bakery's variant — an in-between for its texture with the sweetness slightly veering towards the Tiong Bahru Bakery one. Pretty sure the Kouign Amann here is something I would very much specifically crave for (the Brownie is as great, though its certainly too big for one), and one that I would be most happy to make the special trip down for.

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Carona chicken would be familiar to some, and here is where you can get a taste of nostalgia in Jalan Besar.

TGIF and Happy Thanksgiving shopping!

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Chimichanga? Or chimi-chuckitinthebin? Chimichanga has been around for a while, and after devouring their Salt Pork Tinga chimichanga ($12 NETT, yeah bwoi), I can see why they’ve managed to keep the fiesta going.

So, a chimichanga is basically a burrito that’s been MURICA’d. Or in layman terms, it’s been deep fried. Of course deep frying makes everything better, and in Chimichanga’s case, it made a decent burrito even better. The thin tortilla that encased the filling turned into a charmingly crispy, glorious golden carb cocoon of deliciousness, and the ambrosial amarillo rice inside was just so satisfying to the soul.

I was surprised by just how mildly flavoured the salt pork tinga was, especially since I expected it to be a full on intense flavour fiesta. The friendly guy serving me (might’ve been the owner or manager, I didn’t think to ask) explained that they did try the very traditional, straight outta Cholula recipe, but Singaporeans simply weren’t ready for the mind blowing savouriness. Still, the pork was tender and juicy, and all it really needed was some of the hot sauce sitting on the table to make tinga great again.

For only twelve bucks, this was quite the steal. It’s a little small, but it’s a perfect stomach filler when chased down by a majestic mojito, or a frozen margarita. Don’t be that foo who sleep on this bad boy, ese.

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Yummy and interesting experience.
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$5.70 for creamy butter chicken with rice. It's kinda mid range pricing as compared to hawker food which ranges from $3 to $5 for this portion.

The food is well done but the sauce was off today. It is supposed to be sweeter but the flavour was flat. Maybe the chef is having a bad day :(

You can also choose to add dishes to your cooked food. Very popular dining place and always full during lunch time!

chicken, rice, curry, pappadom



Worth Eat?
The Briyani tasted good but not exceptionally special. Tbh I think what stood out for me was the huge pack of pappadom they included.