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Xiao Long Bao ($8++) - my favourite, must order! The skin is delightfully thin but yet strong enough to hold all the flavourful soup and meat inside

Ordered the favorite menu! It was good and the price was affordable.

Comfort food and not much waiting time involved.

Way more affordable and still taste reasonable as compared to other dim sum places.

Yes, with #burpplebeyond it's possible. Although it's not the best, it's not too bad either considering the spread available (scallops, bamboo clams, mutton slices, etc). You're able to satisfy your mala cravings definitely. Do note that your clothes will smell of mala oil after the meal, so just go really casual if you want to!

We were in the Jalan Besar area and decided to check this stall off our respective makan lists. The fried chicken wings were quite tasty (although they were not served hot as we would have liked), and the rice was the hainanese chicken rice kind of rice which was a plus point (really went well with the chilli sauce). Overall, this is a cheap & good option if you’re in the area but not something i would travel all the way down for.


I’ve read lotsa raving reviews on their ondeh ondeh cake and decided to give it a try on a Sunday afternoon. We were surprised that there isn’t a single soul in the restaurant apart from the staffs. The cake appeared to be smaller than what we saw on pictures. It’s very light and not too sweet. I was expecting ondeh ondeh taste to be stronger but it wasn’t. It’s not too bad overall but there’s nothing to wow about. $9.50 for a small slice of cake + vanilla ice cream is kinda pricey. Probably wouldn’t go back again.

Horlick-infused genoise sponge, horlick mousse, horlick-infused french chantilly cream and topped with roasted hazelnut brittle
Horlick-infused genoise sponge has a light and airy texture to it
The horlick mousse was smooth. And both the mousse and the french chantilly cream contributed a strong rich malty flavour. The roasted hazelnut brittle had a good amount of nuts which gave a good crunch
But however, I find it too rich/malty for my liking as my mouth feels rather dry afterwards
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An umami bomb - the salted-egg sauce bursts forth with salt, spice and cream, rich oils that melt into an aromatic mess in your mouth. Layer that with the crustacean complexity of two crab flavours and textures. Perfect for sharing - a little too rich for just one person unless you are absolutely starved for the day.

Coconut-lemak chili padi laced sauce, goes fusion with Italian earthy mushrooms, arugula and cherry tomatoes. Topped with a generous full breast of smoked duck with sweet unagi sauce. The robust flavours of Malay cooking - the sweet, the salty, the spiced and the hot/spicy has all come to the fore in this dish. A crowd pleaser.

Creamy cheesy buttery lemony sauce drowning some ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach, and a badass 350gm piece of seared salmon, with a tribute of rocket leaves to make it almost seem healthy. The lemon cuts through to lighten the going, but you must really love cream and cheese to order this - and you might then find yourself in your food heaven.