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My recommendation : BBQ Pork Pastry, Crispy Mee Sua Kueh, Watercress Honey Ice Jelly, Japanese Dumplings.

I made a visit yesterday to the Dimsum Haus, since i was so eager to try. So here it is my review (please note that this is subjective to me and my friends liking):

• Steamed Charcoal Chicken and Shrimp
It is a combi of seaweed and tobiko inside with chicken. It is juicy, and tender. But that was nothing memorable.

• Watercress Honey Jelly
This dessert really blow me up. It's sweet, but at the right amount. The lightness of this dessert slide down my throat, and bring nauseated feelings after a decent meal gone.

• BBQ Pork Pastry
This is definitely the one you should order. This was crispy on the inside and tasty as well. When the order came, the smell was super nice. The pastry is kind of sweet and has the special taste on it. Definitely 5/5

• Crispy Mee Sua Kueh
This is also a great must to eat. Super crispy at the outside but taste good on inside too! I think its quite oily but still torelable. I have to say i like this dish better than at any place.

• Honey bbq pork bun
It just a regular bun for me. I didn't really like it because it tasteless. The bun is not fluffy enough and the pork inside was just meh.

• Japanese dumpling
Super smooth skin! The dumplings were plump and full of ingredients. The coriander leaf was a great added into the smell and taste.

• Pan Seared Mushroom
This is quite dissapoint me. I thought it would be some great dimsum. But i think it turns out to be just ori mushroom bun. They put like a fried mee, but it has no taste. The bun itself also not fluffy

The time i came, around 9 pm. the baked salted egg bun was gone :(. You rlly need to come faster to get it i think.

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This is my 2nd visit to Creatures, and I had the Babi Pongteh this time round.

The slow-cooked pork belly just melted in my mouth and the gravy was the best thing to pair the fragrant white rice with 😋 Just like my 1st visit, I left the place knowing that I need to come back for more!

From the stall that is constantly making fresh naan. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tandoori roti. The nuttiness from the whole wheat flour and the chewiness from the dough made it a perfect base for the chicken. Even better, they make it fresh! The daal was thick and spicy and the mint chutney was refreshing. Both complemented the dish really well!

Really impressed with the quality and price of Indian food that Tekka Market offers. I think it’s the best place to get your Indian food fix!

It has got to be one of the best braised duck rice I’ve had. The dark sauce on the white rice was so fragrant and I would slurp it up with a scoop of the herbal soup that comes with it. The duck meat although portion’s small, wasn’t dry. Instead, it was moist and tender. I’ve already had this twice in a week 😂

Braised Duck Rice SGD3.50

Too much that we had to ‘doggy bag’ 📦
Pan Seared Salmon with Ravioli ($28) was another super thick serving of fresh Norwegian fillet in a rather ‘gerlet’ rich cream butter sauce 🐟
Ayam Pangang Sapit ($25) was a grilled USA chicken leg served with pretty colored aromatic rice 🍗
Chicken Jenganan Parmigiana ($28) was a pan seared Brazilian chicken thigh drizzled with mozzarella cheese. Again a big serving with truffle fries but I really love the sautéed mushrooms at the side 🍄
A good place to go for Halal food and I strongly recommend sharing the yummy as the portion was really huge (kinda ‘commensurate’ with the price tag). I’ll also suggest to take the upper floor seating instead of ground floor as you could have ‘extra’ topping when diners at upper floor get too excited & start stamping their feet on the ‘antique’ wooden flooring

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The owners make it a point to cook up dishes that are not only delicious, but healthy as well. That’s why their biryani is unlike the usual heavy oily ones you get from random stalls, instead the rice is light, fluffy and yet fragrant - I totally felt guilt free after eating it. Highly recommend the mutton briyani, as the meat is cooked perfectly, achieving that melt in your mouth consistency. Absolutely delicious and definitely the best biryani in sg, albeit a little pricey. #food #foodphotography #foodie #burpple #sgfoodies #singapore #foodporn #sgfood #foodsg #sg #sgfoodie #noms #nom #eats #sgeats #burpplesg #indian #biryani #indianfood #mutton #sheep #lamb #rice #littleindia

Craving for a soupy supper? This hotpot joint's got you covered till 2am with the works — from fresh ingredients to a wide variety of soup bases, including an umami laksa broth.
Photo by Burppler Ivy Ting

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Your next weekend fam lunch should look a lot like this: Value-for-money Korean-fusion BBQ with over 50 items, including 13 (!) different flavours of pork belly.
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One of the better thosai. Crispy and sufficiently sour. Daal is watery but goes well with the thosai. Lady is really nice!!! It’s in the 2nd aisle next to a Muslim shop.

Flavour is nice but less flavourful than the stall beside it (Yakadar). Rice is grainy and not too wet. The mutton is very tender with lots of tendon. I think they have the best mutton. Serving size is small.