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Very loosely packed and incredibly juicy. It's full of umami too. Superb stuff

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Very good. The red kind of char siew inside, could be abit more generous but it's sweet enough and umami enough. Both the interior and exterior were fluffy

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They got some weird prices man wth

The filling was intense but abit oily. Exterior was crispy and the texture after being soaked in the custard was v dense, slightly sticky and chewy, with a lot of bite. I feel like it's then closer to some kinds of Kueh more than bun

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Weird name. The English name was wolfberry mushroom, the mandarin name on the menu was shrimp pork, when in fact it contains all 4. Come on

Passable but didn't impress. Somewhat generous in filling though

Delicious. The carrot cake itself was ok, not v crispy at all but the crispy toppings were full of umami and remained v crispy. Somehow the same toppings didn't work for the noodles tho, maybe it's a ratio issue as you can see this was extremely generous

It's not good. The tendon was melt in your mouth,but beef was super dry and the noodle sauce/toppings didn't impress at all either

Yup the interior is pretty good, basically all prawn. But exterior isn't anywhere near as blue as you would expect lol

very worth, coffee and bakes 1-1 is a great perk me up in the morning

small little shop, very decent breakfast

A hearty big breakfast with a well-balanced variety of ingredients and flavours. The Steep’s breakfast includes sourdough, choice of eggs (I chose scrambled), turkey bacon, avocado, mushroom, herb sausage, mixed greens, tater tots and roasted tomato.

This is a nice and cosy place to chill over brunch but the space is rather small with limited seatings so it’s best to visit during a not-so-busy time of the day. They are quite generous with the servings. The scrambled egg was rich & creamy and everything else just went well together.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 30% off total bill ✌ (U.P $19)