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Since we can't travel to Osaka, then let Seiwa bring Osaka to us!
I like the batter and the generous mix of ingredients that went into it. We tried the pork okonomiyaki and it was light enough and a good balance to pair off with our Suntory.

Tender Beef Brisket with mustard sauce and pickled beetroot on a nice chappati

Have you been thinking of traveling right now? Well, I do.

Due to Covid we can’t travel right now BUT we can find restaurants that have the “country vibes” to ease our ❤️, 🧠, 👀, 👄

It a table for two and we ordered the beef brisket, crispy barramundi & Margherita pizza.

Food verdict

The beef brisket:
The meat was so well marinated and soft it also come together with scallop/potato/asparagus & two types of sauces.

Crispy barramundi:
The crispy batter of the barramundi was cold and soggy but the barramundi meat it self was hot.

Margherita pizza:
What amaze us was they used a wood fire oven for the 🍕🍕which make the pizza more delicious.

Very well done ribeye steak, juicy, moist and tender, this was grilled with fresh rosemary and knob of butter.Sides included basil mashed potatoes which was extremely smooth, with caramelized shallots and avocado puree, the latter which I found to be an awkward pairing with the savory mains. With 1for1, a good deal, but price is slightly steep at regular price of $32.

Overall a great dish! Even though the beef brisket done in red wine sauce was slightly tough n salty, the baby scallops and potato side drenched in cream of mushroom sauce was delightful. Service could be improved though, we ordered beer during Happy hour but was charged full price, so double check your bills! Still, overall ambience in this little hole in e wall shop is very indie and laid back, so great place to unwind! Love their wood fire oven as well, bread is lovely with plenty of unique dips.

(curried granita and carabinero) tasting menu $85++ (before 20% Singapore ReDiscovers discount) What. A. Treat. Simply fab value for a 7-course menu. There’s so many instances of fusion or modern food gone wrong; there was barely a misstep here. Each dish was nicely plated and the combinations of flavors worked a treat (I found the Biryani Nigiri, the carabinero, butter chicken, and their smoked yoghurt ice cream especially pleasing). Needless to say we enjoyed excellent service as well. The menu is constantly evolving so the items will vary.

I like this place as it represents good value. Vegetable dishes like aloo gobi and palak paneer are about 3 dollars, while meats are 5 to 7 dollars.

Good tasting, good value. But always ask for the price before ordering to avoid confusion.

The former is a flaky sweet dessert. The latter is a sticky ball of a texture similar to glutinous rice, but with smaller grains. It's much less sweet than many Indian desserts.

I came for this and the sauce really delivered. It's so rich, albeit silently spicy. However, it got jelak after a while. The chicken on the other hand was quite ordinary.