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The masala chai tea is a perk of ordering mini tiffin vadai set (served when we finish the set). It helps that we remind their staff at that time but if you want to enjoy this along the meal, do tell them). Served very hot, aromatic with just right amount of sweetness). 👌☕️
We love it so much that when we check out Mustafa Centre, we try to recreate the same tea but ain’t taste the same.😅

Tempted to order this mini tiffin set because of ‘Kesiri Bath’(an orange color Indian sweet). How Sweet Tooth we are!! 😛 It turns out ‘Masala Dosai’ served with chutney & sambar is the star!! The seasoned potato is stuffed proportionately beneath the dosai crepe. 🥔
We also enjoy 5 mini round ‘idli’ and the doughnut shaped ‘vadai’. It is a good value set as the portion for each component is very generous and well cooked.👌

We walked past this South Indian restaurant before (the first time we decided not to try as we thought we were early (11 ish) and saw no customers inside the restaurant).🤔
This time we look and again see none! 😱 Until we stand there and ponder as it is a hot afternoon today and we are so hungry! Someone leave the door ajar and we see a big family group sitting inside the restaurant. Our confidence soars even more when we notice one man rushing before us to get into the restaurant.😆
We found out that the place is not well lit so it looks as if none inside at peak hour lunch time. The pic shows what we order for 2 persons (Total bill $25) No service charge (only GST 7% applied)
Note 📝: the place got quite a mixed review in google but don’t be intimidated by that. The staff might seem rush to take your order but they are responding to our request quite fast.🤓

Loved everything about this - the suckling pig’s crackling skin, tender meat, fluffy aromatic basmati, thoughtful inclusion of lemon and refreshing raita in case it ever gets too rich, and the same darn tasty madras mustard that seems to complement everything so well.

Unfortunately this is excluded from burpplebeyond’s 1-for-1 main dish deal (but there’s still a lot of other delish dishes you could utilize the 1-for-1 for!)

Damn this is some juicy chicken. It's butter chicken but I haven't drizzled the butter goodness.
Personally, it was great even without the sauce.
Definitely worth coming again for this thang.

Ordered 3 sets that was $16.50 in total. Super worth and very yummy. 10/10 would go again! Sadly didn’t have time to get the Masala Tea :(

For a slightly more common fare but undoubtedly done well - the Bhaji onion rings (which are the only onions I’ll happily eat), was well-seasoned, and the batter was so light and crisp as it should be.


No doubt the #1 go-to dim sum place for those who crave a variety of decent dim sum (esp. in the wee hours of the night) – Fav table has got to be those along the roadside kerb as it was a cheap form of alfresco dining. Whoop!

One of my (many) favourites of the night would be this spit-roasted eggplant, which was smoky, soft, coated with a well-balanced sweet and tangy tamarind/ date glaze. I loved the savory addition of Parmesan cheese!

Thank you @meatsmith_sg for having us and #burpple for the invite!

PS. Enjoy 1-for-1 with #BurppleBeyond here! Do check on any deal restrictions☺️


Surprisingly LOVED the non-meat dishes here which are are definitely must-orders.

The cauliflower was an umami party with spices, fragrant curry leaves and a pretty damn good tomato relish! Pretty cool that it was a whole cauliflower smoked, roasted and yet texture was perfectly done - soft, with a good bite.

Thank you @meatsmith_sg for having us and #burpple for the invite!

PS. Enjoy 1-for-1 with #BurppleBeyond here! Do check on any deal restrictions☺️


Done like tacos, but with tasty naan, this was one of my favorite sides here! Textures and flavours are well-balanced with the perfectly deep fried fish which was soft and chunky, served with madras sauce, yoghurt and onions - Eat this while it’s piping hot!

There’s also Kerala Beef and New Delhi Hot Chicken Kathi Naans for those who doesn’t fancy fish.

PS. Kathi Naans are available for a 1-for-1 deal on Burpple Beyond!


The soft shell crab was light and crisp, not too greasy. Not your typical bisque but equally smooth and creamy and it’s very flavourful, a good contrast with the yoghurt sauce.