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Creatures Chocolate Cake ($18).

Many things I like about this cake here. The espresso chocolate sponge is fluffy, moist and airy. On top of the rich 70% dark chocolate is dusted pink Himalayan salt that cuts through the sweetness, so you get a medley of mild salty, sweet, and bitter in a single finish.
This was served with coconut ice cream and thick gooey homemade salted caramel. It's a good chocolate cake, but need to share this with a few friends to split the otherwise hefty price tag.
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For Muslim-owned Grain Bowls and More

Tucked within the newly opened boutique hotel, The Daulat, this Muslim-owned cafe is run by the guys behind Working Title, Afterwit and The Mad Sailors. Santap, which means to eat luxuriously in Malay, serves hearty grain bowls, sandwiches and pizzas. Indoor seating is limited to a communal table, so it's best to dress comfortably and sit alfresco on a cool day. Go for the Beef Rice Bowl ($15) that comes with cherry tomatoes, a poached egg and red onions set atop a bed of cauliflower and brown rice mix. It's topped with alfalfa sprouts, red daikon and drizzled with a housemade tonkatsu sauce. Otherwise, you won't go wrong with the Aubergine Pizza ($13), topped with feta cheese, okra and curry mayonnaise. Pro tip: During Ramadan, Santap opens only from 5pm on weekdays, and on offer is a $15 set meal for any main and a drink.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Hilary See

Nepali Dishes

Mutton Briyani with Gravy - $9.50
Very fragrant and delicious with a generous amount of boneless, juicy mutton chunks.

Mustang Coffee (Coffee served with liquor, typical Mustang style) - $3.50
A unique coffee with rum and honey. Without sugar, it was a bit bitter so I added three teaspoons of sugar and it wasn't bitter anymore.
Something nice to try.

Pudina Gosht (Boneless lamb cooked in fresh mint and spices) - $12.00
This was very appetising with a very mild minty flavour but definitely fragrant because there we spices used. There were generous portion of lamb chunks and it was so tasty, I had mouthfuls of this dish by itself (without dipping in my naan or with the Briyani). It would be good to have it with some plain Basmati rice so taste of this dish can come out more.

Plain Naan - $1.90
Soft and had a honey taste to it. Delicious!

Nepalese Special Tea (prepared with spices and milk) - $2.50
Spiced tea with most probably some black pepper, ginger, cardamom and clove. Very good as I like spiced teas and coffees.

Chicken Sekuwa (tender chicken marinated in Nepalese style and grilled on charcoal) - $11.50
Very soft, and moist making chewing and swallowing easier.Also it was fragrant and flavourful. The portion was also good for its price.

Extremely good service. Staff was nice, polite, and took great pride in their job also and kept checking if we needed water, and also if everything was good. Papadams (Indian crisps, not pictured) and mint sauce(not pictured) were served while we waited for our mains to be served. Prices are subjected to GST and Service Charge.A great place that I would recommend and go back to.

Beef Rice Bowl

[Halal] If you're looking for a cozy outdoor café to sit down and enjoy a bowl of rice with plenty of fresh veggies and herbs, then Santap and its Iftar Set (Rice Bowl + Drink, $15) might just be right up your alley.

It is the brainchild of the people behind places like Afterwit, Mad Sailors and Working Title, and sees its menu adopting a healthy-and-clean-eating slant. To execute that, they've thrown in numerous fresh ingredients (plus a poached egg and a papadum) into the mixing bowl. What could go wrong with such an acceptable-sounding method? Not much, I guess, except for one - the over-reliance on it to produce a significant output in terms of taste.

Personally, I feel that this was the misstep. Don't get me wrong - I do think the Beef Rice Bowl has its merits. It makes for an aptly light meal for iftar, which paces very well with, what I'd like to call, the Ramadhan appetite. It was filling, but not to the point where you'd start feeling bloated and uncomfortable. The poached egg is also worth a mention - it was really well-made, with a firm, yet delicate egg white and a viscous yolk that oozes out with a pizzaz like Bruno Mars's.

However, it fell short because of how painfully average it is. Not sure if it was bland or that I was finding for just something to trigger the "wow this is good" gun in my head, but I kept feeling like I was eating it mindlessly. It is because of that very thing that I honestly believe it lacked sophistication or an element of surprise.

So while I do feel that Santap has an admirable concept, I think their Beef Rice Bowl leaves more to be desired. But hey, nothing a little bit of tweaking to the recipe can't fix right? Otherwise, they have other choices on the menu which probably trump this and are thus, worth a try. (6.8/10)

Masala Chai (SGD 2.5)

Joy to the World!! I finally found the best parantha place in Singapore!
Parantha is a North Indian term for crispy flaky whole-wheat flatbread generously cooked in oil/ ghee. Singapore is full of places serving prata which is not the same thing. This parantha can be made plain with simple spices or can be stuffed. For a north-Indian who has been looking for aloo parantha ~ stuffed with spiced potatoes ~ for the last 8 months - I AM IN HEAVEN!
Naturally, I did not wait to take a picture and dived in straight. But this goes so so well with hot masala tea.. There will be a next time very very soon and that's when I'll take that lovely picture (unless I can't resist yet again) #burpple #burpplesg #jaggis #littleindia #singapore

Just thinking about this Shrimp Rice Bowl (avocado, pineapple, black beans, white radish, housemade garlic butter sauce) that I had fifty-one working titles ago at Santap, a new Halal and Muslim-owned cafe concept situated within the Daulat Hotel in Little India.

The café serves specialty coffee, generously-portioned sandwiches such as their Chuck Meatballs and Aubergine Egg, brunch dishes such as their Challah French Toast and Frittata with Avocado and Smoked Salmon, as well as other rice bowls featuring meats like Lamb and Salmon.

Herb Chicken Sandwich

From Santap; the latest concept by the folks behind The Mad Sailors and Working Title situated at The Daulat near Rochor MRT Station — this new concept is Muslim-run, and aims to serve wholesome, healthy and hearty meals.

The Herb Chicken Sandwich might look a little intimidating at first with its size, but it's light and fluffy ciabatta bread proves to be rather easy to eat overall. Chicken was done pretty tender, with curry mayo and Emmental cheese to provide for a savoury flavour with a little creaminess. Topped with zucchini, it comes with a refreshing crunch. Not a big fan of the pappadum on the side that comes with salsa — carried a rather heavy palm oil flavour which I am not quite used to, though pretty fine disregarding that aspect.

Chocolate Melt with Ice-Cream

Molten chocolate lava cake lovers should go for this — the one here is done pretty well (less the generic Vanilla ice-cream on the side that melted a little too quick at our al-fresco table). As one cuts through the cake, the rich and thick chocolate filling oozes out pretty generously — the chocolate filling isn't too sweet or cloying not overly heaty. Quite the thing for chocolate lovers especially for those who love molten lava cakes.

Flat White

Serving up coffee brewed from The Black Hole blend, the Flat White comes with a medium body with a nutty finish being roasted from beans of Brazilian and Sumatran origin.

Beef Rice Bowl

Rice bowls at Santap comes default with cauliflower florets and brown rice topped with alfalfa, amaranth, red daikon — the Beef bowl also comes with poached egg (they offered a sunny side-up for ours), cherry tomatoes, corn, red onions and Tonkatsu sauce. Overall a pretty wholesome bowl that comes with a good balance of greens, meat and grains — the sunny side-up was runny with pretty tender slices of beef and greens to crunch on while the Tonkatsu sauce adds a tang to the rice bowl.

Thai Milk Tea Formage Cake, and "Beauty & The Beast” for brunch?


CreatureS has revamped their menu, and you can expect the indulgent Beauty & The Beast – that’s flower crab and crabmeat chunks in curry, Crayfish Hokkien Mee, and Thai Tea Formage Cake.
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3 Flavour Okonomiaki

Tom yam, Chilli Crab and sambal. Rest service, great place to hang out and chat. Had loads of fun! Super full!!! $35+