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21 Campbell Lane is where 馃嚭馃嚫 meets 馃嚠馃嚦 and that frisson of fusion food done right now lights up the night sky over Singapore鈥檚 Little India.
At last night鈥檚 hosted tasting, Head Chef Andrew Baldus got Rueann and I rolling with Picklebacks - a double trouble of #Amrut single malt whisky chased by a housemade jalape帽o pickle juice ($5). To say we loved it is an understatement.
Then it was on to the delightful American-BBQ-meets-taste-of-India creations that this place specialises in.
Our snacks of crispy Pulled Pork Samosas, chewy Currywurst Sausages, ridiculously tender Butter Chicken Hot Pockets and melt-the-mouth Madras Pork Cheeks (all priced between $7 and $8) captivated from the first chomp. Served piping hot, flavours were unabashedly full-on, which meant they鈥檙e equally enjoyable with or without the accompanying dips. By the way, what also impressed me was how the dips differed for each.
After this came the mains which were just as bold in concept and as successfully executed as the snacks.
Besides the awe-inspiring Briyani Stuffed Suckling Pig and stunningly done Tandoori Chicken (please see my other posts about them), we had Coconut Chutney Ribs (the recipe for the chutney came courtesy of Chef Mano鈥檚 grandmother) and Lamb Chops in Chimi Chutney. They were every bit as good as you can imagine. Even the three sides of vegetables were so delish I鈥檇 have them on their own.
Clearly, having a tandoor oven to play with has proven most inspiring for Chef Andrew. I can鈥檛 wait to see what else he and Chef Mano comes up with when they decide to expand the menu.

How did the Tandoor Chicken steal my heart? With a lip-smacking marinade and meat that鈥檚 incredibly moist and tender. Yes, it even passed the 鈥渂reast-test鈥 with flying colours - no dry stringiness whatsoever.
I found the chicken to pair very well with a tall glass of the housemade Nambu Pani, an Indian style of lemonade containing cumin (FREEFLOW: $4++). The non-teetotalers among you who shuddered at that thought will be relieved to know there are many alcoholic options but unfortunately, those aren鈥檛 freeflow 馃槅.
Like the rest of the items on the food menu here at Meatsmith Little India, the Tandoor Chicken is great for sharing - so you鈥檒l have more belly space to try their other tasty American-Indian fusion creations. However if you are after a dish to have yourself, this would be one of the most suitable options on the menu.

A signature at the newly-opened 鈥淢eatsmith Little India鈥 by Head Chef Andrew Baldus, the Stuffed Suckling Pig is a clever take on the traditional Chinese version that鈥檚 been making the rounds for years at restaurants from Hong Kong to Singapore.
Having been deboned and marinated in a special concoction for 48 hours, the skin of the piglet after roasting is suitably crisp while the meat beneath is juicy and very smooth. Instead of the glutinous rice in the Chinese version, Chef Andrew does an aromatic Indian-style Nasi Briyani stuffing. I love that the rice is moist, tasty and has a lot of dried fruit and nuts mixed in. It goes amazingly with the natural sweetness of the pork.

The unassuming side order of potatoes really took me by surprise. Flavours are spot-on and the crisp edges are excellent. The seasoning lends itself to the crispy curry leaves, making the entire dish incredibly addictive to munch with a glass of drink! The mint dip also helps give it a refreshing touch.

This was part of a hosted meal by Meatsmith.

Our lunch destination was closed today, so we went here again. Without a doubt, Swee Choon delivers quality dim sum but at a slightly price point.

Paprika Pulled Beef in Mini-Brioche with Cheddar and Fresh Slaw. Thought this was overall pretty much more sized like a burger than a slider 鈥 was expecting tinier buns for the sliders considering how this was a Spanish tapas concept. The slider felt a little dry both from the meat and the bread, though the pulled beef was void of any gamey flavour. That being said, I would have preferred the salsa to be included in the burger rather than at the side 鈥 the tanginess would have created a nice flavour contrast between the bread and the beef, while also enhancing the textures of the entire burger.

From The Great Mischief at The Great Madras at Madras Street, a new Spanish Tapas concept that is run by The Black Hole Group which operates other F&B concepts such as Santap, Working Title, Afterwit and The Mad Sailors which are popular with the Muslim community here.

The Bikini Party is essentially their variant of the Bikini Sandwich 鈥 Black Truffle Paste, Cheese and Turkey Ham between toast. Quite decent for something that could hardly go wrong; crisp toast with melted cheese with ham and a hint of truffle aroma in between. Quite something within what was expected and presented on the table.

From Roast Master, a new Hong Kong Roast specialty stall at Sim Lim Square 鈥 it's hard to miss this given the stall's prominent location beside Taste Good (the famed stall that serves Salted Egg Chicken Rice there). While they do serve the usual Char Siew and Roast Pork there, their specialty is seemingly their Irish Duck; something I am most probably going to try on my next visit here.

Opted for the Roast Meat & Char Siew Noodles 鈥 the noodles were nothing outstanding being too wet and soft; almost akin to being served as though it was starchy Mee Sua. That being said, the meats were enjoyable; the Char Siew is more on the sweeter side 鈥 a little fatty so it somewhat melts in the mouth but the winner was the Roasted Meat. The Roasted Meat was simply savoury; it leans closer to the leaner side but still found it on a good proportion of lean to fatty meat overall 鈥 really enjoyed that crackling skin over the top which was simply enjoyable. A place that I am likely to return to solve my meaty cravings; so gonna get my hands on their Irish Duck the next time!

Yet another one checked off from my list of to try places at Tekka Centre (had been eyeing on the stall but it's closed on Mondays). The queue does seem intimidating but it moves fast; got my order around 5 minutes after I started queueing. Really loved the flavourful braised liquid here that I was more than happy to drench onto the fluffy rice to finish it, while the duck meat was tender without being too grainy; slightly savoury from the braising as well. Good value at $3.50; a stall I would see myself patronising again especially since it's a lunch venue for me of the late.

The thali was nice but I didn鈥檛 really enjoy the chapati. It was rock hard. Thankfully I had swapped one of it for the poori.

Finally got around to trying Seiwaa, but for their buffet option! Buffet includes their okonomiyaki (options include pork, beef, seafood), monjakayki, appetizers (ate 2 bowls of edamame myself lol, get the tofu if you like cos they use the good quality kind!) (also has karaage chicken), and teppanyaki items. Of the teppanyaki, we really enjoyed their salmon and prawns, which were really fresh. The beef/lamb were kinda chewy, but I actually liked the texture so to each to their own. They also give you free ice cream at the end, but by then you would be bursting with bliss and fats.

Their Buffet option isn鈥檛 thaat cheap, but considering the quality of the seafood and other stuff, it鈥檚 really worth it. Also they have 52% off second diner for any card you use (I think!) which is 馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎 or you can take a cue from our neighboring Japanese customers, who just ordered an okonomiyaki EACH and buckets and buckets of beer.

When we talk about porridge we think the bland old dish that we eat for warmth and when we are not feeling well. Well thats not the case for this porridge found at Veerasamy Road which to my surprise it not boring at all.
I had the porridge with pork and egg and I have to say the taste and texture was amazing. The porridge was hot and taste absolutely heavenly with pork and egg to make it into congee. Match made in heaven. And the textures from the fried bread, meat, chopped spring onions, tangchye and fragrant fried shallots was just right. My recommended place to go visit.

Pro Tip: You can add amazing fried chicken from the store next door at the same food center with your porridge to make it a sinful combo.