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The Hyperadad biryani is really different and amazing, light and fragrant. Along with Rumali (Handkerchief) bread and butter chicken, and masala tea to end the meal. The curry gravy and yogurt sauce goes very well together too! Certainly the best biryani in Singapore!

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Knew this shop a million years ago when it first opened with no customers. The food has been consistently good. They do serve traditional local dim sum with a modern twist, which makes it more flavourful, less oily and definitely more to my liking. My favourite is the Japanese Dumpling (日式抄手), though it apparently it has nothing to do w Japan as the name suggests.

Used burpple 1-for-1 voucher for 2 steamed items - Jap dumpling & spinach shrimp dumping

Lamb shank cooked with biryani masala served with dhum biryani rice; $19;

Paneer burgee topped with mint, served with sweet & spicy chutney

Thanks to the excellent recommendation by @ieatishootipost who recently blogged about his visit to Mr. Biryani that we have come to know that our “nasi briyani" is more of a pulao with a Malay influence and usually served with a thick curry gravy as opposed to the authentic dhum “biryani”, which is from Hyderabad. In this biryani, the basmati rice shines through with the addition of ghee and masala spices, and the marinated meat is cooked together with it.

The Hyderabad Chicken Dhum Biryani ($9) here was so good, probably one of the best that I’ve even eaten, that we will definitely return again sometime soon. To make this dish, fresh chicken is first marinated with ginger garlic paste, spices and mint, and then cooked with the Basmati rice and garnished with coriander and fried onions. Every mouthful is an explosion of flavours with the fluffy rice that has been perfumed with the spices and the chicken that is fork tender. You do not need any curry gravy to go with it, as it is already so good on its own. Truly a memorable dish.

Besides the biryani, we also ordered the Palak Paneer ($9) and it nothing that we have ever tried before. We would usually order this cottage cheese cooked in creamy spinach gravy whenever we dine in an Indian restaurant but we didn’t expect this dish from this place to be so good. Perfect pairing with some naan bread.
Mr. Biryani
Address: 32, Norris Road, Singapore 208274
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This glutinous chicken is one of the recommended items at 2.50. Very palatable and look at the large mushroom and chunks of meat given. I enjoyed this much more than my mee sua kueh which came really fast but I think it was just taken off the takeaway counter. Having said that, it’s been ages since I’ve been to swee choon and I must say business is BOOMING. I came at 5.50pm (opened at 6pm) and there was a snaking long queue of both locals and tourists. Dim sum is generally served fast and I guess the affordable meals and large variety of HK and Shanghai Dim Sum keep people going back!