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Waiting time was a little long considering how the orders took around 15 to 20mins to be served — a little long considering the grab-and-go nature of most coffeeshop fare, especially those involving noodles. That being said, Pang’s Hakka Noodles is most certainly worth dropping by for its last hurrah at Xin Tekka — the Signature Hakka Noodle Set being the item to go for if one has yet to give it a try. Serving up their noodles in proper bowls is a welcomed move; wasn’t one who appreciated how they used to serve their items in paper bowls more meant for takeaways for the longest time — other changes include a price reduction of the set to $8.80 with them serving up a single piece of the prawn paste chicken wing instead of two as they had previously served, which makes the portion size of the set more manageable for an individual as well.

There isn’t anything I disliked with their Signature Hakka Noodle Set; and that’s something worth mentioning considering how I am one who doesn’t really enjoy Yong Tau Foo in general — the noodles comes with a good portion of minced meat and pork lard for a meaty bite and a crunch, all that being tossed with a rather piquant chili sauce that gives it an extra spicy punch that tickles the taste buds of those who are tolerable to moderate levels of spiciness. Also enjoyed how the noodles carry a good bite, while the various Yong Tau Foo pieces were fresh and flavourful — carrying prominent flavours of the ingredients without feeling as though the flavours of the items are washed away by the clean and light soup that they come swimming in. The prawn paste chicken wing is the reason why I always insistently order the set here — its always crisp, juicy and tender — the fried batter carrying a bold note of the umami prawn paste that the chicken wing is being marinated with; always served piping hot and fried freshly upon order, and is pretty much satisfaction guaranteed.

Haven’t heard of Pang’s Hakka Noodles finding a new location to operate from — but it would be greatly missed as a lunch time destination for me at least; not a particularly affordable option when compared against the hawker fare at Tekka Centre but this is certainly worth the splurge when the craving hits. Perhaps its time to savour what Xin Tekka has to offer before it shutters its operations from 1 May 2021, be it whichever stall one may go for ...

Got this because there was the “recommended” sign on the menu, but I think you can just get the seafood okonomiyaki ($16) because there wasn’t a lot of pork, and the small pork slices don’t really do much. It’s pretty decent and quite thick, but not amazing. Maybe I’m not that big of a fan, neither have I tried enough to comment if this is comparatively good.

They do have free flow bonito flakes, mayo and okonomiyaki sauce which you can add to your liking! Adding the bonito flakes made it more flavourful. Also, I don’t really reach out for mayo but I have to say that it was quite yummy with the okonomiyaki!

Tried the popular fried chicken wings ($1.50 per piece) and it hits all the sweet spots in a good piece of chicken wing: 1) the meat is tender and juicy, 2) the batter is very crispy and 3) overall, super flavourful and fragrant. The chicken wing goes well with the tangy and garlicky chilli sauce too - pretty hard to stop at one😋!

I decided to give Johor Road Boon Kee Pork Porridge a try as Mui Siong Bak Chor Mee is closed when I went down on Sat (😩) and I can’t decide what is more surprising: 1) having to wait 1 hour plus for the porridge, or 2) how gooood it actually is😍!

I ordered Mixed Pork Porridge with Century Egg ($4.50) which comes with sliced pork, meat ball, pork liver, pork stomach and century egg. Although this is not the super fine kind of porridge, it is still very smooth, fragrant and flavourful.

The pork liver is slightly pink and crunchy, and the handmade meat ball is well seasoned. Each component is well-executed and there is no porky aftertaste. My only grouse is that the youtiao is quite soggy - wish there is more crisp to it.

I tried this without any expectations and I must say that I’m pretty impressed - glad the long wait paid off!

I had the largest bowl at $5, opting for a mix of bee hoon and mee (yellow noodle) which also come with bean sprouts and four halved prawns that have been shelled and deveined.
A small bowl of prawn soup is served on the side.
Firstly, the prawns. I loved the freshness and firm bite but that is only because sea-caught prawns like ang ka and sua lor are used. Non of that farmed nonsense is being used here.
Apart from that, another highlight would be the tender and chewy pork slices which is one of my favorite things to eat. I seriously could not get enough of them and should have topped up for more.
Next, Theron home-made sambal chili is really good and the sauce-mix coated the bee hoon/mee really well. During the tossing, I even discovered crispy pork lard hidden at the bottom of the bowl!
The fried shallot crisps sprinkled on the noodle deserve a mention. Just the thought of peeling all those shallots alone is enough to make me cringe however, instead of relying on ready-made supplies, the stall make their own.
Indeed, the effort shows as the freshly fried shallot crisps are far more superior in terms of texture and aroma compared to the stale and rancid ones from the suppliers.
The prawn broth is on the lighter side, but still flavorful enough with crustacean essence and a underlying pork sweetness that does not make me feel guilty for finishing it to the last drop.
Read more: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2021/03/545-whampoa-prawn-noodle-tekka-market.html?m=1

Duck could be just a tad tender(I got all breast), and the portion is small for the standard size

Nonetheless, the braising sauce was quite intense and it's savoury(not sweet at all). No wonder it draws a queue up until 30mins before they close. Chili was completely tangy, not very good on its own but works well with the savoury sauce

PSA for those who've never been to xin tekka, it's tekka place's extension mall. Literally next door across the street

You can't order the noodles by itself for cheaper, tho u can pay the set 2 price and the noodles will be upsized if you remove the YTF

The noodles had a good chew and the pork lard was crispy. Minced pork was on the sweet side but otherwise everything with the sauce was just a satisfying bowl(apart from the size). This is how celebrity chefs should do hawker food, take what worked and make it better. Not include elements of hawker food in elevated cooking and lose the raw satisfaction.

Chili really packs a punch though, which is another nice surprise from chef pang. It's a bowl that's smashing whether or not it's from a celebrity chef.

They must have tweaked the YTF recipe because this bowl wasn't lacklustre to me at all. I didn't like the soup as there's a well rounded sweetness that reminds me of baby food for some reason, but the fishballs made from yellowtail and the intense meat paste which contains 梅香meixiang salted fish weren't shabby at all.

Overally it's pretty good and the lack of crowd really made this an enjoyable experience.

However they're moving end of the month! Better make a trip down asap

The food here was surprisingly good🤯 There was a wide variety of naan flavours available; we tried the garlic, plain, cauliflower, cheese and couldn’t stop nomming😋 the tandoori chicken and palak paneer were great too! While the portion sizes first appeared small, we were surprised by how full we were at the end of the meal.

Also love the environment, pretty quiet and hidden amidst the bustling around the rest of Little India district. Though the prices are slightly steeper compared to the usual coffeeshop stalls, I would gladly pay for this😊

It has became a ritual during a visit to KKH. Crispy waffles with creamy and peanut butter with some nuts. Best enjoyed warm. Good 9 out of 10 purchases. lol

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Feature my top 2 favourite dishes and hopper.
💕Black Pepper Kithul Pork.
Crisp caramelised black pepper kithul pork belly outside while tender and juicy inside,served with Tangy sour guindilla pepper to balance the richness of pork belly.
💕Poricha Erachi.
Seared tender beef cheek with crisp outer layer and glaze in sweet tangy sauce from tamarind,chilli and lime.
💕Egg Hopper.
Instead of rice, we choose to have it with egg hopper.
Like the hopper texture, crips edge and soft Centre with runny egg yolk.
Perfect for Dig in to the gravy.
2 Dickson Rd.
Wanderlust Hotel.

This was actually very good. They deep fried the prawn rice roll and wrapped with the soft skin. $9.20+

The siew mai that worth trying featuring the woflberry and mushroom. $4.80+