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😍😍😍 .

If you're looking for a place that serves affordable and good authentic thai dishes then this is for you. Just a note though that food here is a bit on the spicy side which works for me. 🌶🌶🌶 #onmytable #handsinframe

Located at the lobby of The Great Madras, The Great Mischief is a halal cafe that serves spanish tapas. The brunch Sunday menu did not look that interesting so we ordered from the tapas menu instead.

We had a Halloumi Con Cranberry ($10) which Is grilled cheese toppped with cranberry sauce and some salad + a Solomillo Con Queso De Cabra ($12), a sirloin meat with goat cheese, onions, red peppers and salsa on bread. The halloumi was over grilled however the cranberry sauce complemented it nicely. Both dishes had some salad which was nice. The sirloin dish wasn’t fantastic but it wasn’t bad either. Overall, it is very average. (Taste: 3.8/10)

A plus point is that this cafe had sofas and it would be nice if it wasn’t that hot outside!

In all its simplistic glory, Meat Smith (Little India)'s Gun Powder Potatoes ($7) were a sure crowd-pleaser!

Though I am a tad biased since I adore potatoes in all forms, anyone would enjoy the crisp chunks perfectly seasoned with an addictive spice enhanced rub. And couple all that with their refreshing mint raita, the dip manages to balance the heady combination of the sweet, savoury and delicious hint of smokiness.

Disappointed to find only one item under desserts,
but this made perfect sense! Straightforward dark chocolate truffle with a gooey, smoke-kissed cashew butter centre plus a sprinkle of sea salt. Yum!

Was a little disappointed that this was underseasoned and was missing the flavour punch (compared to the other heavy hitters on the menu). Don't get me wrong, the biryani was tasty and the spices and aromatics we could taste from the meat's marinade were promising. There just wasn't enough and I can't say I'm sold (especially with the smaller than expected portion). The skin wasn't crispy throughout either, which was a shame.

Was expecting a super sticky glaze but this worked well with the fork-tender beef rib too. Liked the green mango slaw with lemongrass, onions and peanuts. This was good but I'd rather have more of the pork ribs!

When I first saw this, I was prepared to be disappointed as it looked like it was going to be very dry. Imagine my surprise when I gnawed on the tender and impressively moist meat underneath that flurry of dry coconut chutney (which was bang on flavour, if I may add).

So moreish we ordered this twice! Deep-fried potatoes dusted with chutney powder aka gun powder cos it's supposedly spicy hot (but it's not really). The accompanying herby aioli-like dip just sealed the deal.

Fusion right on the money! Super moreish rings with that airy, crispy bhaji batter dusted with some crack seasoning.

My favourite part of this tandoori baked stuffed chicken wing is that thin pane of skin, which shattered under the lightest bite. The filling and dip on the other hand, not too memorable for me.

Underneath that coat of light batter reveals an unbelievably tender pork cheek as you bite, with meltingly soft fatty parts! The mildly acidic dip helps to balance all that richness.

The hearts here are cooked a bit more underdone than what I'm used to. You know it's fresh as there's no stench, but I would have preferred a firmer bite. Flavours are on point though with the dry dhal and that tangy yoghurt.