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Fried Dumplings w/ Leek & Shrimp ($7.80)

Whipped out Burpple the other day while roaming Jalan Besar the other day and found this gem of a place selling all kinds of dumplings! Interestingly, this Chinese-run stall was packed with tables of Japanese people. 🇯🇵

One of their signatures, these pan-fried dumplings were so comforting! Hidden under that crispy sheet, they were filled to exploding with greens and chunks of prawns. "So juicy!" I muttered as one of the more excited dumplings burst and dribbled down my cheek. 🤤

Mumbai Special Vada Pao (SGD 7.5)

The BEST Vada Pao in Singapore (till I find a contender)
For those who don't know.. Vada Pao is a spicy potato burger where the potato isn't exactly a patty but more like a fritter and the buns are square :P It is a popular and probably the cheapest street side snack in Mumbai, India. A very simple burger lathered with a garlic-peanut chutney and almost no toppings except some green chillies 🌶!!
This particular vada was crunchy from outside as if it's fried really well and so soft and full of flavour from inside.. The best part is that it did not feel oily at all; The chutney had an extra element of coriander as well.. I would have preferred more chutney but not complaining at all.. I've been dreaming of this ever since I had it few weeks ago! Should make an excuse to head to Mustafa soon! .
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For good and affordable Chinese food

Absolutely loved this restaurant for the ambience, service, and food! With a classic Chinese setting where you're served by a lively crew, you'll then proceed on happily browsing the menu on an iPad where you'll place orders from.

The appetizers/cold dishes gave a good first impression because they were marinated well and succeeded in wetting our appetite. This is followed by the vegetables (pea sprouts and broccoli) which were fresh, crunchy and tasty.

Knowing that their buns & dumplings are popular, we just had to order the 生煎包, 锅贴, and 小笼包, but were disappointed when they fell short of expectations. The 生煎包 wasn't pan-fried enough to achieve a nice crunchy bottom and the pork filling was dry; the 锅贴, while having a nice crispy bottom and the prettiest lace pattern I've ever seen, was bland; and the 小笼包, although plump and wrapped nicely in a delicate skin, lacked flavour too. But they weren't too bad when you eat them with vinegar and chilli!

All in all, I would still want to come back to try other dishes (such as the seaweed tofu, Peking duck, and shredded pork with buns). The appetizers and vegetables definitely won my heart and everything is priced reasonably so why not? The only drawback is the location haha

Cafe At Hotel

Small little shop. The food is passable, not too great. Ordered the beef rice bowl and shrimp rice bowl which came up to $30. Not too bad, but given it's inaccessibility and average food, probably won't return.

Beijing Flavour Crispy Duck with Pie ($19.80/38.80)

I think this was more an interesting order than a super delicious order. Overall it was just ok, the duck was tasty enough but the sauce was quite lacklustre. The lady serving us explained that they are the only ones to prepare and serve duck in this way - with a crispy Chinese pancake (pita-like) pocket instead of the usual steamed wraps.

Fried Dumplings with Shrimp and Leek ($7.80/12/15)

I don't know why but I always get super excited when my pan fried dumplings are served and there is that layer of crispiness still holding them together. These guotie were filled with meat, leeks and a shrimp (yup, just one) and were so juicy and so flavourful. Made even more perfect with the accompaniment of vinegar and ginger. 🤤

Orh Nee Cake ($10).

Been thinking about local flavours in food, more so when National Day is coming. One of which is this orh nee cake we had a while back.
We were split on this however. We agreed the orh nee was too light, but it's also fitting here because the cake itself was also very light - airy moist and springy vanilla sponge; delicate orh nee with gingko bits; light and smooth coconut chantilly cream with dessicated coconut.

CreatureS Chocolate Cake V2.0 ($18/slice)

I'll be honest and say reading the reviews about this cake was what got me interested in visiting CreatureS. This enormous slice of super moist chocolate cake is soooo lush. The 72% bittersweet dark chocolate ganache is incredible and the pink Himalayan salt sprinkled atop is just... 🤤 All this sitting in a pool of salted caramel sauce (delicious, but I could have easily done without) and served with coconut ice cream. Give. Me. Moarrr.

You can also order the whole cake for $96. My only question is... does it come with a tub of the coconut ice cream?

Ah Gong Fried Chicken & Ah Ma Noodles ($24)

Quite a generous serving of crisssspy garam masala fried chicken (chop). The accompanying ah ma noodles is skinny la mian and tasted like... kolo mee - seasoned with onion oil and soy sauce. It was nice but I won't be in a hurry to order it again - there are too many other things on the menu that I want to try.

Miso Cod & Ulam Onigiri ($40)

This was the winner for me. The cod was so beautifully glazed and cooked. The belacan assam coconutty onigiri balls was such an interesting pairing with the sweetness of the fish. It's not a massive serving despite the price tag - but it is well worth a try.

Green White and Red ($16)

Basically an alcoholic dessert beverage. Pandan-infused butterscotch schnapps, maple syrup and coconut reduction was very fragrant, delicious but really quite sweet. I struggled to finish it because of how sweet it was.

Kyoto-Desker ($18)

Century egg sauce. So strange. So weirdly good. So nice with the cold block of tofu. It does get a little sickening after a while because the sauce is very thick and rich. Maybe split this between 3-4 people instead of 2 like we did.