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As Habibi-san shares a space with Bar Stories, get your bespoke cocktails to pair with the delish food here! This was based on G’s favourite Old Fashioned description of whisky based and something citrusy. Scotch whisky-based, with hibiscus, refreshing yuzu and lemongrass; the layer of foam was citrusy, and the little dried orange crunch on the side was a pleasant surprise to bite into!


Trying the new pop up for bar stories... total of 8 dishes which is pretty much the whole menu

Stumbled across this bar from Google bc we were looking for a bar nearby! We were shocked to learn that there was no menu & the bartenders made ur drinks based a conversation w u (to find out ur personal preferences). In the end, the drinks that we got were: mixed berries, passionfruit, sour plum & lychee, & Kyoho grapes with yuzu. This tiny bar had a v cozy ambience for a nice night out with ur date or girl friends! Service was good too! Try to get a seat at the bar next time so u can see the bartenders make ur drinks on the spot! Drinks range from $23-$25++! Would definitely recommend this bar for the experience (and if u can appreciate alcohol HAHAHA) 👍🏼

My fourth time here, and it's always amazing. Gets busy during the evening, so reservations recommended! I prefer sitting at the bar, to watch the bartenders make their magic. Prices usually range from 20-25$. So inventive!! If you're bored of the plain ol traditional cocktails, come check out this place.

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Bar stories concoct the cocktail to your preference. Paint them the picture and voila! You have your drink. I've asked for a gin Base, sweet cocktail and I got this dark drink made of gin and grapes.


Interesting thing about bar stories is that they will walk you through what type of drinks you want. Describe it to them and they will concoct it for you.

It was quite amazing, we quite taste summer in this drink. Cocktails are at $25++

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