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From the Burpple community

Hands down my favourite Penang char kway teow ($4)!! It deserves a much better photo but just look at the generous portion of noodles and ingredients. Each plate is cooked fresh and has the best wok hei flavour! I always ask for extra chilli :-) the prawn noodles / lor mee here is also really popular!

Mutton / Chicken / Pork satay: $0.60 per stick
Min. Order 10 sticks
Ketupat: $0.60 per piece

Stall closes around 9pm (come by 8.30pm to be safe).

The business is brisk and the stall owners have a clear system (1 person cooks the satay, 1 plates, 1 takes order and delivers the completed order).

I ordered some for a Christmas gathering.

This is a relatively new stall compared to the other heavy weights at this food centre, but this far surpasses Xie Kee Hokkien Mee! With noodles perfectly cooked, a flavourful broth, plenty of ingredients and chilli that packs a punch, this is definitely the Hokkien mee ($3) I’ll queue for every time 🥳🌟

A nearby breakfast option that we always go to when we can’t think of where to go. The ccf is paired with a sweet brown sauce which is satisfying (I prefer brown sauce over red sauce). Not the besttt hawker ccf I’ve tried, but still sufficiently soft. Sometimes I eat it plain with sesame oil which sounds bland but it’s good!

The carrot cake from he zhong is great as usual! It’s something that we’ve eaten so many times over the past 10+ years :)

Am a super loyal fan who’s been eating this for the past 12+ years!! The price inches up all the time ($5 for soup + $0.30 for rice) but its well justified for the quantity and quality - I have pieces of fish left even after finishing my rice, and the batang is always smooth and fresh. The soup is cooked with dried cuttlefish, and you might get tomato slices if you’re lucky. This stall will always be my go-to for fish soup - I’d be hard pressed to find a comparable alternative 👍🏼🌟

Yam Cake + Chee Cheong Fan ($2.2)
Really like the smooth texture of the ccf! Thou the yam cake does not have strong yam flavor but overall taste was good.

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